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  1. Vargster

    Famous Doggies fans

    Joe Hansen, the bass player from Grinspoon...
  2. Vargster

    Moneyball ??

    played it for NBA - it's not bad but you gotta know your stuff before playing, some people clearly have a much better strategy than others
  3. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Also, anyone heard of Billions? Looks alright, only a few episodes out so far though I think.
  4. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Just started watching Peaky Blinders - well worth the watch.
  5. Vargster

    NBA The Consolidated NBA Thread

    Paul had a groin injury which ment he wasn't on for some of the 4th and wasn't on for the final play. I'm pretty happy as a Clipps fan - We've only played 4 games as a unit prior to this (not counting pre-season), we were up against the defending champs in their building, Curry was pulling off...
  6. Vargster

    NBA The Consolidated NBA Thread

    Clips V GS tomorrow - scary game. Wish it was later on in the season so we could keep this roll going. I want to think Clippers will beat them but after GS last few games, it's gonna be damn hard!
  7. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    and the Saints roll continues ;) haha
  8. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Anyone up to date with Walking Dead? Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark me
  9. Vargster

    NBA The Consolidated NBA Thread

    Not long to go now boys and girls - Hoping Clippers can make a real run this year. Best line-up we've ever had IMO
  10. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    How bout them Saints? I'm feeling a roll coming on ;)
  11. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Mr Robot is fantastic - the less you know about it when you start watching, the better.
  12. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Yeah, it's great - The show makes me cringe like crazy but it's funny stuff, and an interesting concept
  13. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Walking Dead has been so good, let's hope they keep this tempo up for the rest of the season.
  14. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Go the Saints!
  15. Vargster

    The Great Thai Rugby League Comp

    One of the first matches is a 'grudge' match between rivals 'Bulldogs and Eels'. Stealing rivalries from the NRL too haha.
  16. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Yeah let me know what you think - I'll try episode 3 but if it's more of the same I might drop it. I watched the first 2 eps of Empire last night too, not bad I guess... sorta like an M rated Glee, too much singing...
  17. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    I think the Walking Dead only did 6 eps in their first season too - might be wrong. I'm hoping we see one of those characters tonight, surely they have to make an appearance sooner or later.
  18. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    I just finished watching Power, I thought that was really good. The last man on earth is also not bad - light, cringe-worthy comedy if you're into that. I'm also a sucker for Deadliest Catch and Bering Sea Gold - I have no idea why, just love that stuff. Also pumped to get home and watch...
  19. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    I think it's bad, but a few people think otherwise. It goes from a pretty intense, drama filled episode 1 to a much softer episode 2. They even try throw some comedy in there which just killed the character for me
  20. Vargster

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    The Limitless pilot is good, but episode 2 is like a different show altogether
  21. Vargster

    Sick Rabbitohs?

    They're on Oxycodone and Tramadol according to news.com.au Clearly they've been on the meds, and on the grog, and on whatever else Rusty got his hands on for them and this is the result. Dunno how else both of them would react like this to the medication at the exact same time. If this were...
  22. Vargster

    Tim Browne's Goal Kicking

    Couldn't believe it when he lined up for it - I thought it was a joke. What a champion kick though - the second one from almost in front was a bit shakier... Curious why Mbye didn't give it a go
  23. Vargster

    Richie Benaud passed away.

    So sad - RIP #twofortwentytwo
  24. Vargster

    Greenberg & Sutton on Footy Show

    Did anyone else hear Beau Ryan last night to Sutton? He said something along the lines of "You must have been scared of James Graham. Were you scared when all those bottles and COINS were being thrown at you"? Coins????
  25. Vargster

    quiting smoking

    I'm 6 days in...
  26. Vargster

    James Graham: Canterbury Bulldogs prop calls for more players on NRL benches

    Would also be interesting if in the 65th minute your team was up by 20 points and you can send on a junior to get some playing time and experience.
  27. Vargster

    Stars want out of sea eagles nest

    I'm just happy to see Manly in this position - I couldn't think of a club more deserving (other than possibly Easts or Souths)
  28. Vargster

    The Wolf of Wall Street

    Mr I, From Jordan's FB account: "To all my friends and fans, and my "friends" in the press. This is one of the most important posts I've ever made: There was an utterly insane and libelous article in the Wall Street Journal that alleged, among other things, that I have fled to Australia to...
  29. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Saints in trouble - going to have to do a Cowboys
  30. Vargster

