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  • Bro I started watching Southland last night ... very good IMO

    I finished off Rome (HBO) brilliant
    Pffft.. Whatever nice guy. Aww hell nah Kenny. I aint goin out like that. Shhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt.
    HAHAHAHAHAH woo, alexo showing love for kenny on bens page. Kenny 1. Ben *essay 0*
    You can get it here at Hum, maybe even JB and some other places. It's in a big box different to the others. They just charge a bit for it. I think about $60. But you can def get it here. Just not everywhere.
    Spewin. It's well worth it and once you get that far into a series as good as the Wire you can't just all of a sudden stop. So it looks like your download limit will take a bit of a hit. Haha.
    Yeah boiiiiiiiiii.

    You do know there is a season 5 though right? I'm just asking cos they don't really seel it in many places here and you might think that season 4 is the last one.
    Haha, yeah it's like a full time job trying to get throug all these shows and movies all the time! It's hard god damn work I tell ya. :p
    hahah sucka

    I will be watching this a second time over for sure,

    Six Feet Under began to sh!t me tbh, I haven't even got to season 3 yet :(

    I have a few shows to catch up on TBH, I havent seen Season 5 NCIS, fell abit behind Season 4 Supernatural ... got my hands full atm lol :p

    Not too mention all the movies I still need to keep watching :(
    I'm a bit jealous that I'm not watching them all for the first time. :p

    I've already seen every season a second time and want to see it a third time! You pick up on more sh*t the second time round and because everything is so layered and in depth there's stuff that you just didn't notice or pay that much attention to when you first saw it.

    I've seen the first 4 seasons of Six Feet Under (except the last two eps of season 4) and while I thought it was OK at first, I'm now really into it and can't wait to watch the next season and a bit.
    Yeah Marlo is in it now, I finished watching Avons boat party episodes he is out now ... next ep is "Homecoming" ... should be good

    Really? Yeah I didn't know that. Yeah Frank was the man, good actor too. And Ziggy (his son) is in Generation Kill, that HBO series by David Simon and Ed Burns (who as you know did The Wire and The Corner) about the Iraq war which I just got on DVD which is awesome as well.

    But nothing compares to The Wire. Just wait until you watch everything with Marlo and the Barksdale crew in season 3! It just gets better and better.
    Thanks bro ... what brilliant montage that was ... Frank Zobotka really made that season IMO was awesome

    also did you know the guy playing Nico Zobotka is the brother of the Liev Schriebler (spelling) bad guy from Wolverine (been in heaps of movies)
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