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  1. Your Mum

    Funny Phases you've been through ?

    Being a mad drunk ganga
  2. Your Mum

    Your Hero.

    my hero = your mum
  3. Your Mum

    Happy Birthday vajong_x3

    Happy birthday stacie :)
  4. Your Mum

    The Kennel's token Lesbian couple

    I have the same gut and everything!
  5. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    We roll on flat tracks here so have suicide seating
  6. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    Do it kurry, first time i ever put on skates on in my life was in august of last year! I havent looked back.
  7. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    C-town scares me but im getting use to it. Miller aint so bad but not long ago some kid got beat up and put into a coma around the corner from where we train. Scary stuff.
  8. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    The movie is called "WHIP IT!" it's a great movie and credited for its remergance in popular culture.
  9. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    hey kat, only way to heal is time. I was on anti inflamattories for a few weeks and have been (still am) using a doughnut pillow to take pressure off my tailbone. I have now finished my 4-6 weeks healing time and can now get back on skates! Wohooo!
  10. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    We need guys to reff, we have a few blokes on our team :)
  11. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    First of, how bout that ride in hey? I guess that's why they call it sin city. Ha ha ha. But seriously, it's been a while. Hope youre all well :) Havent had much time to post since Roller Derby stole my soul. What is roller derby? Probably the best sport ever invented (NRL inclusive :p). So...
  12. Your Mum

    Degrees of Pain.

    1. Is there a form of 'pain' you like ? Getting inked up. Best pain EVAR! 2. What's the most excruciating episode you had to contend with ?Any episode of neighbours 3. What small injury did you suffer that hurt like hell ???When i fell on my skate trying to barge a girl on my derby team...
  13. Your Mum

    That awkward moment when...

  14. Your Mum

    That awkward moment when...

    That awkward moment when you realise that the lesbian trying to pick you up at the ultra sound clinic probably should've waited until AFTER she was done probing your vagina and didnt have her hands up your Fajita.
  15. Your Mum

    Picture Posing

    socially awkward nerd=4chan lol