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  1. Vargster

    Sonny Bill Williams commits to Roosters for Season 2014

    On the eve of his departure for the Rugby League World Cup, the Sydney Roosters are pleased to announce that Sonny Bill Williams has pledged his commitment to the Roosters for season 2014. The Club anticipates that Williams will officially sign in mid-February 2014 for the remainder of the...
  2. Vargster

    Geoff Toovey Rant Song

    Not sure if it's been posted already, but worth a look: http://youtu.be/D1VbfBbNOM8
  3. Vargster


    Vitamins, Supplements, Multi-vitamins, Blackmores, Swisse, Ricky Ponting - what does it all mean? I don't use a whole lot of these things but I know people that do. Does it really work? What do you recommend? I have recently started taking an Energy Support: 'Blackmores Mega B Complex' -...
  4. Vargster

    Health Insurance and Credit Cards

    So I'm 25 and I figure it's about time I grow up and start doing adult things, like getting health insurance and considering a credit card... Not the most exciting topics, I know. Health Insurance: Deciding between getting hospital and extras, or just extras. I know if I get just extras it is...
  5. Vargster

    St George Illawarra Dragons five-eighth Jamie Soward set to finish season in UK

    JAMIE Soward is set to make a shock defection to the UK Super League for the remainder of this year. St George Illawarra have given Soward their blessing to finish the season elsewhere and The Daily Telegraph can reveal Soward will apply for a British work visa this week. Soward's agent...
  6. Vargster

    Dogs Vs Dragons 2009 round 10

    Hey guys, Sorry to bring this infamous match up - I've been trying to find footage of this game (particularly the last 3 mins + aftermath) but cant find any active videos other than a poor highlights video of the whole match that doesn't really capture this incident. Trying to obtain it to...
  7. Vargster

    Dugan Named For Pink V Debut

    St George Illawarra Dragons mid-season recruit Josh Dugan has been named at fullback for his Club debut against the Parramatta Eels at WIN Stadium, Wollongong on Saturday. Head Coach Steve Price has named an 18-man squad which includes representative centre Matt Cooper who is set to return...
  8. Vargster

    Robbie Farah signs new Wests Tigers deal

    INFLUENTIAL skipper Robbie Farah has ended speculation about his future by signing a new four-year NRL deal with the Wests Tigers. The NSW State of Origin hooker was one of the highest-profile players coming off contract at the end of the season and linked with a move to Parramatta or the...
  9. Vargster

    An Ugly Win: Josh Reynolds Blog Post

    Well it was good to get a win last night but gee it was ugly. I love playing against Parramatta and I really get up for the games with them. I love playing every game but to have them as our neighbours and growing up and playing against a lot of the guys really spurs me on. It was a tale of...
  10. Vargster

    Entry to Eels game

    sorry if this has already been posted - I still haven't received my membership card yet and I was wondering what the protocol is to enter the Eels game tonight? Is there some sort of membership point or do you just have to suck it up and purchase a ticket? thanks guys
  11. Vargster

    League Games

    hey boys and girls. Is there site that has a database of league games that can be downloaded? Such as dogs V Manly 9', or Dogs vs eels this year? If so, please post / PM me, i would be very appreciative. Thank you !!
  12. Vargster

    Bringing the fire back!

    For the first time in a long time, I saw glimpses tonight of what we've been missing for too long - the 'fire' that earned our club the title 'The Dogs of War'. Almost all our guys really stood up and appeared to be playing not because it was their 'job' or their 'duty', but because they had...
  13. Vargster

    Leagues Club

    Anyone heading there to watch the game on Friday? I know a number of supporters have made the trip up there, but was just wondering if anyone is planning on heading to the club and watching the game amongst some like-minded supporters?
  14. Vargster

    The Video Ref Joke

    Yes, I'm a bitter, annoyed, and upset fan after tonight's loss, as the majority of us are. HOWEVER... Why is it almost every semi-questionable try we score gets sent to the video ref, while opposition teams get let off without a second looking? I understand ref's cop a bad rap for...
  15. Vargster

    Angry Boys

    New Chris Lilley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow4sbZvtrwE&feature=relmfu
  16. Vargster

    Kennel Tickets

    Hey boys and girls, I know this isnt the correct place to post this question, but I don't have the ability to post in the Army section as of yet so just looking for a quick response. Please feel free to PM me or whatever and then mods go ahead and delete the thread. I'm a Kennel member and...
  17. Vargster

    How long would it take for you to be perma-banned...

