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Nov 26, 2004
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The Kennel Rules and FAQ

By having an account on The Kennel you herby agree to abide by these rules.
Breaching these rules can result in the proper penalty outlined for your violation.

General Summary of Rules

What are The Kennel rules in general?
  • No abuse, harassment or personal attacks
  • No foul language (in any dialect)
  • No inappropriate or illegal material
  • No ‘for sale’ or ‘wanting to buy’ threads
  • No spam or advertising of any form
  • No complaints about moderation (view Moderation FAQ)
What do the Kennel Rules apply to?

These rules will apply to the following:
  • Your post content
  • Quoting of post contents
  • Thread titles
  • Usernames
  • Avatars and Signatures
  • Website links
  • Etc
Forum Etiquette

Before posting a new thread, please use the search function as your question or topic may have already been discussed.
  1. Thread titles should be meaningful and free from vague or misleading comments.
  2. Understand that the Forum is a huge database and whatever you post will exist for a long time so do not post anything that may potentially harm you.
  3. If you are responding to someone’s comment, be sure to quote them as most threads tend to last for several pages and a reader may find your comment confusing if he does not understand who you were referring to.
  4. Do not post personal messages such personal greetings or begin personal talk in threads of serious discussion
  5. Do not start fights or flame wars. If someone insults or attacks you, do not respond and immediately contact the Moderators.
  6. Do not SHOUT or tYp3 lyk A 13te3n year oLd t33naGe gRoUpi3. Excessive use of capitalization and exclamation points is considered shouting and shows that you are unable to adequately express yourself through the use of the English language. Typing like teenage girls on their mobile phone is also highly immature and does not display intelligence or wisdom in discussions.
  7. Avoid making multiple consecutive posts. Join your answers together in one post. If you a responding to several different posts, be sure to include a quotes.
Personal Attacks

A personal attack is any negative comment stated or implied to another member.
If you disagree with someone on an issue, do no resort to childish name calling or personal attacks. If you have a problem with someone’s behavior please contact a Moderator.

Breaching this rule will result in an infraction and possibly further penalties depending on your situation and the Moderator’s discretion.

Personal attacks via Private Message (PM)

Please note: Moderators cannot read your Private messages.

If you receive a PM which has insulting, inappropriate or advertising material, please contact a Moderator or place the user in your Private Message Ignore List found in your User Control Panel.

If required Administrators may verify details by looking into the database to resolve an issue conducted over Private Message.


Defamation is a message given without lawful evidence from one person to another that lowers or harms the reputation of an identifiable third person.

Breaching this rule is a very serious violation which may cause an infraction or your account to be permanently banned depending on the severity of the situation.

By being a registered member you agree that The Kennel is in no way legally responsible for the actions and content of your posts.

Intolerance and backbiting

The Kennel is a community forum viewable to the public and media sources.
As such, any intolerance or backbiting of other people’s race, religion, gender etc has no place at The Kennel and will result in an Infraction.

Foul Language

The Kennel is a family forum. The use of foul language in this forum contradicts the aim of what the Moderation staff work for and therefore is dealt with accordingly.
In order to prevent casual swearing, The Kennel implements a censorship system in which words listed in our filter are automatically censored. Any users attempting to bypass the swear filter will attract a harsh penalty from our Moderators.

Obfuscated Swearing

Please note that swearing which is contextually understandable although not literally correct is still considered swearing and will be moderated accordingly.
Using terms such as ‘f**k’ is not okay. If the intended context is swearing, then it will still count as swearing and will incur in an Infraction.

Swearing in Another Language

Swearing in another language is still considered swearing. Even though it may not be understood by others, it is still unacceptable.


Trolling is creating a thread or a post specifically designed to incite controversy, conflict or cause annoyance and offense.

The mail goal of trolling is to incite an emotional response from other posters in the form of:
  • A personal attack
  • A repeat of previous points/posts
  • An emotional outburst
Such posts and the responses they generate tend to undermined the friendly nature of The Kennel, and often results in long running feuds between members.
This behavior incurs severe penalties and is not looked over.

Inappropriate Content


For the sake of argument, a great example of inappropriate content is considered to be any topic that would be unacceptable to discuss at the dinner table whilst your Grandparents are over. Such topics include:
  • Sexually offensive material
  • Violence, acts of cruelty
  • Illegal acts or behaviors
Breaching this rule will result in an Infraction.


Since The Kennel is open to the public, providing links to websites including foul language, inappropriate images, racial backbiting, warez, downloads or torrents, etc., is completely unacceptable.

Illegal Content

Breaching any of the following will result in immediate action from Moderators.

Illegal Content

Discussion on obtaining illegal software, music, movies, TV shows and/or other media, etc., is completely unacceptable.

Illegal Activities

Discussion of illegal activities is unacceptable in any form. No example required.
Breaching this rule will result in severe penalties.

Personal Details and Private Conversations

Personal Details

The posting of a members personal details is not permitted under any circumstance and is considered by Kennel Moderators as a highly offensive act.

It is forbidden for members to exchange personal information such as phone numbers and addresses on The Kennel through posts or threads including Private Messages.

Private Conversations

Posting of private conversations, such as verbal conversations and MSN© Chat logs are completely not acceptable. There is no way to verify the validity of the text and there may be copyright or even legal implications arising from such acts.

Quoting and Referencing Sources


Since The Kennel is a highly active sports discussion, a lot of the news comes in the form of articles. It is very important to source these articles and include the URL or any other suitable reference.


Taking materials without the authors consent and claiming it as your own is considered plagiarism. Even forgetting to add a referencing URL is considered plagiarism as nowhere have you stated that the work belongs to someone else, thus implying that you had written the article.


The Australian Copyright Act allows the quoting of a maximum of 10% for critiquing purposes. If you wish people to comment on an article or news post, please include a link to the article and only quote one or two relevant sections that highlight the point.
Breaching these rules will result in Infractions.

For Sale and Wanted to Buy

Please direct your attention to or any other viable vendor which supplies this service. Do not post a thread asking for your product to be sold, ask for an item to buy or offer 10% increase in length in 2 weeks guaranteed. It’s just not acceptable and will be dealt with accordingly.

Commercial Advertising

The Kennel is a public forum and is not a tool for users to advertise their services.

Thread Posting Policy

We highly recommend that you refrain from posting threads which may be categorized as:
  • Pointless – the thread contributes no value to the forum;
  • Duplicate – the thread already exists on the same or similar topic
  • Flame baiting – the goal of the thread is to start harassment or a fight
  • Off topic – the thread does not belong to the forum topic it was posted in
  • Spam – the thread was advertising for a business
  • For sale – threads posted to ask for offers of buying or selling
  • Illegal – threads regarding discussion of warez, downloading or illegal activity
Avatars and Signatures
  • Signatures, whether facilitated by the forum software or by the user, may not exceed the following restrictions:
  • The signature may not contain more than 12 lines including blank lines.
  • Signatures text may not be larger than size 14.
  • Signatures may not be animated.
  • Signature images may not be larger than 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels high
  • Signature images may not be larger than 25 kilobytes. Even if hosted by a third-party image hosting service.
  • The signature not contain or display any material in violation of the Kennel Rules or Code of Conduct.
  • The signature may not contain two or more images.
  • Avatars may not exceed the following restrictions:
  • Avatars may not be larger than 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.
  • Avatars may not contain or display any material in violation of the Kennel Rules or Code of Conduct.
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