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south of heaven

Kennel Immortal
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Mar 6, 2014
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Funny thing about that , an old acquaintance, has a retarded looking dog like that and went on a meth bender for a few months ,he thought jesus was on his side and threatened to kill everyone. He had a deformed foreskin and helmet, I always joked they will find him bled out on the kitchen floor and meth dog will be devouring his mangled penis.
I was pretty close he barricaded himself in his house and took vallium and rat sack and tried to re circumcise himself.
Unfortunately the police got to him first and didn't have the opportunity to finish the job himself.
I'm assuming if he comes out of phycosis he might rethink taking a blade to your cock Is none to smart, oh well he got plenty of time to think about that strapped to a hospital bed