    If Mongoose was made moderator?
  18. Vargster

    The Long Awaited Return of the VKFM! Ooooooooooooh yeah!

    Hello all! It's been far too long! I have been absent mainly due to my new job and inability to access this site, but I have been lurking and posting when possible. The Kennel Off Season is a testing time in which some key members strive to keep this place in order, while others enjoy...
  19. Vargster

    The apologies thread

    For everyone to post their apologies for being absent for the past few days / weeks / months. I DO plan on returning to regular posting action, but just been so busy I haven't been able to. I just took a new job and things are a bit crazy. I know you're all hanging out for a VKFM (OLOLS!) so...
  20. Vargster

    Vkfm alert vkfm alert vkfm

    Ahhhh yes, ladies and gentleman, the VKFM is BACK for another exciting week. Last week's VKFM was filled with constructive criticism which is very much appreciated. That being said, this week's winner had been decided on well before the uproar fromf the loyal VKFM fans, and therefore, he/she...
  21. Vargster

    Mmmm Mmmm - VKFM lovin', Baby!

    It's what people have been waiting all week for, and it's finally here! This week's 'Vargster's Featured Kennel Member' goes to the one, the only... HANSTA A popular face in the Army and on the Kennel, Hansta is one of the most beloved characters that calls The Kennel home. Known for...
  22. Vargster


    What do you all think of it? Legit, or sh*t? I think that the Stairway to Heaven one is pretty creepy, but probably coincidental. This site has a few - some of them are pretty funny! (Even a Britney Spears one on there for you Rami ;)) http://jeffmilner.com/backmasking.htm
  23. Vargster

    VKFM all over my face, baby!

    So here it is, the moment you've been waiting for all week. This week's Vargster's Featured Kennel Member (VKFM) Goes too..... MOODEY Although only a recent addition to The Kennel family, Moodey has become an active part of day to day Kennel life, helping to keep the off-season fun! He's...
  24. Vargster

    OoOoOoOoH Yeaaah, VKFM, baby!

    The moment you've all been waiting for.... This week's Vargster's Kennel Featured Member goes to...... -Kurry- Kurry (or Carrissa as she is known to some) is one of the longest serving and most devoted kennel members to date. Never one to shy away from a filthy conversation, Kurry is a...
  25. Vargster

    O my LOLS

  26. Vargster

    YES! It's time for Vargster's Kennel Featured Member!!!

    I know you are all excited and waiting with baited breath to find out who the VKFM goes to this week. So with-out further ado, this week's 'Vargster's Kennel Featured Member' goes to.... SUIKER Suiker, or Anna as she is known to some, is a very recent addition to the Kennel family...
  27. Vargster

    It's that time again for the VKFM!

    Due to popular demand, we are back, bigger and better than ever! This week's recipient of Vargster's Kennel Featured Member is... MrCharisma Mr Charisma is one of the Army's 'BIG FOUR.' Constantly sacrificing his time for the army members and the club itself, Mr.C is a very valuable and...
  28. Vargster

    Kiss MY trance

    Awesome song and clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bvDFDcc8fQ&ob=av3e
  29. Vargster


    Did we crash coz we got so many Joel Monoghan hits?
  30. Vargster

    Teenage boy shot dead in Sydney's west

    At least one of the people involved in the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old boy in Sydney's west knew the victim, police say. Police are hunting for three or four males who fled the scene of the killing at Greenfield Park by car on Wednesday morning. The teenager died after he was shot in...
  31. Vargster

    10 year old gives birth!

    A 10-year-old girl has given birth in southern Spain and authorities are evaluating whether to let her and her family retain custody of the baby, an official said on Tuesday. The baby was born last week in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, said Micaela Navarro, the Andalusia region's social...
  32. Vargster

    VKFM (25th-31st)

    Vargster's Kennel Featured Member this week goes to...... CAPTAIN KICKASS A familiar face on the Kennel, Captain Kickass is always there to lend a motivational hand to those of us in need. Browsing the internet tirelessly to find answers to our often meaningless questions, Mr. Kickass is...
  33. Vargster


    http://www.facebeatles.com/ If you're a Beatles fan you'll probs enjoy it. Verrrry long but very well done.
  34. Vargster

    How do you pronounce Nike?

