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  1. haz123
    haz123 south of heaven
    Yeah after 12 years they do wear thin, I try to treat them how they treat me but it does get hard at times.
    But hey the money's good.
    1. south of heaven
      south of heaven
      Yeah fucking oath i should of done that when i was a young fella or joined the navy
      Feb 17, 2019 at 10:04 PM
  2. Phalangist
    Phalangist Steve M
    Hey mate feb last year you said you could help me become a member,what ever happened to that? I go no email or phone call from anyone
  3. haz123
    haz123 south of heaven
    Not very often, Once works done I'm out of there bit of a shit hole.
    1. south of heaven
      south of heaven
      Lol yep how the fuck do you deal with them,when i done lithgow by the end of the day i told a few inmates to go and get fucked, they are like manchilds
      Feb 17, 2019 at 5:48 PM
  4. haz123
    haz123 south of heaven
    Mate I work in the original Centre not the rapid build, our centre is full of gronks, theirs are all hand picked so they get very little trouble as yet.
    1. south of heaven
      south of heaven
      Ahh the abo riot joint lol, its not as bad as lithgow thats fucked, you go to the lion of waterloo for a feed ? For a small town food is decent and pretty cheap
      Feb 17, 2019 at 5:29 PM
  5. haz123
    haz123 south of heaven
    You could of shouted a few cold ones then, Wellington is we're I spend my working life.
    1. south of heaven likes this.
    2. south of heaven
      south of heaven
      Lol that was fun those ones haves the cunts killed each other in there yet? Those pc cells are fucking brutal could not stand 5 minutes in that
      Feb 17, 2019 at 5:19 PM
  6. haz123
    haz123 south of heaven
    Hi mate just a question, I noticed some pictures you up loaded last year inside a correctional centre whilst being built. Where was that??? only want to know as I work in one.
    PS- don't hold that against me lol
    1. south of heaven
      south of heaven
      Wellington, cessnock, cobin,lithgow, longbay,golburn
      Lol done a few jobs for csi over the years if its the ones getting built that was cessnock and Wellington rapid builds
      Feb 17, 2019 at 5:14 PM
  7. Matthew Komljenovic
    Matthew Komljenovic Ahecee
  9. El Padrino
    El Padrino
    Handle with Care
  10. skengdo.67
    skengdo.67 GC8
    how many games will the development squads be playing?
  11. kingroose
    kingroose south of heaven
    had a look at our rights for NHL, looks like we lost it for this new season. Soz bro for the bad info!!!
  12. Dingo
    Dingo Nabsolutely Fabulous
    Fuck mate you must be on some kind of suspension. Your insight is missed.
  13. Arthur
  14. jshellshear
    jshellshear Ahecee
    I wrote to administrators about what I consider derogatory terminology in regard to Jews on the site by assassin - Greenberg being referred to as Jewturd and Shylock, both terms highly offensive to Jews. The administrators in here have argued with me for the last couple of days suggesting that the terms Jewturd and Shylock are fine and not offensive to Jews.
  15. Dingo
    Formerly BJD
  16. Dingo
  17. Mr 95%
  18. Dogsup
    The real winners here are the Bulldogs. This has galvanized the team together big time. If it comes with a price tag its money well spent.
  19. JayBee
    The Kennel Supercoach King
  20. Mr 95%