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    2020 Round 20 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    It did but there are a few more chips in it. Can't stay long, have an appointment with the proctologist about getting a new arsehole.
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    Jack Hetherington

    Fair points but I still think he'd add something to your pack.
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    Hollywood really IS Jewish

    Next time in the Cinema take note of all the Production companies they list at the start of the movie and you'll see the Alibaba name pop up on a lot.
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    Hollywood really IS Jewish

    Through The Alibaba group, China funds much of Hollywood these days. They influence selection of actors, content, advertising, even Box Office takings and revenue. You won't see Richard Gere in any Hollywood movie given his support for the Dali Lama. How may "Merchandise Line" movies has...
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    Hollywood really IS Jewish

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    The "R U OK ?" Thread

    The wife and I found a really good isolation program we run every fortnight or so. We grab a phone, a Boom Speaker 3, open Spotify and several bottles of plonk. We then pick a period or genre of songs and then all selections have to come from that. The drunker we get the more obscure the songs...
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    Second wave hitting Europe. https://www.9news.com.au/world/coronavirus-will-europe-second-wave-bring-huge-death-toll/8631f9e7-3f2c-486c-822f-5035f4b7a8d5 At first glance, the outlook doesn't seem too grim. While reported coronavirus cases are reaching record highs as Europe endures a second...
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    Hollywood really IS Jewish

    Like everything else, Hollywood is now Chinese.
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    Hollywood really IS Jewish

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boogie_Nights .
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    Jack Hetherington

    Skills can be taught mate and you have coming a good attacking coach. Ala Victor Radley, Hetherington is tough and can be taught the skills to play a similar role. You have to remember he's been stuck behind the Penrith pack who've had I think zero injuries and playing out of their skins. He got...
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    Thank you cowboys

    You thinking of 2017 the 60-14 debacle? The game with the infamous Martin Kennedy "headknock". From a combination of alcohol and lack of oxygen from screaming at the TV, I passed out just as you guys flew past 40.
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    Science Stuff

    https://www.9news.com.au/world/giant-robot-based-on-mobile-suit-gundam-tv-show-tested-in-japan/3d6698ee-d147-4213-bfc9-dbcc6ed42550 A giant robot based on a character from a classic anime series has undergone testing in the Japanese city of Yokohama. The massive humanoid resembles a robot from...
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    Jack Hetherington

    You want the war back? He's got more toughness in him than Tolman, Napa and Britt combined.
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    Bulldogs Chasing Tristan Sailor

    He would thrive under an attacking coach like Barrett imo. Quick off the mark with decent top speed, a fair passing game that can be improved and these new rules being trialled would suit him if they are adopted in 2021.
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    Jack Hetherington

    Would be a good pick up, a bit light for a front rower but he loves the tough stuff.