    Nigh-Key, or as its spelt, Nike?
  35. Vargster

    Drum 'N' Bass

    What are some good songs / bands? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWnpwV63KiY Plenty of Pendulum songs rock it. Recommend away!
  36. Vargster

    Star Wars meets Facebook

  37. Vargster


    What ones do you subscribe to and would recommend? My current ones are: - Hamish and Andy - Dr.Karl - Jay and Silent bob get old - (If you like Kevin Smith and his movies you'll love it) - Smodcast (Also Kevin Smith) - The Ricky Gervais Podcast - (Funny but usually just promos for...
  38. Vargster

    No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

  39. Vargster

    Presentation night Pics

    from FB.. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=168986386451333&set=a.168985566451415.45482.115347125148593&pid=618026&id=115347125148593 Go Mr. Ryan!
  40. Vargster

    Future Music 2011

    Sydney – Saturday March 12, RANDWICK RACECOURSE Punters… lady luck is on your side! Award-winning musical spectacular the Future Music Festival is back in March 2011 for another dazzling roll of the electric loaded dice. Featuring a blue ribbon field flush with the world’s finest bands and...
  41. Vargster

    Happy Birthday Dogkat!

    Happy Birthday!:cheer2: :partytime:partytime:birthday::party:
  42. Vargster

    Because it's quiet and I like to be proved right

    Here's a story for you all. The other night me and some mates were hanging out and drinking and playing poker etc, and for whatever reason someone started chatting about living in the ocean. This ridiculous idea soon sprung into each of us naming what creature we'd like to be (normally to be...
  43. Vargster


  44. Vargster

    Huge news!

    Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this! Apparently, and I do mean apparently, because it's only a rumour, Some BIG NEWS is going to be announced after the grand final! You know that whole betting scandal thing right, Well apparently Tandy, Mason, Payne, Thurston, Blair, Hayne, Sam Ayoub...
  45. Vargster

    eBay and You

    Any avid eBay users here? I use it all the time and have never had a problem with it. Until now. I bought Rugby League Live from an Australian seller for $65 (it started at 0.99). He was selling quite a few of them, had 100% positive rating and it appeared that in the past he had mainly...
  46. Vargster

    More Lamebook

    Hilarious. Oldie but a goodie:
  47. Vargster

    Going to the GF?

    Not any more your not: The 2010 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final between the St George Illawarra Dragons and Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on Sunday is officially a sell-out with a crowd of 82,000. Ticketed NRL Club Members tonight snapped up the last remaining tickets after...
  48. Vargster

    Pearce's Prep

    MITCHELL Pearce takes us inside Camp Rooster for an exclusive look at their finals week Saturday night There is a different feeling in the dressingrooms after our win against Penrith. Following the golden-point win over Wests Tigers the previous weekend, everyone was very pumped and...
  49. Vargster

    Virginia executes female double murderer

    A woman convicted of double murder, whom anti-death penalty campaigners said was mentally challenged, was put to death by lethal injection on Thursday, becoming the first woman in nearly a century to be executed in the state of Virginia. Teresa Lewis, 41, was pronounced dead at 9.13pm (1113...
  50. Vargster

    KE and Bain's newest hit

  51. Vargster

    I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot.

    Newest one from David Thorne. Not that great, but some funny lines, plus the e-mail subject names are funny towards the end. Enjoiii From: George Lewis Date: Thursday 2 September 2010 6.51pm To: David Thorne Subject: No Subject I have read your website and it is...
  52. Vargster

    Robbo at the Gatorade Bolt

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs5ysx2jtUE Are you as excited to meet me as I am to meet you?
  53. Vargster

    Historical Facebook Events

    If someone can figure out how to get them and paste them onto here, KE and Bain promise a TRIPLE dutch-rudder. Kthnx. http://coolmaterial.com/roundup/if-historical-events-had-facebook-statuses/ http://coolmaterial.com/roundup/if-historical-events-had-facebook-statuses-part-2/ Enjoiii
  54. Vargster

    Looking for something new to buy?

