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News 2020 NRL draw: Full home-and-away fixtures, who will your team play twice?

Discussion in 'Rugby League General' started by 2144superman, May 21, 2020.

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    Aug 28, 2010
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    Parramatta’s path to the club’s first premiership win in 34 years has been given a huge boost with the Eels the big winners of the NRL’s revamped draw that will be announced on Thursday.

    The Eels are among the fortunate clubs to avoid playing title contenders Melbourne, Canberra and the Roosters twice in the condensed NRL season.
    They already have the added advantage of being one of a handful of teams to play matches at their genuine home ground and will also play a host of “away” games at Bankwest Stadium too.
    The Eels are grouped to play Brisbane, Wests Tigers, Penrith, Canterbury and Manly twice this year with The Daily Telegraph obtaining each team’s double-up matches.
    While the road to glory for the Roosters to secure an elusive third consecutive premiership has been made even more difficult with the club arguably handed the most difficult draw of any side.
    The Roosters – who are winless from the opening two games of a shortened season – must play the Storm, Broncos, Raiders, Rabbitohs and the Dragons twice this year.​
    It makes their return game against South Sydney on Friday week crucial already for their top four hopes.

    Melbourne have also been handed a tough path to the top of the table with double-up games against the Roosters, South Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Manly.

    The winless Sharks have been gifted arguably the most favourable draw. They are one of only two teams to play the Titans and Warriors twice – whom many predict will compete for the wooden spoon. They also play neighbours St George Illawarra, North Queensland and Penrith twice.
    Premiership favourites Canberra are the only other side with the Warriors/Titans double but their draw is evened out with tough games against Melbourne and the Roosters. They will play the Dragons twice too. Canberra’s anti-vaccination players won’t be able to play in Queensland unless the government eases its tough biosecurity policy.
    Penrith is another club who would have liked what they got told yesterday with matches against Parramatta, North Queensland, Sharks, Tigers and the Warriors.
    The NRL will announce the full draw at 4pm on Thursday but clubs were given a sneak peak on Wednesday when they were handed their matches for the rest of this season.
    Teams will play everyone at least once in the 20-round season. Some teams may still play rivals twice before they have even played all other 15 clubs.
    The focus of the five double-up matches has been on blockbuster rivalry games to help appease the game’s broadcast partners.
    That has counted against a high-drawing club such as Canterbury with the Bulldogs grouped in Sydney-only derbies against the Dragons, Parramatta, Tigers, South Sydney and Manly.
    Venues for the first nine rounds will also be announced on Thursday, with the NRL hopeful of allowing teams to play at the genuine home grounds from the midpoint of the season. Bankwest Stadium will house five clubs; Parramatta, South Sydney, Cronulla, Canterbury and the Roosters while Campbelltown Stadium will be the temporary home for St George Illawarra, Wests Tigers, Canberra and Penrith.
    Newcastle, Manly and the Warriors will play out of the Central Coast while Brisbane, North Queensland and Melbourne are allowed to play at their home venues. Gold Coast will play at Suncorp Stadium.​


    Cronulla: Dragons, Warriors, Titans, Cowboys, Panthers.

    They won’t play any team who made the top eight last year twice and are one of only two teams to play the Warriors and Titans twice. Throw in an underperforming St George Illawarra side, it is arguably the best draw of any club.
    Cronulla v Dragons: WWLLW
    Cronulla v Warriors: WLWWW
    Cronulla v Titans: WWWLL
    Cronulla v Cowboys: WWWLL
    Cronulla v Panthers: LWWWW
    Eels: Broncos, Tigers, Panthers, Bulldogs, Sea Eagles.
    Not only do they get to host matches at their genuine home ground, they don’t have to face competition heavyweights the Roosters, Rabbitohs, Melbourne or Canberra twice. Their dream draw is based more on who they don’t play twice, rather than who they do.
    Parramatta v Broncos: WLWLW
    Parramatta v Tigers: WWWLW
    Parramatta v Panthers: LWLLW
    Parramatta v Bulldogs: WLWWL
    Parramatta v Sea Eagles: WLWLW
    Panthers: Eels, Cowboys, Sharks, Tigers, Warriors.
    A fair draw. Take out the Eels and they play a winless Cronulla twice plus three other teams who did not make the finals last year.
    Penrith v Eels: WLWWL
    Penrith v Cowboys:
    Penrith v Sharks: WLLLL
    Penrith v Tigers: LWWWW
    Penrith v Warriors: WLWLW
    Raiders: Storm, Dragons, Roosters, Warriors, Titans
    Have two really difficult matches against Melbourne and the Roosters but become one of only two sides to face the Warriors and Titans twice – the teams many expect to battle for the wooden spoon. They also play the Dragons.
    Canberra v Storm: WWLLL
    Canberra v Roosters: LLLWW
    Canberra v Dragons: WLWLL
    Canberra v Warriors: WLWLL
    Canberra v Titans: WWWLW​


