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    News Pangai jnr vows to protect Burton if Tino tries it on again

    I think in today’s game TPJ needs to watch Lattrell Mitchell, look what he did to Joseph Manu he’s supposed to be a good friend and he broke his jaw. He’s a thug and I wouldn’t be shocked if he went after Burton.
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    Who is/was your favourite player growing up from the Bulldogs?

    Old lady here: Les Johns Mercy Hicks Ron Raper John Greaves George Taylforth.
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    The Panthers defense

    Melbourne do the same thing.
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    News $BW-I had so many drugs in my system I could have died-SBW admission in his new book

    My husband, son and son-in-law played golf with Steve Reardon and he said that Falzon was beautiful but and absolutely crazy, really high maintenance couldn’t understand why Anasta kept going out with her.
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    Reflections on Dogs v Parra 98

    I still remember the names of the 2 parramatta supporters sitting behind us Pam and Sue. They wanted to buy their GF tickets before the game even started. Kept saying we’ve waited 13years for this, when the game finished I turned around and said looks like you’ll be waiting another 13years.
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    Who Do You think is the Best Goal Kicker Ever?

    Don’t forget our sisters favourite George Taylsforth
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    Official Phil Gould to be the Bulldogs' new General Manager of Football

    I was at that game. One of the best games I’ve been to over the years.
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    News Sam Burgess hit with drug-driving charge after secondary test results

    I’m waiting for the Gus Gould interview that tells the story of why he went off the rails, that it’s so out of character for him and he deserves another chance.
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    Bulldogs Merch at Cotton On

    I want to get one for my husband. He’ll never look like Trent in it but one can fantasise.
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    News Bulldogs on channel 9

    We were having a holiday on Daydream Island and we were at Hamilton Island waiting for our plane home when Trent Barrett and his wife walked into the airport they were on their honeymoon. When it was time to board the plane I grabbed my sons hand and raced across the tarmac and caught up to them...
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    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    I find the timing of this article is done because everyone will be talking about the final series and it will be forgotten by the time the GF is played.
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    News Up to 10 Brisbane Broncos, including embattled player Tevita Pangai Jnr, allegedly breached COVID-19 restrictions by socialising at the Everton Park

    The thing that surprises me is that Bulldogs players haven’t been followed to try and get photos of them breaking the rules. I thought that would have been done for sure.
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    Why do you follow the Bulldogs?

    Unlike Chris I wasn’t born in that hospital and I was born in 1953 but Chris is my brother and following The Bulldogs or Berries as we grew up calling them is very strong in our family.
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    News Josh Addo-Carr and Latrell Mitchell caught breaking COVID-19 rules (now with added Nathan Cleary)

    Adding-Carr said they took the boys out to do some things about their culture. I’m not sure how shooting and riding motor bikes qualifies as Aboriginal culture.
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    Do we only have 2 pool games?

    Aren’t the roosters main team going to England to play over there.