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    Euro 2020

    I'm not a religious man ... but I watched that Ericksen shit as it happened and I'm pretty sure I saw 10,000,000 prayers get answered LIVE !!! I'm gonna go learn CPR again !
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    Troll this clown pants ...

    Mofo ... I'm a 2x Kennel award winner FFS !!!
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    Troll this clown pants ...

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">It is GAME DAY!!! <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#redv</a> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#NRLbulldogsdragons</a> <a...
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    What are some memories of your wonder years?

    My highest score in backyard cricket growing up was 315 not out ... It took two days, and spanned 9months because the two I was playing against had to go home after day one when I was 180*, and they didn't return until after winter. On day 2, I was like "rememeber last time", then I batted until...
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    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    Folks ... Long time. No chat. Good to see some familiar names. Hit me with your Top 5 (or 10 if your keen) all time Aussie bands. So many underrated bands over the years. I want a definitive list so I haven't missed any. Digging Alphawolf, Polaris, Make Them Suffer, Dealer (RIP), over the...
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    Dance Music Thread - What we have a metal thread!!

    Many thoughts ... Imma bullet point them quick because work / time / might not be back for days on end • I worked at Sanity between 1996-2003 .... Peak Wild FM days. Shoutout to you if you were at either of the end of broadcast parties (SkyGardens and Maroubra Seals). • Bexta is doing a PHD in...
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    Rollcall : Rd3 Tigers at Campbelltown

    By my count there's ... 62 days or so to go. Still no info on tickets from Tigers HQ or ticket places.
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    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    I'm very very aware of my own mental health, and I've invested countless hours and dollars in identifying / managing my emotions. I have baggage so big it's should be called luggage. There's the post-traumatic stress disorder suitcase to go with the chronic-illness suitcase and various other...
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    Australia Day 2019 - a Positive thread

    I'm working an 8 hour shift at double time. Hottest 100 is the next day and I've scheduled 12-9pm to listen to the countdown with my 12yo daughter who voted wtih me for the first time this year.
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    Opinions Please

    RED FLAG !!! - Men CANNOT and SHOULD NOT do this for a multitude of reasons !!! In a way, I pity you guys these days. It's not easy finding love. Back in the day your Uncle CK was blessed with good looks and charm which opened a lot of doors. Without internet you had to step up your conversation...
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Tony Romo is a freak of a commentator ...
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    2019 Ladder : Predicting the Movers and Shakers

    Tipsters, punters, Super-coaches unite !!! Give us your best forecasts below ... • Which teams will push for Top 4 ? Roosters, Storm, Souths. • Which teams will be likely Bottom 4 contenders ? Gold Coast, Bulldogs. • Who's in danger to fall out of the Top 8 ? Cronulla, St.George. • Who's gonna...
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    Opinions wanted : Sliced bread

    Thanks folks. I appreciate all your considered responses and we now have a month of experimenting with bread brands to look forward to. We've tried two different forms of Helga's and straight away we've noticed they fill you up more than white bread. We also tried some gluten free pasta in our...
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    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    My mum is 61, has cerebral palsy, and in the past was a career smoker of over 30years. It took her 7 attempts to give up. In the end, it was pure maths that was the motivation to stick it out. Based on the limited information I know about your effort so far, I'm gonna assume you're a...
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    Opinions wanted : Sliced bread

    Kennel ... Tell me about your daily diet and what sliced bread you eat. I dunno if it's the new year resolutions kicking in, or if my wife is having one of her periodic life changing brainstorms but, this week, it seems that we're overhauling our approach to our diets and in particular we're...