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    Man I miss Mammal - song sounds mad!
  31. Vargster

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    Got COD - finished it in 2 days and am pretty disappointed with the multiplayer. I also got NBA 2k14 - never played 2K before and it is TOUGH! Any tips - let me know!
  32. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Go You Sainters - don't like the 49ers at all!
  33. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Saints are looking real good :)
  34. Vargster

    Melbourne Cup 2013

    Masked Marvel
  35. Vargster

    Gay Marriage

    Oh boy... this could get ugly. As Osterley said, marriage has always been the commitment made between a man and a woman. This used to be a religious notion but has since become transformed into a political notion due to the rights and recognitions now associated with a married couple. As such...
  36. Vargster

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    I dunno - it's getting released on 360 and PS3 but I assume it'll also be available on next Gen due to the release date
  37. Vargster

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

    South Park Stick of Truth finally has a release date - 12 December 2013 for Australia.
  38. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    I'm only level 20 and I think I've only unlocked 3 survival areas - all up near Trevor's. When do the others become available. What other ways do you go about making money quickly online? I found for my level this is the easiest way but there might be other things I haven't tried.
  39. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    Love Survival missions online - my favourite thing to do in GTA at the moment.
  40. Vargster

    Bulldogs Membership 2014

    2014 Membership Pricing Anyone checked them out yet? I'm not sure about all the other categories but the Blue Zone (GA) has jumped by more than $30 - and that's 'early bird' pricing, which makes me assume that it'll be even more once the early bird period ends. Do you think the price...
  41. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    I thought with 3 mins to go Saints had it, then after the Saints interception I thought that the game was sealed for sure! Crazy finish, makes me sick. haha
  42. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Fck. Me.
  43. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Drew mother F'n Brees! BOOM
  44. Vargster

    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Saints V Patriots - Fingers crossed Saints come away with this!
  45. Vargster

    Sonny Bill Williams commits to Roosters for Season 2014

    On the eve of his departure for the Rugby League World Cup, the Sydney Roosters are pleased to announce that Sonny Bill Williams has pledged his commitment to the Roosters for season 2014. The Club anticipates that Williams will officially sign in mid-February 2014 for the remainder of the...
  46. Vargster

    Dear Darla

    If you don't know what movie these quotes are from, your childhood sucked.
  47. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    CVaRGS - add me on XBOX live
  48. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    Generally with all missions, you just sleep / do some side missions and sooner or later Trevor will call one of the guys to say its ready to go. I did the same thing on this mission - got everything and then I didn't know how to start it, so I started doing other bits and pieces and after a...
  49. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    I haven't used any yet, but some of them look like fun - I'm sure there's more about. CHEATS: http://youtu.be/qdkOt-DQndY ● Buzzard (Helicopter) -- 1:00 ● Commet (Car) ----------- 2:03 ● Sanchez (Bike) --------- 2:45 ● Trashmaster ------------- 3:35 ● Limo ------------------------ 4:10 ● Stunt...
  50. Vargster

    Regarding the hacking

    every page I open gives me this message on Chrome: Reported Phishing Website Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to allgencamaros.com. This website has been reported as a phishing website. Phishing websites are designed to trick you into disclosing your login, password or other sensitive...
  51. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

  52. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    no - you invest your money in their competitors stocks
  53. Vargster

    Penrith no more

    Wow.. that's awful. Looks like a Sega Mastersystem game box
  54. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    Regarding Shares, below in white: There's a mission that calls for you to kill 3 guys that own a tobacco company (redwood cigarettes). You have a time limit to do this, however prior to beginning it you can buy shares in Debonaire, their main competitor. I found a list of big companies and...
  55. Vargster

    Geoff Toovey Rant Song

    Not sure if it's been posted already, but worth a look: http://youtu.be/D1VbfBbNOM8
  56. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    The stock market is great - a good tip is to listen out to who you're going after to kill and which companies they own or are associated with. I've purchased shares for competitors before completing the mission and made good money. The game gives you this tip at one point but worth knowing early on.
  57. Vargster

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    Rock In Rio Live Stream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEAJkOdeHXE&feature=inp-lt-rbr Metallica, AIC etc
  58. Vargster

    GTA V Thread.

    So. Had the day off work and will be doing so again tomorrow - As someone said before, I've played for hours and still feel like I haven;t even experienced 90% of what this game has to offer. Once online gets released (and I've hopefully trialled the majority of the game) it will be insane!
  59. Vargster

    Lighten up the mood....

