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Opinion Tolman and the pack in the future

Discussion in 'Bulldogs Discussion' started by Artybulldog 26, May 17, 2020.

  1. bullanth

    bullanth Kennel Regular

    Apr 19, 2017
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    Matthew Dooley,certainly worth a go,and I know a lot of people don't rate him,but for me Chris Smith if fit a better option,runs well,haven't seen a lot of mistakes in him,and has a good offload,
  2. bradtalo

    bradtalo Kennel Regular

    Sep 8, 2014
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    Anytime Tolman gets the ball you can be 100% sure of 4 things -

    1 - that we're not going to score even if he receives the ball 1 metre out from the line
    2 - that he's not going to get an off load away in traffic creating second phase play
    3 - that's he's not going to make effective metres
    4 - that's he's not going to break a tackle and get the ball away for second phase play

    EVERY TIME he touches the ball it's just a waste of a tackle. He's not dominant in making tackles either.

    The only positive for him is he may not miss many tackles but we'd be better off having Lewis playing lock than Tolman. He's a more effective defender and couldn't be any worse in attack.

    Way past time for Tolman to go to Super League
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  3. khan

    khan Kennel Enthusiast

    May 10, 2015
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    Tolman has done a honest job and could possibly squeeze out another year but he would also be the perfect replacement for tony grimaldi.

    Dont know the contract situation with cooper cronk but id throw everything at him to lead the club and oust good old 2nd rate deano.

    We need an exciting hooker to livin up the ruck and theres a kid named joe lovodua. Soft hands, quick feet and quick between the ears. Would be a handy investment considering hes stuck behind in the pecking order.

    Nice to pull off the bateman signing as he will add so much to a forward pack like ours. Would shit all over CHN in the energy levels and skills. Perfect swap.

    For me hooker and coach atm are deadset priorities.

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