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The "R U OK ?" Thread


Kennel Addict
Jul 3, 2019
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I feel for you Kambah. There is nothing worse in this world than watching the deterioration of one of your loved ones into that deep well of hopelessness which is dementia. It is like watching a light slowly go out , the faculties dimming and disappearing whilst the loved one struggles with the indignity of it all. I know what it is like to see a once vibrant and intelligent person withdraw from the world bit by bit whilst you stand by just as helpless and clueless as they are. One time when my Dad was in hospital after an episode, lying in an unconscious state I held his hand and told him that it was all okay if he let go and exit this world in a more graceful way in which he was existing in it. We did lose him a year or two after that and this NYE past would have been his 100th birthday if he had lived. Never once did I not tel him that I loved him and I never begrudged having to
Don't think poorly of yourself in thinking of the assisted dying route as you yourself feel that the person is better off not having to slowly and inevitably disappear from this world bit by bit.
If your wife is the person that I think she is ( who could live with someone who supports the Roosters unless they truly and unconditionally care)she will pretty much be on the same page as you and would not think any less of you for the thoughts you are having. You obviously love her and don't want to see her as she as now....memories of the past when the person is fully cognitive are more comforting for us...

Talk it over and hang in there...

Brilliant advice thank you.