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  1. Your Mum

    Funny Phases you've been through ?

    Being a mad drunk ganga
  2. Your Mum

    Your Hero.

    my hero = your mum
  3. Your Mum

    Happy Birthday vajong_x3

    Happy birthday stacie :)
  4. Your Mum

    The Kennel's token Lesbian couple

    I have the same gut and everything!
  5. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    We roll on flat tracks here so have suicide seating
  6. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    Do it kurry, first time i ever put on skates on in my life was in august of last year! I havent looked back.
  7. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    C-town scares me but im getting use to it. Miller aint so bad but not long ago some kid got beat up and put into a coma around the corner from where we train. Scary stuff.
  8. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    The movie is called "WHIP IT!" it's a great movie and credited for its remergance in popular culture.
  9. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    hey kat, only way to heal is time. I was on anti inflamattories for a few weeks and have been (still am) using a doughnut pillow to take pressure off my tailbone. I have now finished my 4-6 weeks healing time and can now get back on skates! Wohooo!
  10. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    We need guys to reff, we have a few blokes on our team :)
  11. Your Mum

    Down & Derby <3....

    First of, how bout that ride in hey? I guess that's why they call it sin city. Ha ha ha. But seriously, it's been a while. Hope youre all well :) Havent had much time to post since Roller Derby stole my soul. What is roller derby? Probably the best sport ever invented (NRL inclusive :p). So...
  12. Your Mum

    Degrees of Pain.

    1. Is there a form of 'pain' you like ? Getting inked up. Best pain EVAR! 2. What's the most excruciating episode you had to contend with ?Any episode of neighbours 3. What small injury did you suffer that hurt like hell ???When i fell on my skate trying to barge a girl on my derby team...
  13. Your Mum

    That awkward moment when...

  14. Your Mum

    That awkward moment when...

    That awkward moment when you realise that the lesbian trying to pick you up at the ultra sound clinic probably should've waited until AFTER she was done probing your vagina and didnt have her hands up your Fajita.
  15. Your Mum

    Picture Posing

    socially awkward nerd=4chan lol
  16. Your Mum

    Facebook Addiction

    i'm on it all day cause i dont have a life and no friends
  17. Your Mum

    21st Birthday Speach

    I reckon do it, as an ice breaker, then go on to tell them how you think your sis is awesome and you love her :)
  18. Your Mum

    21st Birthday Speach

    Heres a good one: "Hello... how bout that ride in? I guess thats why they call it Sin City haha. You guys might not know this but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack. But when Samantha brought Doug home, I knew he was one of my own. And my...
  19. Your Mum

    21st Birthday Speach

    so she doesnt have a name then ...
  20. Your Mum

    21st Birthday Speach

    Whats your sister's name? And give me some of her mates names. Ive got an awesome one here for you, i just need to personalise it.
  21. Your Mum

    21st Birthday Speach

    Noodz= a noobz naked cousin
  22. Your Mum

    21st Birthday Speach

    please use spell check when you right it
  23. Your Mum

    21st Birthday Speach

  24. Your Mum


    I've been burned by love. Now im gay.
  25. Your Mum

    21st Birthday HELP

    Zac Efron cardboard cutout
  26. Your Mum

    Don't ask me, I'm just a girl

    LOL, i think so!
  27. Your Mum

    Pissing in the shower

    nothing else keeps my leg just as warm as urine does...
  28. Your Mum

    Don't ask me, I'm just a girl

    A woman is enough for me. I dont want babies and i'm now batting for the other team. The only thing i need men for is... oh yeh, thats right. NOTHING :)
  29. Your Mum

    Help With Tattoos

    I got my foot piece in newtown. Skin deep? Who did it?
  30. Your Mum

    Don't ask me, I'm just a girl

    Woman can have babies without men. Men have now been made redundant. That is all.
  31. Your Mum

    Help With Tattoos

    Just got a piece done on my foot last night. YIEW!
  32. Your Mum

    What's NEW around here??

    the boobs have arrived... make way for awesome.
  33. Your Mum

    Which club has the most bandwagoners?

    Roosters supporters. They love their team but have never been to a game. Unlike other teams that have a minority of bandwagoners, with the roosters its usually their majority.
  34. Your Mum

    Female footballers.

    serena williams could do it. She's a machine
  35. Your Mum

    Timana Tahu accused of race abuse against youth

    Agreed. Its sounds a lil fishy to me.
  36. Your Mum

    Lingerie Football League

  37. Your Mum

    Smoke/dust outside

    hmmm bushfires in the middle of winter... only in australia!
  38. Your Mum

    Smoke/dust outside

    Who can see it and what is it? Im on the 21st floor and just looked out in the westerly direction and its black. Is it at bad as it looks out there?
  39. Your Mum

    some thuper cute to brighten your monday morning

    that cat is ready to take someones nose off... so pretty <3
  40. Your Mum

    Long Weekend Benders

    every weekend is a long weekend in the world of jorgie. Struggling hard, scattered tuesdays FTW!
  41. Your Mum

    Bieber Fever WTF? I'm scared for my life

    The molestation of children is not funny
  42. Your Mum

    Bieber Fever WTF? I'm scared for my life

    That's so offensive dude, so not funny hey.
  43. Your Mum

    Canterbury Bankstown German shepherds?