    Melbourne: Roosters, Rabbitohs, Knights, Raiders, Sea Eagles

    They play the three other sides who finished in the top four last year twice, followed by Manly who finished sixth. They also have to play an undefeated Newcastle side. No soft games here.
    Melbourne v Roosters: LWLLW
    Melbourne v Rabbitohs: WWLWW
    Melbourne v Knights: WWWWW
    Melbourne v Raiders: LLWWW
    Melbourne v Sea Eagles: WWLWL
    Roosters: Storm, Broncos, Dragons, Rabbitohs, Raiders
    Still chasing their first win of the season, the Roosters have been given one of the toughest draws in the competition. They play their top four counterparts from last year twice, along with Brisbane. The Dragons are their weakest opposition.
    Sydney Roosters v Storm: WLWWL
    Sydney Roosters v Broncos: LWLLW
    Sydney Roosters v Dragons: WWWLW
    Sydney Roosters v Rabbitohs: WLLWW
    Sydney Roosters v Raiders: WWWLL
    Warriors: Sharks, Panthers, Knights, Raiders, Sea Eagles
    While they avoid some of the competition heavyweights they still play Canberra twice are the rest of the teams they square off against are genuine top eight hopefuls.
    New Zealand v Sharks: LWLLLL
    New Zealand v Panthers: LWLWL
    New Zealand v Knights: LWLWL
    New Zealand v Raiders: LWLWW
    New Zealand v Sea Eagles: WLWLL
    Bulldogs: Dragons, Eels, Tigers, Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles
    The Bulldogs are involved in intense rivalry matches all against Sydney counterparts. They have a double a triple of games against Parramatta, Manly and South Sydney but the standard drops off in their other games.
    Canterbury v Dragons: LLWLW
    Canterbury v Eels: LWLLW
    Canterbury v Tigers: WWWLL
    Canterbury v Rabbitohs: WLLLL
    Canterbury v Sea Eagles: LLWLW
    Broncos, Cowboys, Dragons, Sharks, Raiders
    Expectantly they face their Queensland rivals twice. They also play strong Canberra and Cronulla teams twice and then the Dragons.
    Gold Coast v Broncos: LLLWL
    Gold Coast v Cowboys: LLLLL
    Gold Coast v Dragons: LLLLW
    Gold Coast v Sharks: LLLWW
    Gold Coast v Raiders: LLLWL​


