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Should people with high mileage cars be embarrassed?


Kennel Regular
Oct 6, 2020
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A guy at work turned up in his 2016 year hsv clubsport that he just bought .. he was grinning from ear to ear. Proud as punch bragging It has a LSA engine in it.. he said he paid $60k to buy it.

We all went out to look at it and it has 147000km on the clock.. :grinning: lol I thought, they saw him coming. Hit him with a sucker punch.

I have a WRX at home that has one third of those km, yes only 45000km and it's 10 years old.

The previous owner of the hsv would have thrashed the car, all those km.. passed it off to this sucker at work. He said he paid $60k too!! But he's so so happy. He thinks everyone is amazed at what he bought, haha. Geez people are dumb. I bet he paid more than $60k too and prob on finance.

Buying a car with those km for that sort of money, just dumb aren't they.

For a car with that sort of high mileage I wouldn't pay more than $10k regardless of the type of car, it's ready to give up the ghost. All the costs to fix

Just shook my head when I saw the mileage, winced in fact. almost coughed up my lunch as well.

I could break his heart if I showed him my WRX with a third of his km, mint condition.

People that buy high mileage cars and pay good money should be completely embarrassed
Assuming both cars are properly and regularly serviced, I’d be more concerned about the WRX averaging 4.4K per year than I would the HSV doing 30kish per year.

Modern cars are meant to be driven, they’ll deteriorate more in your garage than they will on the road.