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Opinion The best 17 player squad since 1975

Discussion in 'Bulldogs Discussion' started by DogsNuts, May 21, 2020 at 4:01 PM.

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    Jul 18, 2018
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    Just for the sake of argument and debate, I was asked to name a 17 man squad of the best of any Canterbury player since 1975; not just personal favourites, not necessarily the best in their position during their time at CB, but the best of the best. So prime yourselves, coz here’s mine; a full squad of Internationals with some very notable omissions.

    1. Daryl Halligan
    2. Harem el Masri
    3. Sony Bill Williams
    4. Chris Mortimer
    5. Brett Dallas
    6. Terry Lamb (c)
    7. Jonathon Thurston
    8. Bradley Clyde
    9. Andrew Ryan
    10. Graeme Hughes
    11. Steve Price
    12. Dr George Peponis
    13. James Graham

    14. David Gillespie
    15. Bob McCarthy
    16. Mark O’Meley
    17. Dean Pay

    Coach - Warren Ryan
    Manager - Peter Moore

    With apologies in advance to; Steve Mortimer, Ricky Stuart, Jim Dymock, Steve Folkes, Greg Eastwood, Josh Morris, Luke Patten, Willie Mason, Bill Noonan & Garry Dowling.

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