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    We need to move on from tonight's game and come together as Bulldogs fans!

    Dominos effect from the impetant management from the top who got us in this shit salary cap mess. Not defending pay but you he got these donkies to coach. The Rotation was terrible in the heat. Pay used 3 interchange players in my book that is idiotic. If your are paying big bux for Foran...
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    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    He's no bulldog he's a dog cya
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    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    Rip nrl
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    News Dogs boss Lynne shows real bite in blast at NRL

    Thats my gal..[emoji23][emoji3]
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    Canterbury Bulldogs lose key sponsor Jaycar over Mad Monday scandal

    They agreed to part ways months before this..the media are scums
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    Mark Geyer on our side!

    Mark Geyer can’t believe the punishment handed down by the NRL to the Bulldogs over Mad Monday antics [https://cdn-newsapi-com-au]Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have been slapped with a huge fine for their Mad Monday antics. Picture: Toby Zerna MARK Geyer has taken a strong stance in defence of...
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    Forget Mad Monday it's Bad Monday

    I feel ya, I don't get mad but this is got me raging.. Dick pick poofs
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    Our New Anthem

    The gunner song greatest team haha
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    This will only unite pay and the team

    Yes spot on, fire up
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    Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine charged by NSW Police.

    Thanx for correcting my post... This is so wrong in many ways.
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    Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine charged by NSW Police.

    https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/nrl-canterbury-bulldogs-charged-by-police-after-mad-monday-celebrations/1ff918e3-75df-4d85-b2ab-c4a7ecc4c6d7 NSW Police charge Bulldogs pair after boozy Mad Monday celebrations By Melanie Dinjaski 37 minutes ago It is understood NSW Police have charged two...