  55. Vargster

    Halo Reach

    Got it on the weekend and I love it. I've played Halo 3 up until now, so to be fair I do have a soft spot for the Halo franchise. This game tops the lot, especially the multiplayer. With all the different load outs and variants it makes the game much more expansive and creative. Anyone...
  56. Vargster


    Is where I'm going for a week and a half. Any funny snow stories? post em' here. This was more just an excuse for me to say "ha ha - no more work for a week and a half, just snowboarding, sucker. Kthnxbye" But seriously - Good snow stories, anyone?
  57. Vargster

    Preview: Sea Eagles V Bulldogs

    VENUE & TIME: Brookvale Oval, Sunday, September 5, 3:00pm (AEST) COVERAGE: Channel 9 HEAD TO HEAD: Played 110 – Sea Eagles 58, Bulldogs 47, Drawn 5. LAST TIME: Round 17, 2009 – Sea Eagles 19-12. WALKING WOUNDED: Glenn Stewart won't play again this season unless the Sea Eagles reach the...
  58. Vargster

    The Kennel Influence

    What phrases, sayings, words and/or habits have you picked up due to you being a kennel member? This could be either related to this forum, or from the people you have met through the Kennel. I'll start: Fapping - Never used this word before I came here. I'm not sure who was the first to use...
  59. Vargster

    Hump Day Survey

    1. Sushi - like it or loathe it? Like it a lot! especially Tuna. 2. What's the worst way to die? Tortured, or eaten by a shark. 3. Mason, Anasta, Asotasi. You must Ban One, Buy One, Kill One. Go: Ban Mason, Buy Asotasi, Kill Anasta. 4. Out of all the Kennel members, who is most likely...
  60. Vargster

    BK's touch and go

    You all see that prior to taking the 2 points? What's the official ruling on this? Can a player tap and go for a try or does he need to pass it before doing so? At least it looked like he was having some fun at his last home game. This, plus the fake try, plus the handshake with Patten at...
  61. Vargster

    Lame Joke Monday

    C'mon People, Let's get some lame jokes to get us through today and on to tonight! One day a guy died and found himself in hell. As he was wallowing in despair, he had his first meeting with a demon. The demon asked, 'Why so glum?' The guy responded, 'What do you think? I'm in...
  62. Vargster

    NY student charged for slashing Muslim's throat

    A college student has been charged with slashing a New York taxi driver's throat and face after the driver said he was Muslim, the Associated Press reports. Michael Enright, 21, is alleged to have told the driver in Arabic "consider this a checkpoint", before the brutal bias attack occurred...
  63. Vargster

    Good old $BW

    Rugby league convert Sonny Bill Williams has been reprimanded by his Canterbury provincial rugby team for skiing while on injury leave. Former NRL star Williams joined Canterbury after signing with the New Zealand Rugby Union earlier this year but has yet to play a match in New Zealand's...
  64. Vargster

    Buying Signed Merch off eBay

    You trust it? I've bought a signed Grinspoon poster off eBay because after long chats with the owner plus photo evidence I decided it was legit. I'm wondering how much stuff up there is fake, and how can you prove it? A lot of sellers offer a certificate of authenticity, although that...
  65. Vargster

    Bulldogs V Raiders Preview

    VENUE & TIME: ANZ Stadium, August 14, 7.30pm (AEST) COVERAGE: Fox Sports HEAD TO HEADPlayed 55, Bulldogs 32, Raiders 23 LAST TIME: Bulldogs 18 – Raiders 10 at Canberra Stadium, Round 10, 2010 WALKING WOUNDED: Brisbane-bound prop Ben Hannant is out of the Bulldogs side this week due to an...
  66. Vargster


    http://www.thebulldogs.com.au/thegeneral/ Give him a send off message that he deserves! An absolute legend and a true Bulldog. Take 2 minutes and let him know how proud you are of him and the boys.
  67. Vargster

    Chemical Brothers Song

    This is doing my head in. I don;t know the name of the song and can't seem to find it anywhere. It's not of their newest album, nor is it off the 'Brotherhood' album. I dunno how old it is but it has an awesome beat and (I think) few to on lyrics. Any suggestions?
  68. Vargster


