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  • no the only thing he won was a race against minardi's, jordans and his ferrari servant
    you mentioned the 'good times' of 2005 tbh

    the beginning of the end for schumacher was not good
    I'm aware of BE ... I still have Southland and a few others to finish,

    By then I'm hoping BE gets a DVD release ... watch it the proper way

    Southland is a Cop drama, very realistic look at how a street crime FROM the Street Cops prespective then links to the detective scene FROM the detective prespective

    Very well done IMO, only a few episodes in but its very promising
    What's Southland dude?

    Have you seen Boardwalk Empire? I've been watching that. It's pretty good.
    Yeah that's Che. I started a thread on it in the Tech Lounge. Extremely boring man. Disappointing. It's by Soderbergh. The two parts go for 5 hours and it's a slog that's for sure.

    Moon is a new Sam Rockwell movie. There's a thread on that too. It's really good. You should check it out.
    ummm dude, it's an internet forum. I don't take anything seriously/personally here lol. but yeah man, i was acting like a smartarse. Sorry bro.
    I have alot of skin to use so we can make a mansion if we want.
    Yo Eedz, I saw On The Waterfront, Street Car and The Conversation recently. Loved the Waterfront, didn't like Street Car at all (too over the top and melodramatic for my tastes) and the Conversation was phenomenal. Hadn't seen any of them before and your boy Brando was brilliant in both Street Car and On the Waterfront.
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