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  1. Samiken

    Aisle 126

    Was sitting in aisle 126 today and had a dogs fan Infront of me sitting with 2 middle aged Souths fans. Tried bringing up the forum with him but wasn't having it. Would've been nice to actually meet someone here
  2. Samiken

    Rumour Chasing Matterson?

    Just got some word that we're after Matterson. Anybody with better info that can confirm or deny?
  3. Samiken

    Watmough: DCE turned into a f***wit after his first year

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/former-manly-enforcer-anthony-watmough-has-opened-up-on-his-falling-out-with-daly-cherryevans/news-story/ead58f414e6e63b4e2bcfb7264203e97 Interesting read. We all know hes a fuckwit, but for a player to come out and confirm it
  4. Samiken

    Reni Maitua

    Seems that Maitua will actually have nothing to do with the club this season?
  5. Samiken

    Teddy officially signs with the roosters

    And it's official. http://www.roosters.com.au/news/2017/05/04/james_tedesco_signs_.html
  6. Samiken

    Stadium Atmosphere

    Are Bulldogs games the only ones with atmosphere? My girlfriend is a Tigers fan so Iv been to a fair few of their matches and I almost fall asleep every time. Yesterday I was at the Eels Vs Tigers match and it sucked. Nobody gets involved, the crowds are quiet and the announcers during the...
  7. Samiken

    Phil Sigsworth

    Met the bloke today after he bought a car off me. I had no idea who he was till he mentioned he played in the 1986 GF, where he chopped Brett Kenny lol. Was happy to have a chat but think he got a bit shitty that i was raving about being a dogs fan and had no clue haha
  8. Samiken

    Selling my navara

    Im selling my 07 4x4 navara and need it gone urgently. If anyone is interested in a dual cab or know of someone that is, that would be great.
  9. Samiken

    Loss of license help

    On the 4th October i was done doing 71 in a 60 zone, via mobile speed camera. I am on my red P's and have recieved the penalty notice. I have till the 13th November to pay. I can go for my green P's on the 14th November and just lose points, but no suspension. But if not i lose my license...
  10. Samiken

    tickets for the game

    Apparently all the tickets are sold out on ticketek and i just wanna buy 2 tickets. Anyone know if there is a second round being released or anyway i can grab a couple?
  11. Samiken

    Why is there always an ozman option in polls?

    Please tell me. I know hes a douchebag but is there a specific reason besides this?
  12. Samiken

    National eligibility

    Would i be able to play for NZ considering my cousin worked there for a few years?
  13. Samiken

    Biggest rugby league sluts

    Who are the biggest slut players (players that go through clubs like undies) ?
  14. Samiken

    Mars or Snickers?

    Its going to be a long offseason.
  15. Samiken

    Young league player's body found

    NSW police have today contacted Manly officials over the discovery of a male body, believed to be one of the club's lower grade players. The Daily Telegraph has been told the body was discovered at the base of cliffs on Freshwater beach late last night. Close family members were made...
  16. Samiken


    I have found you. https://www.youtube.com/user/asabra69/videos?view=0
  17. Samiken

    One time

    Regina George punched me in the face. It was awesome.
  18. Samiken


    do u even drift?
  19. Samiken

    ATTN: Admin

    I thought ATTN threads were banned?
  20. Samiken

    Dear Moe,

    I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes. Love djaraboy.
  21. Samiken


    That i had James Graham to win the Clive Churchill.
  22. Samiken

    2013 Memberships

    Anyone have a rough idea when they will be available for purchase?
  23. Samiken

    Happy early birthday to our favourite member!

    Happy birthday to bulldogs_fan for tommorow!
  24. Samiken

    Name Change Request

    May someone please change my name to Gainzbrah
  25. Samiken

    Prelim Preperation

    Congrats to the boys getting a win tonight, but we need to start thinking out the Preliminary final. I dont like the idea of them having a week off because who ever we verse will come in firing with 2 final games under their belts. Naturally this will settle them down considering they have...
  26. Samiken

    Last team to win GF in all 3 grades

    As the title says. If any.
  27. Samiken

    Presentation Help

    How many pages would a 5-7 minute presentation be?
  28. Samiken

    Time zone help

    If its 7:45 on the 23rd in london. What day/time will it be in sydney?
  29. Samiken

    Football jersey help!

