News Jake Averillo not threatened by Crichton, Xerri, reveals contract status


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Sep 29, 2014
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In-form centre Jake Averillo is having a breakout season in Bulldogs colours; however, his 2024 season is filled with uncertainty due to new arrivals and his current contract situation.

The Belmore junior has successfully transitioned into the centres, playing inside Jacob Kiraz this season after playing in a host of other positions since his debut in 2020. Within his 66-game career, he has taken the utility role to another level, competing at wing, five-eighth, halfback, fullback and hooker.

He has been one of the Dogs' shining lights to begin the season as the club heads into their first bye week of the season. Playing in every game to date, he has crossed the line seven times, had four try assists, 30 tackle busts and averages 108 running metres per game.

Off-contract at the end of the season, Averillo has generated interest from rival clubs, including the Dragons, according to a report by The Daily Telegraph.

However, Averillo stated to Zero Tackle that he doesn't look into supposed reports and hopes to remain a Bulldog for years to come. The main reason is the club fans and new head coach Cameron Ciraldo.

“No, I don't read any of it. To be honest, that's all my managers' job (and) my job is to play footy,” Averillo said to Zero Tackle.

“I've put a case for myself by playing good footy (and) that's the talk for the contract.
“Yeah, that would be good (to remain a Bulldogs). I obviously got to look at all my options, but I'll just see what happens.”
“The fans are the best. I always say I think we have the best fans in the comp.”

Although Averillo has cemented his spot in the centres this season, 2024 may be a different story if he does decide to remain at the club.
This is due to the Bulldogs signing two new outside backs for next season- Stephen Crichton and Bronson Xerri.
As Crichton is likely to play in the No.1 jersey, and Josh Addo-Carr and Jacob Kiraz will remain as the two wingers, Averillo will have to contend with Bronson Xerri, Hayze Perham and Paul Alamoti for one of two centre spots.
However, he insisted he isn't threatened with the arrivals of Crichton and Xerri. Instead, he is letting his performances talk for himself and putting a good case, week in, week out.
“No, (I'm) not really (threatened). I just sort of play each week, and I keep putting in good performances,” he said to Zero Tackle.
“I put in a good case for myself, so that's all I'm focusing on.”
The Bulldogs will have a bye this week before taking on the Roosters in the following week.


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May 18, 2008
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Understand Alamoti is still in his first year but Avo is all over him this year. I was pretty annoyed with Alamoti on the weekend where he didn't jam in on the Stimpson try. Quite a few lapses from him this year.


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Mar 19, 2016
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I think there will be a lot of pissed off people on here if Xeri doesn't walk into FG and score 5 tries and set up another 10 lol
Agree, I thought it was really unusual everyone was assuming Xerri would be a walk up - he has to earn his stripes like anyone else…4 years is a bloody long time away from the game. I returned after two years and found it took a while to get used to the speed and contact.


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Jun 24, 2008
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I think atm xerri and avo will be our centres. Alamoti has been solid at times but avo is one of if not our best outside back this year
Alamoti is almost 4 years younger than Averillo. Gus & CC aren't dropping Alamoti for Averillo & Xerri and they shouldn't. He has a higher ceiling than both.


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Aug 31, 2009
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We are in a weird spot because Alamoti was supposed to learn outside of Kiks but he is way better on the right

But now avo has formed a decent combo with Kiraz so what do we do now? Disrupt the right edge to get more out of alamoti or persist

Be interesting to see avo on the left

Or maybe Jac and Alamoti on the right and Avo Kiraz on the left? Doesn’t suit Kiraz though


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Feb 15, 2014
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I’m not expecting much from Xerri to be honest, at least not straight away from next year. He looks like he may have bulked up too much and his greatest asset was his speed. Happy to be wrong but I would be surprised to see him start in reserve grade for a fair chunk of the season