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    Opinion Harrison Edwards appreciation thread

    Harrison Edwards actually reminds me of Darren Britt. Neither are fast or explosive runners but very effective in terms of good motor, skilful at passing before and at the line and a very handy late offload.
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    Rumour Jayden Okunbor News

    Biggest non improvement would probably be John (Sione) Kite
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    Barrett's Assistant Coach

    Steve Turner is also an assistant coach this year. Does anyone know what are Zap's coaching specialties?
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    Bulldogs games this Saturday

    PL - Bears 42 Dogs 32 JF - Dogs 50 Bears 4
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    Apology to other NRL teams

    I thought we have already apologised in a bang with the 2005 season :)
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    Room for Hughes

    It doesn't matter what we (80% of fans I reckon) thinks, Corey is a favorites of Folks. Folksie and Garry Hughes are best mates. I thinks it sucks when Folks signed Corey while Noad was overseas. The Hughes clan (esp Graeme) constantly bad mouth the club's administration, why can't Corey support...
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    Corey Hughes 06

    Corey did not win us the semi against Panthers 04. The best 3 players for that game were Mason, SBW, and Matuia. He did 2 good things that game and I was cheering him on like crazy, however there is a hugh element of luck with what he did. Firstly the 40/20 was a couple of inches from out on the...
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    Luke Bailey

    Noad has been quoted in the papers today that we are not interested in Crocker.