    Brisbane: Cowboys, Eels, Roosters, Rabbitohs, Titans

    A mixed-bag for the Broncos. Have three incredibly tough matches against the Eels, Roosters and Rabbitohs but have fortunate to play the Titans twice. Clashes against North Queensland are always hotly contested.
    Brisbane v Cowboys: WWWLW
    Brisbane v Eels: LWLWL
    Brisbane v Roosters: WLWWL
    Brisbane v Rabbitohs: WLLWW
    Brisbane v Titans: WLWLW
    Cowboys: Brisbane, Cronulla, Panthers, Knights, Titans
    Some winnable games for the Titans and have the bonus of not playing anyone from last season’s top four. Broncos are always a threat while the Knights and Panthers are much improved from last year and sit undefeated.
    North Queensland v Broncos: LLLWL
    North Queensland v Sharks: LLLWW
    North Queensland v Panthers: WWLLW
    North Queensland v Knights: LWWWW
    North Queensland v Titans: WWWWW
    Dragons: Sharks, Roosters, Bulldogs, Raiders, Titans
    Have to square off against last season’s grand finalists in Roosters and Canberra twice. Play arch rivals Cronulla but their draw is given a boost by having Gold Coast and Canterbury twice which eases their difficult run.
    St George Illawarra v Sharks: LLWWL
    St George Illawarra v Roosters: LLLWL
    St George Illawarra v Bulldogs: WWLWL
    St George Illawarra v Raiders: LWLWW
    St George Illawarra v Titans: WWWWL
    Tigers: Eels, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Knights, Bulldogs
    Have a pretty evenly matched draw with plenty of winnable games. Play a host all their Western Sydney neighbours (including South Sydney who play home games in Western Sydney) plus the Knights.
    Wests Tigers v Eels: LLLWL
    Wests Tigers v Panthers: WLLLL
    Wests Tigers v Rabbitohs: WLLWL
    Wests Tigers v Knights: LWWWL
    Wests Tigers v Bulldogs: LLLWW
    Rabbitohs: Storm, Broncos, Roosters, Tigers, Bulldogs
    A mixed-bag for the Rabbitohs. Naturally play arch rivals the Roosters twice but also face off against Melbourne and Brisbane. Play the Bulldogs and Tigers twice too which pits them in a middle of the road draw.
    South Sydney v Storm: LLWLL
    South Sydney v Broncos: LWWLL
    South Sydney v Roosters: LWWLL
    South Sydney v Tigers: LWWLW
    South Sydney v Bulldogs: LWWWW
    Knights: Storm, Cowboys, Tigers, Warriors, Sea Eagles
    Play only one top four side from last year twice in the Storm. Then play three sides who did not make the finals in 2019 but also play the Sea Eagles. Relatively decent draw for Newcastle.
    Newcastle v Storm: LLLLL
    Newcastle v Cowboys: WLLLL
    Newcastle v Tigers: WLLLW
    Newcastle v Warriors: WLWLW
    Newcastle v Sea Eagles: LLWWL
    Sea Eagles: Storm, Eels, Knights, Warriors, Bulldogs
    A fair draw for Manly who face three potential top four teams twice then play Warriors and Canterbury who are expected to be towards the bottom of the ladder.
    Manly v Storm: LLWLW
    Manly v Eels: LWLWL
    Manly v Knights: WWLLW
    Manly v Warriors: LWLWW
    Manly v Bulldogs: WWLWL​

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  2. Prison Mike

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    Apr 29, 2014
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    Originally I was for the idea of teams keeping points but I'm against it now. Like wtf we play Parra 3 times and only play some once like wtf
  3. MatstaDogg

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    Sep 28, 2008
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    One day the comp will be fair....one day!!
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  4. The Innovator

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    Nov 5, 2016
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    Gotta laugh at this bias draw. Canberra get to play titans dragons and titans twice ! Such a soft draw.
    Eels also have been gifted an easy run. It’s easy to see which teams the NRL have pencilled in as their pet projects in 2020.
  5. jasonsmith11

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    Jul 4, 2014
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    didnt we originally have more channel 9 games
  6. Squash the Berries!

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    May 27, 2019
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    The draw made was made by pulling teams names out of a hat right?
  7. Dognacious

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    Aug 4, 2007
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    However they worked it out some teams are always going to get a so called harder draw and some easier. Its not possible for everyone to have the same kind of draw. It is what it is. I dont care who we play, as long as we play.
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  8. GrogDog

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    Jun 28, 2009
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    I can't even understand how that's written...

    If we have to play any team 3 times is just straight BS. How can anyone at the end of the day claim to win a comp and it be recognised when a draw is set this way?

    No wonder it took them so long to release it, they knew it was amateur hour stuff!

    SPEARTAKVIDREFS Kennel Regular

    May 16, 2009
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    We aint winning a comp so all that matters is we get on the field and get some experience into our young guns. Most important thing for us this year will be Pays team selection.

    SPEARTAKVIDREFS Kennel Regular

    May 16, 2009
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    And if this isnt the best pic for a "caption this" thread I dont know what is.
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