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  1. Dingo
    Dingo Nabsolutely Fabulous
    Fuck mate you must be on some kind of suspension. Your insight is missed.
  2. Arthur
  3. jshellshear
    jshellshear Ahecee
    I wrote to administrators about what I consider derogatory terminology in regard to Jews on the site by assassin - Greenberg being referred to as Jewturd and Shylock, both terms highly offensive to Jews. The administrators in here have argued with me for the last couple of days suggesting that the terms Jewturd and Shylock are fine and not offensive to Jews.
  4. Dingo
    Formerly BJD
  5. Dingo
  6. Mr 95%
  7. Dogsup
    The real winners here are the Bulldogs. This has galvanized the team together big time. If it comes with a price tag its money well spent.
  8. JayBee
    The Kennel Supercoach King
  9. Mr 95%
  10. silva
    silva Horse
    Was that really necessary?
    1. Horse
      It was a pretty shit post lad
      Aug 17, 2018
  11. BankstownBulldog
    Blue and White blooded
  12. Stuart Thomas
    Stuart Thomas
    Stuart is a Sydney based journalist/writer/live blogger who began writing League, football, cricket and tennis for the Roar.com in 2015.
  13. Matilida
    Bulldogs for Life
  14. OldDogFan
    OldDogFan heckler
  15. Bulldogs_4eva
    1. Trafford10
      Better than a soft cock.
      Jun 11, 2018
  16. SKY-DOG
    Proud to be a BULLDOG
  17. G_Dog_Rota
    G_Dog_Rota ThePedigree
    Paesano .. surely your taking the piss right ?? LOL

    You cant be serious??
  18. Isaac
    Time to bring Jayden Okunbor in to replace Josh Morris and Lachie Lewis on wing replacing Montaya.
  19. Micko1979
    Micko1979 Oatley Dog
    Salary cap??? Just wondering how bad it really is. And any idea who we will release
    1. Oatley Dog
      Oatley Dog
      The messages I have gotten from people employed in senior positions in the club and on the board are all saying the same thing, McDonnell is not going to do any recruiting for 18 mths that will probably mean we don't sign anyone until after Nov this year for 2020.
      May 11, 2018
    2. Micko1979
      Cheers mate. Not too much different from what I heard. Any idea on who we could lose?
      May 11, 2018
    3. Oatley Dog
      Oatley Dog
      No. Haven't heard but I look like going to the centre of excellence in the next couple of weeks to have a look around. May find something out then
      May 12, 2018
  20. AyeZed
    Dogs of war