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SC, Fantasy, Tipping comps - rules & prizes

Discussion in 'Rugby League General' started by Dognacious, Mar 14, 2020.

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  1. Dognacious

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    Aug 4, 2007
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    Hosting Site's Prizes

    Joining all of the comps registers you at the hosting sites for their individual prizes so check them for what they are. Supercoach's site for example has a $50,000 first prize (overall highest points scored for the year), and weekly prizes up to $1000.

    Kennel Prizes

    As the joining info for all the comps is public, non kennel members are likely to have joined as well. If a non member or someone we cant verify as a member wins any prize/title, it cannot be awarded, as they are Kennel site related prizes. Dont let this happen members!

    Wording of the titles may change slightly by the time they are awarded.

    The Major Kennel prize will be free premium memberships, and title banners, for each of the below 4 achievements:

    SC H2H Champion (the multiple SC H2H leagues will have a GF winner for each league. The GF winner who has the highest points scored for the season, will be the overall Champion).
    Fantasy H2H Champion (winner of the NRL fantasy H2H league)
    Tipping Champion (winner of the tipping comp)
    SC Draft Champion (winner of the draft league)

    The Minor Kennel prize will be a title banners only, for each of the below 3 achievements:

    SC H2H League Winner (GF winners who arent the overall SC H2H Champion above)
    SC H2H Top Scorer (Highest overall points scored for the season, out of all the SC H2H leagues)
    SC Top Round Score (Highest single round score for the season, out of all the SC H2H leagues)

    Not including the year on the banners, if you win the same title a second time or more in the future, you will get a x2,x3..etc on the title banner. You dont have to accept a new banner if you prefer the minimalistic look lol.

    Because i am in all the leagues so i can monitor who wins, i will exclude myself from a SC League Winner title, i am only up for the overall winner (league winner with the highest overall points)
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