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Official Bulldogs Harold Matthews Cup Summer Squad - 2020

Discussion in 'Junior Bulldogs Discussion' started by Jackson_1994, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Jackson_1994

    Jackson_1994 Kennel Regular

    Oct 28, 2018
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    Maxwell Taotua Bankstown Sports
    Mitchell Taotua Bankstown Sports
    Daniel Mohammed Chester Hill Hornets
    Dontaye Pritchard Chester Hill Hornets
    Hady Deni Chester Hill Hornets
    Ibrahim El-Cheikh Chester Hill Hornets
    Josese Lanyon Chester Hill Hornets
    Louai Mohammed Chester Hill Hornets
    Micqut Ngaata Chester Hill Hornets
    Yousef Chebli Chester Hill Hornets
    Zane Bardouh Chester Hill Hornets
    Amiraideen Yatim Greenacre Tigers
    Charlie Sorovi Greenacre Tigers
    Malik Ali Greenacre Tigers
    Braydon Hawes Milperra Colts
    Brendon Lecce Milperra Colts
    Harrison Valevatu Milperra Colts
    Isaiah Liufalani Milperra Colts
    Iverson Teo Milperra Colts
    Jake Lane Milperra Colts
    Jonathan Sua Milperra Colts
    Lisaite Topou Milperra Colts
    Lujuan Vito Milperra Colts
    Paul Alamoti Milperra Colts
    Solomane Saukuru Milperra Colts
    Andrew Sulkouski Moorebank Rams
    Brooklyn Taumata Moorebank Rams
    Oniti Finau Moorebank Rams
    Pisco Kila Moorebank Rams
    Corey Ackers St Johns Eagles
    Chance Enoka St Johns Eagles
    Sione Lolohea St Johns Eagles
    Benet Ma'alo St Johns Eagles
    Joash Papalli St Johns Eagles
    Junior Taupau St Johns Eagles
    Lachlan Broederlow St Johns Eagles
    Lockyer Kupu St Johns Eagles
    Moustafa Sankari St Johns Eagles
    Orlando Taliai St Johns Eagles
    Paea Tu'iniua St Johns Eagles
    Shaquille Tavita St Johns Eagles
    Sioeli Hopoi St George Dragons
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  2. ALX25

    ALX25 Kennel Regular Gilded x2 Gilded Premium Member

    Sep 23, 2016
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    Congratulations to Joash Papalii and Lajuan Vito on their selection in the TOA Samoa U16 side.

    Update: TOA Samoa 26 def NZ 20
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  3. rainman

    rainman Kennel Immortal

    Feb 25, 2008
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    The 4 non coconuts in that squad will stick out like dogs bollocks

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