    Where do you guys get your football jerseys from? (if you follow football) If so, how much are they usually?
  30. Samiken

    Attn: Sam Perrett

    Is this you? http://thebulldogs.com.au/sportal.php?page=player&id=823
  31. Samiken

    Round 15 ROLL CALL!

    Who will be at the game? Ill be there sitting in the heart of the dragqueens fans with my best mate. Just to stand up and laugh at them.
  32. Samiken

    Quick help!

    Are the bulldogs army located on the eastern or western grandstand? Just need it for tickets today
  33. Samiken

    Parra Fans

    So, tonight i was with a couple mates and a couple girls at Armani having some hubbly bubbly watching Parra fans walking past after the game. So i asked one of the guys walking past what the score was and he randomly started linking it calling us "dirty arabs" and all this other crap. Is it just...
  34. Samiken

    Urgent help please!

    Okay, so im booking tickets with my family for sunday. And whats the difference between the terrace and the grandstand? please help fast.
  35. Samiken


    can someone link me to the thread with the santa working at bankstown station picture?
  36. Samiken

    Uws !

    Anyone going to be at UWS Parramatta next year :O ?
  37. Samiken


    Anyone heard of him? Hes related to my dad and is a pretty good artist for an arab. His songs are mainly based about controversial topics facing imports and the likes (mainly consisting of arabs moving to australia and the hardships they face). He has some pretty catchy tunes and has an...
  38. Samiken

    18 tommorow!

    Weooo ! 18 in 2 hours..
  39. Samiken

    ATTN: The Kennel

    Who wants to let me smash their box?
  40. Samiken

    Oztag tips

    Okay, so im playing Oztag this summer with a group of mates and i needed some help with it since ive never played in my life. Ive played Rugby League but never Oztag and the same tactics dont seem to work in both sports. Any help?
  41. Samiken

    Opinions needed please!

    Alright, so im on my L's and im gonna be buying a car within the next few months so that i can mod it a bit, like put a cold air intake, new headers etc etc. I just need an opinion on what car i should get that is no more then $4000, because im looking to spend about $1000 on the mods or...
  42. Samiken

    We have a fraud among us!!!

    bigfrog2 is a fraud. They have claimed to be a frog, while i have photo evidence that they are none other then a human being.
  43. Samiken

    HSC Exams

    My HSC exams start tommorow, wish me luck guys!
  44. Samiken

    Michael Letts ears

    Aerodynamics at its worst. Imagine how much faster he would run if they weren't so protruding. http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/UkSo7rpdRoP/2011+NSW+Cup+Grand+Final+Bulldogs+v+Vulcans/CYo7FJhDX6t
  45. Samiken

    Need an explanation

    Can someone explain the tension between BNW and The Kennel please?
  46. Samiken

    Should fatties wear tights?

    Personally i would say no. But fatties deserve some loving too.
  47. Samiken

    Just graduated !

    Just graduated year 12 !!!!!!
  48. Samiken

    How to let a girl off?

    Okay, so ive been thinking and it isnt feeling right with my girl. Im only 17 and i know it sounds stupid but i need a way to let her go without hurting her or anything because i still care about her heaps, just not in that way. Please help!
  49. Samiken

    Lol! Benji Crying

    Lol @ marshall crying !
  50. Samiken

    Ben Barba try clips

    Anyone have the clips for all barbas tries this year?
  51. Samiken

    How to add a GIF to my signature?

    I try to add GIF's like the rest of the people on here, but it doesnt allow me to, how do i do it?
  52. Samiken


    So, i just got home from the game now, and something ive picked up is that Reynolds and Hodkinson seem to have formed a really worthy combination. They play a really similar style in my opinion and thrive off each others enthusiasm. Has anybody else noticed this and what are your opinions?