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  1. Brissy Bulldog

    gus speaks out

    Gus would have got on the Dogs when they got out to $4 and was probably talking through his pocket ... but good on him nonetheless.
  2. Brissy Bulldog

    dogs vs titans

    Have booked my tickets. I normally get the best available, but this time opted for the away fans area which is behind the goal posts at one end.
  3. Brissy Bulldog

    "The Kennel" Season Membership Package 2009

    Can anyone tell me what is in the "Members Benefit Pack" ? I was a bit annoyed after signing up a family interstate membership to get a voucher in the mail telling me I can pick up my pack from the teamstore, bulldog office or ANZ stadium. Alternatively, they will post them to me for $20 (no...
  4. Brissy Bulldog

    Three Brisbane Broncos stars under sex assault investigation

    The Broncos need to name names. The whole team is under scrutiny until they do. Its a disgrace. The players won't be sacked because the board will roll Bennett on this. After all he only has 3 weeks at most left at the club. It is time to NAME NAMES !!!
  5. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs - We are done

    The sky is falling !! The sky is falling !!. When we storm the club and start looting it, I have first dibs on that big painting of the 70 year team in the foyer.
  6. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs Greatest NSW SOO Team...

    According to the Bulldogs Website, the players who have played Origin whilst at our club are as follows: QLD Martin Bella Tony Currie Brett Dallas Jason Hetherington Nate Myles Travis Norton Steve Price Darren Smith Jason Smith Willie Tonga -------------- NSW Braith...
  7. Brissy Bulldog

    Titans vs Bulldogs: Predict the Score

    Keep the Faith People !!! Dogs 42 Titans 0.
  8. Brissy Bulldog

    Email from Steve Folkes to myself

    Either way, what a cracking effort.
  9. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs v Titans

    Does this mean it won't be an open training session ?
  10. Brissy Bulldog

    Next week vs Titans

    We are specials next week. Make sure you all snap up the price as soon as it goes up. You heard it here first.
  11. Brissy Bulldog

    Holdsworth Must Be Sacked !

    Even Holdsworth ?
  12. Brissy Bulldog

    A Prodigal son returning to Belmore.

    It has to be GUS !!. Gus is coming home !!
  13. Brissy Bulldog

    A Prodigal son returning to Belmore.

    I have a feeling it will be someone in an off field role such as Dean Pay.
  14. Brissy Bulldog

    Score updates???

    Woohoo. Can't wait to watch the game. The Dogs are back !
  15. Brissy Bulldog

    congratulations to the Aussies for a great win .

    Dodgy deeds leave sour taste http://www.smh.com.au/news/cricket/dodgy-deeds-leave-sour-taste/2008/01/06/1199554486052.html