  44. Your Mum

    The "How are you Feeling" Thread?

    i would rather be at home watching porn
  45. Your Mum

    Kim Kardashian

    lol ive seen the vid boots and she doesnt get peed on
  46. Your Mum

    yeah or nah

    get it mitch, its hawt
  47. Your Mum

    Are you a virgin?

    i am into woman so i have never been penetrated
  48. Your Mum

    Kennel Dreams

    btw my dreams about justin involve him spraying me with his mini gun
  49. Your Mum

    Kim Kardashian

    i love her <3 i spent yesterday tracking her on the optus facebook page but cause i was sick i couldnt venture out too far and didnt get to see her :( Shes such an awesome role model (minus the sex tape) she has one of the biggest followings in the world for social networking sites and uses...
  50. Your Mum

    Kennel Dreams

  51. Your Mum

    Carl Williams dies in Prison

    no rami's best call yet was when he thought tampons and pads were the same thing
  52. Your Mum

    Carl Williams dies in Prison

    om nom nom nom
  53. Your Mum

    Carl Williams dies in Prison

    whos the bloke mesk posted a photo of? he looks like a hot bogan, i like
  54. Your Mum

    Chat Roulette

    i also knocked one off in front of a 17 year old justin bieber look alike while my girlfriend was asleep on the couch behind me. Good times.
  55. Your Mum

    Is it wrog for men to have a pedicure?

    i went out with a guy who wanted to get them done together lol i wasnt quite comfortable with that, lol funny bit was he was a pro-athlete so that did not make much sense to me at all.
  56. Your Mum

    The Kennel Footy Show

    ill be the falcon cause i love having balls thrown in my face
  57. Your Mum

    Chat Roulette

    i <3 chat roulette. I had a fourway on there with some hot parisian and my three girlfriends on the weekend. It was hot.
  58. Your Mum

    The "How are you Feeling" Thread?

    lol i haz dirty secret and it feels awesome.
  59. Your Mum

    How long do you usually take to shower?

    5-10 mins
  60. Your Mum

    Kenneler Milkshake Remixes

    rami's gay jokes bring all the boys to the yard and theyre like 'im straight but secretly want to f*ck him real hard'
  61. Your Mum

    Kenneler Milkshake Remixes

    alex's height brings all the midgets to the yard and theyre like 'you f*ckin short ****'
  62. Your Mum

    Flying Saucers

    Its like everything we do, everyone knows about. We cant hide. We know everything about our friends. Their dirty little secrets. These people we call our friends really dont care. They are just waiting for us to fail. I too wish i was born during some other time when we didnt have to worry...
  63. Your Mum

    Flying Saucers

    Doesnt it scare you boots about the sort of world your kids are going to have to grow up in?
  64. Your Mum

    Flying Saucers

    yeh i did
  65. Your Mum

    Flying Saucers

    I remember being a kid in class and the teacher asking us to draw pictures of what we think the future would be like and we'd draw aliens, people in space suits and flying saucers everywhere in the sky. Cars that would fly and could take us anywhere. I think these prophecys had some truth to...
  66. Your Mum

    The "How are you Feeling" Thread?

    lost. I deactivated my fb account.
  67. Your Mum

    What would you do???

    this one time i had a dogy bf who i NEVER trusted. I was chatting to him once on fb and he kept taking forever to respond so i logged into his account and his chat windows were still there and i could see he was talking to me AND his good friend who is a female telling her how much he'd love to...
  68. Your Mum

    Everytime i listen to those sappy and corny rnb love songs..

    mariah and neyo - angels cry usher - Daddy's home
  69. Your Mum

    I Have A Shocking Confession!!!

    justin bieber :blush:
  70. Your Mum

    would you...

    my girlfriend justine is married to a justin. Its cute. I have dated a couple of georges and it never gets less weird. Always is weird.
  71. Your Mum

    Ricky Martin confirms he is gay

    i love him even more now <3
  72. Your Mum

    What would you do???

    lol if the boyfriend is doing these things its because if he were single he would want to put his penis inside her but because he has a gf he does the 'innocent' act of showering her with attention to feed his own ego instead. Its his way of cheating without doing anything wrong. Trust your gut...
  73. Your Mum

    Morris' 3rd try

    who was the roosters player? I didnt realise it was a falcon until this morning haha
  74. Your Mum

    Tips Please : Sinus Probs.

    get a bowl of hot boiling salty water stick your head above it and a towel over your head Breathe and *BOOM* all better
  75. Your Mum

    Oh my God!!!

    hahaaha love you habibi <3
  76. Your Mum

    Oh my God!!!

