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3-2-1 Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs


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Jun 29, 2020
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Its still unacceptable behaviour though. This forum is a place for people to discuss their opinions. You don't have to agree, but this type of behaviour is just completely out of line. Just like the way many people may dislike or disagree with nasheeds posts, but this tool just constantly abuses him rather then just blocking him. Mods need to do something about his behaviour.
mate nasheed is a souths troll surely you have worked that out. He has zero football knowledge or contacts. Unless you are one of his mates.


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May 3, 2021
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Yep, needs to get more involved. Commentators called it during the game how quiet the back 3 were particularly coming out of trouble.

Needs some more time at fullback at the expense of Meaney to see more of him,

That speed he showed for the try was not expected though...

Potentially a little harsh, swap him and Hoppa.
agree play him at fullback although dufty will be there next year so not sure if he needs the practice there now