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Barrett has to go


Apr 20, 2019
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What the fuck is this bullshit, cant even win a game get absolutely smashed by broncos, can barely score a point, Barrett is no coach, he may be good at getting players but coaching well thats above him, time to get a real coach, you can buy all the good players u want doesnt mean a lot without a coach. I dont remember did Dean Pay get this much of a chance? We will be like the tigers and the farce there with McGuire, sick of my side being wooden spooners pretty much every year Bellamys brothers off contract end of season, not a lot about, could even look to the super league in England for a coach like the Titans did

James zac

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Aug 26, 2018
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And who out there is an nrl quality coach? I don’t see any with the exception of John Morris and he’s assistant at the team coming last would you really take a gamble on him I don’t think so