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  • G'day Luke,
    Tried to post another news post before and still had no access but noticed it got moved straight away to the news section. Thats cool but when I tried to reply to the thread for my own 2cents worth I had no access to do that also. I tried reply post and reply with quote with both being rejected.
    Any help appreciated mate,
    Thanks Luke,
    Its not often I would see an article before it would be already posted but on the off chance you may aswell put me down as I am keen to pass on anything related that I do come accross for our mighty fans.
    Thanks again
    Hey mate, I tried to post a nes article in the news section just before but received the message about no access or privelage? I posted it in the discussion area anyway until it could be moved by someone who can. Is there any particluar reason I can't add news article or just an error? Cheers
    G'day, mate. Just a lowly noob here wondering if it's possible to have .gif as my avatar? Cheers.
    Luke, I am still confused mate. Why the warning for postng "who cares" when there are arguably racist rants,retard comments etc all over this place.Wtf mate? Can you please give me an explanation on it? As you can see from the thread there has been 4 replies from 300 odd visits. Perhaps other's don't care either.As it is a public forum I am left scratching my head at this.
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