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  • G'day mate,
    Could you have a look at my access please as I cannot even reply to a post in the news section now.
    habib did you see Grahams dog n his gang on tv saying they ain't scared of the bloods

    typical wolf pack mentality
    Hey Habib, my username is out of date... can you change it to just "D10"?
    Hi habib just wanted to change my username from SOLIOLA to KENNY-DOWALL in upper case form much appreciated for taking your time to read this

    Thanks SOLIOLA
    Hi habib, just wanted to change my user name and was wondering how to do it ,so i asked moe and he told me that you were the person to do so can i change from "ihatemason" to "The Detailer" please!! Thanks
    Hi needing help my password isnt being stored? Is there a problem with the system that you know of.....Thanks
    Hey habib. Is it possible to get a username change. Need to log in with my iphone which doesnt seem to have the ` character. Could you please change it to 'G' with apostrophes instead of the ` character. Thanks mate
    do u wanna donate money to me...
    dont u feel like donating some points to me
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