Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion


Kennel Enthusiast
Feb 21, 2017
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The NRL has got a huge problem with the perceived lack of impartiality of referees, and isn't making the slightest effort to address it. I am not sure if Sutton (he was in the bunker on Saturday) sets out to stick it to us or is merely incompetent, but, if the NRL were fair dinkum, they would have kept him away from our matches after the bottle throwing incident. Another organization in a similar position would go out of its way to avoid even the slightest suggestion of bias.

Years ago any contentious call automatically went in favour of the home team. These days the 50:50s go to the team most people expect to win the match - which in recent seasons has seldom if ever been the Dogs! Earlier in the season, Gus, in his best diplomatic fine-avoiding mode, had a comment to make about dodgy refereeing. He said something like (paraphrasing) "referees do not influence a match by the penalties they award, but by the penalties they should award but don't". Does anybody remember it?
By not trying to avoid even the slighest suggestion of bias, proes that the NRL is so corrupt that they don't even care about showing it
Or they are just not smart enough to realise it.