    You make this one up all by yourself Rod?
  60. Vargster

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    Saw DLC in Syd the other night - Always a solid show, although I remember them being a little crisper last time I saw them live. Bit of poor mixing maybe.
  61. Vargster

    Manly at its best lol

    Manly only have themselves to blame. Stop making your boardroom an old boys club and start running it a little more professionally.
  62. Vargster

    2013 Finals Series : Psychic challenge

    Souths: 18 vs Melbourne: 28 Roosters:14 vs Manly: 26 Cronulla: 10 vs Nth Queensland: 32 Canterbury:28 vs Newcastle:16
  63. Vargster


    Welcome mate
  64. Vargster

    Krisnan Inu - The Return

    Fingers crossed that he's ready to fire!
  65. Vargster

    Mark hughes

    Poor bloke, hopefully he gets through this ASAP. God Bless
  66. Vargster

    Bulldogs Player Movements | Re-Signings | Rumour Mill | 2013 Edition

    I do not want this idiot or his entourage anywhere near our club. Can't even speak for himself, anyone else seen this joke of an interview? http://www.foxsports.com.au/league/awol-canberra-raiders-centre-blake-ferguson-mute-as-anthony-mundine-speaks-on-his-behalf/story-e6frf3ou-1226710748225
  67. Vargster

    Agree or Disagree game: Bulldogs

    Agree / Fair Lafai > Inu
  68. Vargster

    Agree or Disagree game: Bulldogs

    Agree. A lot of our boys are close mates and have a good time together, which is great, but it appears to create a lack of professionalism on the field and our results are suffering.
  69. Vargster

    Broncos Ceo says lay off Barba

    To come out less than 24 hours after the deal's been done and further infuriate supporters by telling them to 'lay off' the 'superstar' that just screwed their club over is a stupid move. You think any Bulldog supporters read this garbage and think "Wow, poor Ben, maybe I should reconsider this...
  70. Vargster

    Soundwave 2014 - Discussion

    They said themselves that 2014 wouldn't be as good as 2013 (as 2013 was the 10 year anniversary I think). Would like to see AIC, Placebo, Korn, Megadeath, Tesseract and 10 years, but that's about it. Green Day just doesn't compare to Metallica - 2013 will be very tough to top.
  71. Vargster

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    ARTISTS LISTED AS PERFORMING (Soundwave) Green Day Avenged Sevenfold Stone Temple Pilots Alice In Chains Rob Zombie Megadeth Placebo AFI Korn Alterbridge Trivium Down Devildriver Newsted Biffy Clyro Rocket From The Crypt Asking Alexandria Clutch Alkaline Trio Baroness Five Finger Death Punch...
  72. Vargster

    Brisbane Broncos to offer four-year deal for Canterbury Bulldogs fullback Ben Barba

    All this talk of bringing Hoffman or another Bronco to the Dogs, does anyone actually think this is a viable option? What if Hoffman doesn't want to leave? I'm sure he has more reason to remain in QLD than Barba
  73. Vargster

    Computer/Console Talk/Gaming Super Thread

  74. Vargster

    Ben Barba has asked for an official release from Canterbury

    This really pisses me off, seeing as we have jeopardised our entire season with Barba related issues only for him to turn around and do this. At the same time, though, I don;t want a player out on that field that doesn't have a passion for the club or the game. It'll be tough at first but I...
  75. Vargster

    Dogs chasing Jarryd Hayne

    Not a fan of the lame plane, although he does have some good mates in our team which might help him get in the right head space and perform at his origin best all season round.
  76. Vargster

    Tap King coming soon

    It's about $38 for the NEw, TEDS, Superdry etc and for that you get 6.4L - a schooner is about 425ml which works out to be about 15 schooners, or $2.50 per schooner. Even cheaper if you want to go XXXX. A few bucks cheaper than buying a schooner at the pub, and there is also the novelty factor...
  77. Vargster

    Support Will Perrett (XFACTOR)

    He's doing really well, one of the bigger stars it seems: http://au.tv.yahoo.com/x-factor/video/watch/18360313/forget-footy-will-wants-to-sing/
  78. Vargster

    Carlin Isles - worth a risky contract?

