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    News Phil Gould's $6m Carnage At Penrith Panthers, Canterbury Bulldogs

    Gus is getting rid of players he had no involvement in signing (eg Allan), big deal. The roosters piss players off all the time when someone better comes along.
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    Official Corey Allan released

    Hopefully Flanno is next. They should be making it clear to him he has no future at the club beyond 23 and he’s free to go elsewhere. That’s exactly what happened with Allan, he will have secured a multi year deal elsewhere so it’s better than him seeing out the last year with us.
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    Cross To’o of your wish list

    But he was at Jobel's, isn't every player that goes there signed by us.
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    Brian T’oo

    Haha, are players restricted to only eat or go out in the area of their team. How many of our players used to live in the shire.
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    News ‘It’s a fairytale’: Reynolds ready to become Prince of Belmore again

    Poor guy is living in the past. No way Gus will waste a top 30 spot, Nu Brown is more likely to get one.
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    News How rock bottom Dogs rediscovered their DNA... and the key signing set to end NRL circus

    Looking at another thread where people are listing our top 17 we would need alot of things to go our way to be a top 8 side. When you're talking about centre combos of Skelton/Alamoti/Burns/Allan and Flanno still in the halves it's very hard to see us challenging top sides. Maybe next year...
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    News Star forward to lead recruitment drive at Bulldogs

    I honestly think that's what it is, people think he's going to be James Graham 2.0 just because he comes from the same country. From memory someone on here was talking/made a thread about his stats from WC week 1, of course he should have decent stats in a game where a team won 60-6. Anyway...
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    News Star forward to lead recruitment drive at Bulldogs

    Alot of people on here don't like to hear any criticism of him. I don't know why that is but he certainly hasn't lived up to the hype or price tag. The same people wouldn't be so forgiving or other players missing such a big chunk of football for whatever reason. Facts are he hasn't lived up to...
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    Laundy Hotels Extend their contract as a major sponsor

    I've got no issues with their logo or brand. Two things I hope for, one is that they put their hand a bit deeper into their pocket this time. The second - if they have issues with things related to the club they raise them via the proper people and behind closed doors. Having Arthur and Craig...
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    Bulldogs draw a joke no Thursday or Friday games

    The world is against us, a team that finishes near the bottom of the ladder and was boring as fuck to watch gets no primetime slots.
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    News Kyle and error? (Weidler)

    Isn't this usually the time his old man puts out his yearly article saying no-one knows how to coach Kyle. It was Trent Robinson, then Barrett and now it will be Potter.
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    Rumour Justin Olam

    The rumours has been doing the rounds since early this week, I guess we’ll see what happens.
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    Aaron Schoupp Released Effective Immediately

    The kid had some positives but there’s so much we don’t know behind the scenes. Maybe we weren’t offering him a deal for 24 and the club did him a favour releasing him a year early to secure his future. For those saying release Allan or Okunbur someone needs to want them and to pay a decent...
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    News Canterbury Bulldogs confirm big opportunity for former Hull FC halfback but it’ll be tough for former Wests Tigers star

    The obsession some people have with Reynolds is a fucking laugh. The guy was done when he went to the tigers, couldn't make it work in the UK and now suddenly he's the halfback we need. Let him have some type of role with the club, just not on field.