    Lol here are some rami videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnEXHnC2qDI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4EPTCZDgQg
  77. Your Mum

    ROLL CALL: Round 2 vs St Merge Illawarra Steelers

    thanks dude but i have to get 3. I just need to know where thats all. If i get tickets and im seated next to st george supporters someone will have to bail me out of jail that night.
  78. Your Mum

    ROLL CALL: Round 2 vs St Merge Illawarra Steelers

    btw where do we buy tickets for? Whers the kennel sitting? yalah i need to know asap.
  79. Your Mum

    ROLL CALL: Round 2 vs St Merge Illawarra Steelers

    :nervous: thats SO not nice
  80. Your Mum

    ROLL CALL: Round 2 vs St Merge Illawarra Steelers

    so who wants my lovely company in their car tommorow night?
  81. Your Mum

    OMG : Pray for our "Kurry"

    FML! i laughed out loud. bad jorgie :(
  82. Your Mum

    ROLL CALL: Round 2 vs St Merge Illawarra Steelers

    it'll be me and a girlfriend is there enough room? Im working friday, i was going to finish early but wasnt planning on going that early. Ill let you know if they approve my leave though.
  83. Your Mum

    ROLL CALL: Round 2 vs St Merge Illawarra Steelers

    is there a bus taking supporters down?
  84. Your Mum

    The Kennel Photos and Discussion Thread

    my favourite picture from my 24th jungle party on saturday. I had an awesome time :)
  85. Your Mum

    Tampons or Pads?

    i didnt post the pic of a used tampon, i sent it around to a few peoples phones though :blush:
  86. Your Mum

    What sauce would you like on your kebab?

    Ill take the tongan blood thanks! http://www.news.com.au/national/mans-throat-slashed-in-kings-cross-kebab-shop/story-e6frfkvr-1225835402917 Saw this when i was leaving the cross saturday night. Anyone see the fight actually happen? It was so wrong i couldnt believe the shop was still open.
  87. Your Mum

    80s Glam Rock Collaboration

    brett michaels and miley cyrus have done a song together lol hawt.
  88. Your Mum

    Mopping vs Vacuuming

    vacumming ftw! That along with ironing is domestic bliss. Doing the dishes and washing the bathroom can go and get focked.
  89. Your Mum

    Tampons or Pads?

    Youve never had your period rami but seriously when youre wearing a pad and have a really heavy period well.... you might aswell have a minute steak in your undies.
  90. Your Mum

    Attn Left Handers

    when i get introduced to someone i usually do the dog thing and just smell their arses.
  91. Your Mum

    Fur, ivory and the like

    i like my fur how i like my tits. Fake and spectacular. hth.
  92. Your Mum

    Tampons or Pads?

    i use tampons as i dont like my vagina smelling like the freshness pad you find inside meat trays. Tampons also lower the chances of you getting your vagina attacked by a dog as they usually think pads are lunch. And for the record men/rami, the dog thing actually is true. They can smell it and...
  93. Your Mum

    The "gall" of some people .....

    id say in a jokin way " mate i think youre barking up the wrong tree with all this bulldog talk so you either stfu or gtfo"
  94. Your Mum

    Magnitude 8.8 Earthquake - Chile (5.37pm AEDST.)

    I have family in chile. My grandmother and aunty were in Santiago visiting them when it hit at 8.8. The rest of my family who live in Mendoza which is on the chilen border also felt it but it was only about a 3 there I think. I visited my parents sunday morning and they told me that my gran and...
  95. Your Mum

    Happy Birthday to Your Mum and Paulina..

    thanks for the birthday wishes guys!!! xx I had the best weekend ever! And for once i can actually remember it! weee!! Paulina i hope you had a great weekend. How old did you turn?
  96. Your Mum

    Happy Birthday to Your Mum and Paulina..

    happy birthday girls :*
  97. Your Mum

    Hottest Guy Thread

    Now THESE are some sexy eyes.... Fock my life. No seriously. Just fock it.
  98. Your Mum

    Someone Spotted Hog on Burwood Road

    You probably didnt recognise me because i was actually wearing clothes as opposed to the minimal attire i usually have on after work hours.
  99. Your Mum

    Peeing on the side of the road/bushes

    lol i have done this plenty of times. i had to do a number two in the bushes at a doof once because we were in the middle of nowhere and there was no toilet. Its pretty liberating i think. Getting that close to nature is awesome.
  100. Your Mum

    Future Music

    im going :) so keen