  69. Vargster

    Oldie but a Goodie

    enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwvVh0_ZelI
  70. Vargster

    Another lame joke thread

    Husband Store A store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City , where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates: You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the...
  71. Vargster

    Congrats Ali

    Don't know if this has been posted, plus I'm sure a lot of you are aware already, but... Bulldogs 18th Jersey Winner For Round 20 Ali Hijazi is 34 years of age. His first Bulldogs game was back in 1983, since then, he became a Bulldogs supporter for life. In 1996, he joined up as a...
  72. Vargster

    Lesley the Unicef sponsored woman golfer

    From: Les Copeland Date: Thursday 15 Jan 2009 4.19pm To: David Thorne Subject: Poor black boy What kind of a complete ****ing moron makes fun of starving children? What a pathetic attempt at humour. I have spent time in third world countries and seen children starving with my own eyes and...
  73. Vargster

    Wedding photographer shot dead as couple pose with guns

    Calogero Scimea, aged 45, was hired to document the marriage of teenage sweethearts Valentina Anitra, 22, and Ignazio Licodia, 25. Reports reveal Scimea suggested the couple pose with guns in a series of photographs before they entered their local church in Altofonte, near Palermo, Italy...
  74. Vargster

    Working Out With Jeff

    From: Jeff Peters Date: Wednesday 8 April 2009 10.22am To: David Thorne Subject: Membership Renewal Dear David This is a friendly reminder to let you know your gym membership expired last week. Your membership is important to us and we would like to take this opportunity to show our...
  75. Vargster

    Anti Virus Software

    Can anyone link me up with some free anti-virus software? Torrents etc are welcome :)
  76. Vargster

    Breast cancer faker jailed for 42 months

    A cancer faker in the United States has been sentenced to 42 months in prison for faking breast cancer, with a judge telling her it was reprehensible that she took donations of sick leave, money and cancer patient support services for five years. "It seems like to me some confinement is...
  77. Vargster

    Dear tenant, you are grubby and smell of smoke

    From: David Thorne Date: Wednesday 30 September 2009 6.04pm To: Peter Williams Subject: Inspection Report Dear Peter, Thankyou for the surprise inspection and invitation to participate in the next. I appreciate you underlining the text at the bottom of the page which I would otherwise...
  78. Vargster

    Crazy Optical Illusion...

    Not a scare vid, I promise. Pretty cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7knnO4vKgXg
  79. Vargster

    Lol emails.

    My friend who was born in Iraq just sent me this: Here's a thought . . ... . If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, try this: A. Go to Pakistan , Afghanistan , Iraq or Iran illegally. Never mind immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense...
  80. Vargster

    Croc bite man 'acted weird'

    Bar staff have described as "weird" and "a bit mad" the 36-year-old man who survived an attack by a crocodile two hours he was ejected from a Broome pub. Police said the man, Michael Williams, was extremely lucky not to have been killed when he tried to sit on the 5m beast, Fatso. The man...
  81. Vargster

    French lawnmowers approve full veil ban

    PARIS (AFP) - French lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to ban the wearing of face-covering veils in public spaces, as Europe toughens its approach to integrating Muslim immigrant communities. On the eve of Bastille Day, when France celebrates the birth of what was to become a staunchly...
  82. Vargster

    BluenWhite Trying to reach 1000 posts!

    Someone must have made a bet with him, or maybe he's just in desperate need of attention and recognition. Either way - he posts way too much.
  83. Vargster

    Man holds mum hostage for not ironing

    A 29-year-old man in the US has been charged with false imprisonment after allegedly holding his mother hostage for failing to iron his clothes. Police said Robert Edward Tyrrell Jnr, from Atlanta, wanted his mother to do some ironing and when she refused he pulled a gun on her. The...
  84. Vargster

    Thursday Survey

    1. Our forum, 'The Kennel', is going to be sued $100,000 by the RSPCA unless we change our name immediately. They mods think that you are the most creative person they know and ask you to come up with a new name for our forum. What would it be?: Days of our Lives 2. Thaiday, Moi Moi, Hannant...
  85. Vargster