    If he is in the top 40 in the US I'd imagine he'd be on a bit of coin from sponsorships, might not be worth him re-locating his life for $100k a year to play a sport he has little idea about (and probably no passion for).
  79. Vargster

    Tap King coming soon

    It's great, gone through 2 bottles already - The only issue I've found is one of them was all froth for about 2 whole pours - dunno if it was just a dud as my other one was fine - I guess only practice makes perfect ;) As for other beers, the Tap king is owned by the Lion Group and only have...
  80. Vargster

    Tap King coming soon

    Normally is but sold out - u just need to get it to between 2-6 degrees, I've chucked mine in the freezer - ben just over 2 hours so far, I'll pull it out in the next 30 mins and give it a go
  81. Vargster

    Tap King coming soon

    Got mine today - it's in the fridge chilling. Can't wait!
  82. Vargster

    Chris Sandow

    The Mole ‏@RLW_Mole 6h EXCLUSIVE in the Mole in @LeagueWeek today - NRL star caught betting on himself to kick 40/20s in matches - in deep strife! And Sandow is right up there with top 40/20's this year
  83. Vargster

    Reni Maitua eyes bulldogs return *offical Reni with Dogs*

    Top Shelf News did before it was silenced by the Illuminati.
  84. Vargster

    Reni Maitua eyes bulldogs return *offical Reni with Dogs*

    Looks like he's worked a deal out somewhere. At least he is grateful for the start the Bulldogs gave him - if he does end up with us I hope he plays with a passion that warrants his gratitude.
  85. Vargster

    Chris Sandow

    Bring it on - are you Chris Sandow?
  86. Vargster

    Retention Woes

    Reni is not the sort of influence our young guys need - we have enough leaders and role models in family men and solid players like Tolman, Ennis, Pritchard etc.
  87. Vargster

    Ground announcers

    Why is all this ground announcer stuff so secretive? Name and shame if it's really that bad!
  88. Vargster

    Baby Boy Kidnapped in Chester Hill Last Night

    It's not fair that he will be at a disadvantage at growing into a responsible and respectable person due to this drop-kick of a father. I'm not saying he won't, but it's influences like this idiot that really affect what children become. Hopefully this is the last he ever sees of his dad for...
  89. Vargster

    Kennel death sweeps

    Lindsay Lohan
  90. Vargster

    Does the NRL & The Kennel cause marital problems?

    My missus didn't follow football before we met but 5 1/2 years later I'm proud to say she's now a full-blown Bulldogs fan. She buys her own merch, watches the games with or without me, has been a member for 3 years and has a real interest in the players lives on and away from the footy field...
  91. Vargster

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    new Karnivool is growing on me, but was a bit disappointed first spin through. It's almost like they're trying to pioneer a new brand of music by making each album more and more abstract. Hopefully the new DLC album out on the 9th of August goes better - if you pre-order through JB you get a...
  92. Vargster

    Bulldogs v Eels preview - NRL.com

    Luke Patten video ref - can't be a bad thing, right?
  93. Vargster

    Recommended framing shops

    Your back? Funny how?
  94. Vargster

    Dogs 4th or 5 th with Bye

    In this instance most teams had already had their bye in previous weeks and benefited from the 2 extra points. We were one of the last teams to get the bye and therefore up until this week our point tally hadn't been influenced like other team's had.
  95. Vargster

    lol at Dessie's cricket ability

    Which is funny because it appears that Perrett and Des are on the batting team.
  96. Vargster


    What brand etc? They expensive? That's the other thing I've - some of these products can cost bucket loads!
  97. Vargster


    Vitamins, Supplements, Multi-vitamins, Blackmores, Swisse, Ricky Ponting - what does it all mean? I don't use a whole lot of these things but I know people that do. Does it really work? What do you recommend? I have recently started taking an Energy Support: 'Blackmores Mega B Complex' -...
  98. Vargster

    Ground announcers

    What happened? Wasn't at the game unfortunately.
  99. Vargster

    Whats going on with Mr 95% kicking??

    You could see how disappointed he was yesterday - 2 off the post and one or two that only just went wide. I don't think it's anything to worry about, I'm sure he'll be kicking hundreds during the BYE to build his confidence back up. Unlike the Newcastle game, luckily the misses didn't cost us.
  100. Vargster

    Steve Matai OWNED

    Steve Matai is one of only a very few players I could not bring myself to cheer for if he pulled on the blue and white. The filthiest player going around, it's only fitting he plays for Manly.