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SC, Fantasy, Tipping comps - rules & prizes

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Aug 4, 2007
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Updated 14 Sept 2020

Hosting Site's Prizes

Joining all of the comps registers you at the hosting sites for their individual prizes so check them for what they are. Supercoach's site for example has a $50,000 first prize (overall highest points scored for the year), and weekly prizes up to $1000.

Kennel Prizes

As the joining info for all the comps is public, non kennel members have joined comps as well. All titles etc are member related rewards, so if a non member or someone we cant verify as a member wins any title, The highest ranked kennel member would win the title.

The Major Kennel prize will be free premium memberships, and title banners, for each of the below 4 achievements:

SC H2H Champion : The GF winner from the strongest league (highest league rank in SC) will win the title. The original idea of the person with the most points who wins a GF became unfair when we had someone in 2 GFs who was hot favourite in a much weaker league, and could get beaten in the strongest one and still win the title, as he had the highest points. I want the title to go down to the last match like it was 1 big league instead of multiple. Its harder to get through to the GF in the stronger league so also seems fair the title come from that league.
SC League Winner (winner of any SC H2H league GF that doesn't win the above champion title)
NRLF H2H Champ (winner of the NRL fantasy H2H league)
Tipping Champ (winner of the tipping comp)
SC Draft Champ (winner of the draft league)
SC Highest Points (team with the highest total points scored for the year across all leagues)

Title winner's input may be possible, with the wording on the inaugural titles, as long as they still mean the same thing.

Not including the year on the banners, if you win the same title a second time or more in the future, you will get a x2,x3..etc on the title banner.
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