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Best Posts in Thread: New Ban Message Process

  1. Dognacious

    Dognacious Administrator Staff Member Gilded Premium Member

    Aug 4, 2007
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    Letting you all know that the way you are notified about bans has changed.

    Previously you were sent a pm to advise you of a ban. Problem was, banned users do not have access to pms to see that.

    Now you will also receive a copy of your ban message at your listed email address as well, as long as you keep your email address up to date with us. The email will come from a thekennel.net.au email address. Replies are not being monitored though.

    To request an email address update you can pm an administrator.

    IF YOU HAVE A GMAIL account attached to your kennel account, from testing i can confirm using default gmail settings, Kennel emails go to the SPAM folder and not the inbox.

    Edit: Also remember that regardless of who actions the infraction or sends notification of one, it is not the staff member deciding to do so by themself. Its a team decision. All reports that lead to any actions, or no actions are discussed and voted on.

    That said we prefer not to ban anyone to begin with. Keep it civil!

    Last edited: Feb 16, 2020
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