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  1. Berries

    We need a 5 year plan

    So half of the top 8 has old players and the other half young. Shows you can do it both ways
  2. Berries

    Rumour Are we 1999 Magpie level bad?

    We could score 30 and still lose, thats how bad our defense is
  3. Berries

    Rumour Are we 1999 Magpie level bad?

    Bigger interchanges back then meant the big boys kept rolling on fresh leading to bigger scores. Its funny how more interchanges had a bigger effect on points being scored than this trashy six again rule.
  4. Berries

    News ‘I want to help their young fellas’: No backing down for Addo-Carr about Dogs switch

    God when okunbur is being missed it really shows you how low this club has fallen
  5. Berries

    Opinion What happens if we don’t beat Cowboys?

    Can't see us beating the Cowboys
  6. Berries

    IMAGINE !!!

    Yeah us younger ***** missed out hard, couldnt even get pissed after 2004
  7. Berries

    Bulldogs Rebuild – CEO Aaron Warburton Confident of Success

    Tigers are going to cream us
  8. Berries

    News Matt Burton Walking Into Dogs Breakfast

    Not hard to become a bulldogs legend when josh reynolds is called one. Burton will only need one try assist to pass that marker
  9. Berries

    Sione Katoa is a better 5/8 than Averillo

    Averillo should play LOCK
  10. Berries

    Hypothetical if we’d kept Asotasi and O’Meley instead....

    I tend to agree here, people over rated Thurstons years with us because of what he did later in his career. Bloke only played due to injuries
  11. Berries

    Perspective For Those With The Pitch Forks Out On Barrett

    NRL has fucked the game, teams being so tired they are shirt grabbing is not skillful when it leads to a try. Prefer early 2010 league to this shit
  12. Berries

    Adam Reynolds

    Why can't Flanno play lock like Lewis?
  13. Berries

    News Matt Burton Walking Into Dogs Breakfast

    Dont even put their names to these articles the absolute cowardly *****
  14. Berries

    IS there really any point in playing this game this week?

    Bad times is coming 14th and winning 7 games. This is absolutely beyond bad.