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    Hoppa, DWZ & Reimis GONE???

  2. Longtimedog

    Official The @NRL_Bulldogs confirm the departure of

    Average at best same as katoa and Harper. I think there is more upside to Schoup from what I have seen.
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    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    His defence was horrible. But showed promise with kicking passing and running
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    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    To be fair I’m 60 years old and would be a chance to score against our outside backs [emoji30][emoji30]
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    News Foran. Canterbury bulldogs withdraw offer.

    Watched him play since under 6s was a cat then is cat now and will always be a cat. Lays down injured in every tackle. Done it all his life. Would be a stain on a Bulldogs jersey.
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    Opinion Turning point

    Whoever gave the penalty away after Scott got injured turned the game.We virtually didn’t touch the ball for next 10 fo 15 minutes.Jackson and Foran should have demanded we didn’t give a penalty away there. Perhaps they did and some fool didn’t listen.
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    News The Bulldogs have a huge problem on their hands with fears star recruit Luke Thompson could cut his NRL stint short.

    He goes ok. Had half a dozen games to show what he’s got. Good on his feet with some speed. Only positive to his game appears to be a quick play the ball. At this stage I think we can spend his money elsewhere for better value. Not overly concerned if he leaves.
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    Spinal Adjustment

    We need 5 new players. 1. Burton 2. B Smith 3. Staines 4. Front rower 5. Half back Out Foran unless he stays on small 1 year contract, Tolman, Montoya, Holland Tui Katoa. Include in top 30 Schoup, Tass , Biondi. Shop Lewis, C Smith, Remis Smith & DWZ
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    News Bulldogs vs Warriors: Steve Georgallis promises changes after 'bitterly disappointing' loss

    His kicking game was atrocious today. Main reason we succumbed in the second half.
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    Opinion Post game thoughts

    Besides that terrible pass Remus went ok today. Terrible , terrible kicking game cost us the win. Every kick was a non event. We got zero field position.
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    Official Round 15 - Bulldogs vs Warriors - Discussion Thread

    Schoup played in a trial game and ran strong. Was ok physically. It’s knowing how to read in defence where the young ones flounder. But in the scheme of things if we don’t get a couple of wins and are going to get the spoon we have nothing to loose with giving these guys a taste.
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    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    Only seen highlights of Schoup plus the trial game . I think he held his own physically in that game. I hold out more hope for him. He could be one out of the bag.
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    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    Our better young players are currently in 16s and 18s. Harold Matt's were leading the comp before covid.
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    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    I've watched a lot of Harold matts so ball 20s and reserves. Believe me they r nothing special. The top 30 has to be filled by someone. Averillo is the goods even in schoolboy football you could see.
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    Tolman and Napa

    Well said. Halves can't play when we have no go forward or quick play the balls. Decisions for a half much easier on the back of a good run and quick play the ball. That's our biggest problem.