    The most awesome thing EVER

    In case you weren't aware yet - Today is the day that Marty McFly arrives from 1985 after hitting 88mph in a pimped out Delorean.
  86. Vargster


    The 1st Affair A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in...
  87. Vargster

    Top Shelf News Promo

    Are you tired of B-Grade News? Are you sick of turning on your television, opening your morning newspaper or browsing the internet only to find the same mind-numbingly boring news articles posted again and again? Are you going crazy finding out news 3 weeks later than your family and...
  88. Vargster


    There is a suburb in Sydney called "Greenwich" (sort of near St. Leonards). Do you pronounce this as 'Green'-'witch' or 'Gren'-'itch', or something completely different? I pronounce it as the later, but am in an argument with some ppl at the office. Pretty sure I'm right - your thoughts?
  89. Vargster

    Happy Birthday JackTheLad - where ever you are?

    He used to be pretty active, but haven't seen him in like a month... Either way, Happy Birthday mate!
  90. Vargster

    Everybody's working for the weekend!

    What's the doing on this w/e ppl? Tonight - rest and maybe play poker at the railway hotel (starts at 1030pm). Tomoz, going to the zoo in the day then footy at night, then probs go back home, coz wtf else do you do in Gosford, other than the league's club....
  91. Vargster

    My little Sister's doucher of a boyfriend...

    Just joined this FB page... http://www.facebook.com/pages/jamie-soward-for-Prime-Minister-of-Australia/132436860111583?ref=search No, he doesn't follow the dragons and I doubt he would even know what NRL is. He is a complete failure and by joining this group he has only helped to...
  92. Vargster

    OHH Mel!

    Mel Gibson is in hot water again after a secret recording allegedly captured him yelling a vile, racial tirade at his former Russian girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. In the recordings, first reported by TMZ.com, the Australian-raised Oscar winner allegedly uses a highly offensive term levelled...
  93. Vargster

    Who is the guy...

    Who is in heaps of Kennel photos wearing big blue glasses. At the Canberra game he was holding some orange horn looking thing and had something on his forehead. I see him all the time but have no idea who it is?
  94. Vargster

    How to start a Kennel debate...

    Bring up a topic such as same-sex marriage! Over to you, Ms. Gillard: Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she does not support legalising gay marriage in Australia. Labor policy on gay marriage will remain the same under her prime ministership, Ms Gillard told Austereo show on Wednesday...
  95. Vargster

    UK woman spared jail over noisy sex

    A British woman who made her neighbours' lives hell with noisy sex sessions with her husband has avoided jail again. Caroline Cartwright, 49, was in court again for breaching an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) banning her from "shouting, screaming or vocalisation" during romps with her...
  96. Vargster

    7 legged Spider - for those who haven't seen it.

    David Thorne first became known for this little gem. By far one of his best. Enjoy, my fellow Kennelers: From: Jane Gilles Date: Wednesday 8 Oct 2008 12.19pm To: David Thorne Subject: Overdue account Dear David, Our records indicate that your account is overdue by the amount of...
  97. Vargster

    David Thorne - Birthday Invite

    Alright - This is the last one for now. Older again, but still hilarious. (For those of you that don't know, David Thorne is the same guy who did the infamous '7 legged spider'. Enjoy: From: David Thorne Date: Monday 8 Dec 2008 11.04am To: Matthew Smythe Subject: R.S.V.P...
  98. Vargster

    Pie Charts - More David Thorne

    Seeing as people seemed to like the first one, here's another. This one's been around for a while, but still hilarious. Enjoy: From: Simon Edhouse Date: Monday 16 November 2009 2.19pm To: David Thorne Subject: Logo Design Hello David, I would like to catch up as I am working on...
  99. Vargster

    Missing Missy

    From: Shannon Walkley Date: Monday 21 June 2010 9.15am To: David Thorne Subject: Poster Hi I opened the screen door yesterday and my cat got out and has been missing since then so I was wondering if you are not to busy you could make a poster for me. It has to be A4 and I will photocopy...
  100. Vargster

    DJ Mike Relm

    Heard of him before? A bit of a youtube sensation. You may / may not have seen this video, but it's pretty awesome (wait for the second song...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jhu1f0xrDc