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Oct 22, 2018
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I just think that the teams playing positive football with the forward momentum, will always get the 50/50 calks. It has ever been so. Those teams struggling to keep pace are, by and large, on the back foot scrambling to stop the attack, and thus tend to fall in to the mistake of trying to slow play down and delay the flow of line breaks = more 6 agains against them and penalties flow to the attacking team.
That's all very well but we often get 1 or 2 penalties (inc set restarts) against us before there is even the slightest hint of us being on the back foot, being that there simply hasn't been enough game time for us to get on the back foot. Some examples

Games we lost;
Manly - first penalty & against us 1.24 minutes
Souffs - first penalty & against us 0.44 seconds
Parramatta - first penalty & against us 4.24 minutes

Games we won;
Melbourne - first penalty & against them 3.20 minutes
Tigers - first penalty & against them 3.26 minutes
Cowboys - first penalty & against them 10.28 minutes

So far the best predictor (6 out of 8 games) of whether we win or lose is who gets the first penalty.

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Nov 21, 2021
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New episode with James Graham. Jammer knows the game. Hope he’s our coach one day.