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    2022 State of Origin Game 3 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Luai was the worst. He was responsible for the effective no show of the left edge. Failed to get Burton and To'o into the game, and when he did pass it over to the left air mailed it to Talakai. Fittler needed to hook Luai for last 10, put Talakai at Centre, Burton at five eighth and make him...
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    Your early 2023 Origin teams?

    Need Gamebreakers and Intimidating forwards. How TPJ has not been in conversation for Origin is really surprising to me. Despite what people say, I believe Radley would be excelent for Origin. Papenhuyzen should play 14.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Can't really blame Burton. NSW failed to get fall on the left side. To'o had barely any touches as well. Only 3 kicks from Burton too.
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    Jacob Kiraz

    i like him. always seems to either get a tackle break or offload with every carry.
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    Opinion Is Tevita Pangai Junior a Prop, Second Rower or Lock?

    Should move him around depending on the opposition... keep them guessing... I would say the same with Josh Jackson (depending on where we need our defense to shore up) and Luke Thompson, Hetherington too (but he is gone).
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    Opinion Who will be captain this week?

    Here is an idea. We start Jackson Topine and give him the captaincy.
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    More interested in Jackson Topine tbh.
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    Positions up for grabs next season

    Would not call hetherington locked.
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    Team for round 1

    1. Averillo (Don't want him defending and tackling at five eighth) 2. DWZ 3. Cotric 4. Hopoate 5. Meaney (Okunbor would be but injured) 6. Wakeham 7. Flanagan 8. Napa (Thompson if not suspended) 9. JMK 10. Atoni 11. Jackson 12. RFM 13. Elliott 14. Katoa 15. Waddell 16. Ogden 17. Hetherington
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    Cotric interview

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    Other News Source JAC

    Hopefully Munster/ Hughes gets a season ending injury in round 1 so we can send them lachlan lewis in return for addo carr.
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    Social Media Bryce Cartwright

    ... he has signed with parramatta.
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    Opinion Should Josh Jackson be re-signed when he comes off contract?

    Too early to tell. In a hypothetical scenario where we forget about the contract he has signed, I would not let go of Josh Jackson anytime soon. The club has gone under a massive culture shift and the cleanout of some of the players that have been around the place for a long time (Holland...
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    Opinion Hypothetically Burton is our last signing for 2021 - pick your 17

    stopped reading when i saw you left out to'omaga.... unforunately i was basically done by then.
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    Opinion on thompson

    Great player. Absolute gun. For some reason he did not do any footwork for any of the games until the very last one vs Penrith. I am not too sure why this is the case. As long as he uses his footwork, he will be devastating.