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Discussion in 'Site and App Support' started by Papa Emeritus, Jan 18, 2020.

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  1. Papa Emeritus

    Papa Emeritus Who wants their taint tickled? Staff Member Gilded

    Dec 15, 2011
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    This subforum (Kennel Support > Site and App Support) is created for anyone experiencing technical issues regarding the app or usage of the site via a browser (phone or computer).

    This subforum is only accessible by fully registered users with a valid forum account.

    If you do NOT have permissions to post here, please raise the issue by posting in the "Account Assistance Thread" in the Account Support subforum.

    Threads and Posts made in this subforum DO NOT automatically appear, and require manual approval by a moderator.
    This is not only to prevent spam, but acknowledges that a moderator has seen your request.

    Multiple posts will be ignored, and your request may remain unanswered or be rejected.

    Please make posts clear and concise to greater your chance of reply/resolution.

    EXAMPLE 1:
    Problem - App keeps logging out.
    Device - Apple iPhone 6
    OS version - ioS v1234
    Updates - Phone is completely up to date.
    Timeframe - Problem only started last Tuesday

    EXAMPLE 2:
    Problem - I keep getting logged out of forum.
    Device - Windows Laptop and mobile phone
    OS version - Windows 7 and Android
    Updates - Totally up to date on both.
    Browser/s - Happens in Chrome v1234, Firefox v54321 and Internet Explorer v11
    Timeframe - Problem only started last Tuesday
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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