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  1. Brissy Bulldog

    gus speaks out

    Gus would have got on the Dogs when they got out to $4 and was probably talking through his pocket ... but good on him nonetheless.
  2. Brissy Bulldog

    dogs vs titans

    Have booked my tickets. I normally get the best available, but this time opted for the away fans area which is behind the goal posts at one end.
  3. Brissy Bulldog

    "The Kennel" Season Membership Package 2009

    Can anyone tell me what is in the "Members Benefit Pack" ? I was a bit annoyed after signing up a family interstate membership to get a voucher in the mail telling me I can pick up my pack from the teamstore, bulldog office or ANZ stadium. Alternatively, they will post them to me for $20 (no...
  4. Brissy Bulldog

    Three Brisbane Broncos stars under sex assault investigation

    The Broncos need to name names. The whole team is under scrutiny until they do. Its a disgrace. The players won't be sacked because the board will roll Bennett on this. After all he only has 3 weeks at most left at the club. It is time to NAME NAMES !!!
  5. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs - We are done

    The sky is falling !! The sky is falling !!. When we storm the club and start looting it, I have first dibs on that big painting of the 70 year team in the foyer.
  6. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs Greatest NSW SOO Team...

    According to the Bulldogs Website, the players who have played Origin whilst at our club are as follows: QLD Martin Bella Tony Currie Brett Dallas Jason Hetherington Nate Myles Travis Norton Steve Price Darren Smith Jason Smith Willie Tonga -------------- NSW Braith...
  7. Brissy Bulldog

    Titans vs Bulldogs: Predict the Score

    Keep the Faith People !!! Dogs 42 Titans 0.
  8. Brissy Bulldog

    Email from Steve Folkes to myself

    Either way, what a cracking effort.
  9. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs v Titans

    Does this mean it won't be an open training session ?
  10. Brissy Bulldog

    Next week vs Titans

    We are specials next week. Make sure you all snap up the price as soon as it goes up. You heard it here first.
  11. Brissy Bulldog

    Holdsworth Must Be Sacked !

    Even Holdsworth ?
  12. Brissy Bulldog

    A Prodigal son returning to Belmore.

    It has to be GUS !!. Gus is coming home !!
  13. Brissy Bulldog

    A Prodigal son returning to Belmore.

    I have a feeling it will be someone in an off field role such as Dean Pay.
  14. Brissy Bulldog

    Score updates???

    Woohoo. Can't wait to watch the game. The Dogs are back !
  15. Brissy Bulldog

    congratulations to the Aussies for a great win .

    Dodgy deeds leave sour taste http://www.smh.com.au/news/cricket/dodgy-deeds-leave-sour-taste/2008/01/06/1199554486052.html
  16. Brissy Bulldog

    Queensland Based Supporters

    Can anyone tell me for once and for all whether there is some sort of official Queensland / Brisbane Supporters Club ? We have a stack of fans up here and I think it is time we organised ourselves. There has been talk of it in the past, however I have not seen anything official. If there...
  17. Brissy Bulldog

    Kouparitsas Extends His Stay At The Bulldogs Until 2010

    Great news. Mason is the past. Koups is the future.
  18. Brissy Bulldog

    Roll Call v Cowboys @ DFS

    I will be there. Am on the 2.05pm QANTAS flight out of Brisbane on Friday afternoon. It should be a cracker.
  19. Brissy Bulldog

    We need warriors to lose next week

    We will win by plenty next Friday night.
  20. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs vs Storm Live Game Topic *

    Utai would have been hand tonight
  21. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs vs Storm Live Game Topic *

    hold the farking ball
  22. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs vs Storm Live Game Topic *

    soft option by Melbourne to take the 2 points GO SBW !!
  23. Brissy Bulldog

    Training session in carina!!

    You can usually buy these photos from them even if they don't publish it.
  24. Brissy Bulldog

    Roll Call - Broncos vs Bulldogs

    The 2nd game has been on free to air all season !
  25. Brissy Bulldog

    Broncos Team

    That team has 7 Origin players and 7 internationals.
  26. Brissy Bulldog

    Privatisation - Who owns the Dogs?

    There was an article in Inside Sport a couple of months ago that went through each club in both AFL and NRL and what thier ownership structure was. This is what it said about us: This means that effectively no one "owns" the club. See it all here...
  27. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs V Broncos Road Trip!

    I thought I would bump this back to the top of the list. It should be a cracker. Here's hoping the Broncos lose this week and then we can put them to the sword and send them packing from the top 8. I want some revenge for last years Preliminary final. So who is coming to The Smart...
  28. Brissy Bulldog

    Final Round Bulldogs v Cowboys

    Great result. I go up every year and the Friday night game frees up the weekend. I think it will be a crunch game for both teams.
  29. Brissy Bulldog

    Steve Price (Radio Host) goes DUI !! Ha Ha

    Radio personality Steve Price has been charged with drink driving in a north Sydney suburb. Police said they arrested a 52-year-old man in Neutral Bay on Saturday night and charged him with mid-range drink driving, but would not name the man. Sydney radio station 2UE, which hosts Price's...
  30. Brissy Bulldog

    Chaser Joker gets off Charges!

    I didn't think it was illegal ... I just thought it was lame comedy ... "Bulldog fans are terr.orist/thugs" jokes have been done to death. Even my mates can't be bothered with them anymore.
  31. Brissy Bulldog

    Aussie flags not welcome at Sydney BDO

    He also piped up with this pearl of wisdom: Note the words "anywhere in Australia". Yet the terms of entry to Suncorp Stadiums includes this: I assume there are other stadiums that also ban flags. I wonder if large Aussie Flags are now exempt. However, lets take it even further...
  32. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs Trivia

    I know that one, but will let others have a go. I will give a clue though .. there are 3 and they are all backs.
  33. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs Trivia

    Your right, but we were just talking about Bulldog players. Another non Bulldog would be Mick Cronin.
  34. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs Trivia

    Looks good to me Harry. Although, I am not sure if Gus actually got a run in the GF in 84
  35. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs Trivia

    62 pts v Cowboys at Belmore in 95 (66 - 4 ...Terry Lamb's last home game ... at the time) and then 52 - 0 v Wests at Lidcombe in 85. Okay, one that probably can't be googled: Name of every premiership player from anytime in the 80's who has since coached 1st grade and name the club or...
  36. Brissy Bulldog

    Brisbane Based Fans Rejoice - Rd 11 v Cowboys at Suncorp !!

    There is a massive Bulldog fan base here in Brisbane and I am tipping that the crowd will be more Bulldog than Cowboy. There are also a lot of rugby league fans who are not Broncos fans and want to see a good game of football. The same with St George. When they scored on the hooter last year...
  37. Brissy Bulldog

    Brisbane Based Fans Rejoice - Rd 11 v Cowboys at Suncorp !!

    By my calculations, we will get to see the Dogs play 3 times in Sth East QLD ... being in rounds 11, 19 & 23. And given that I always travel to the Townsville game, I will get to see them in rd 25.
  38. Brissy Bulldog

    Brisbane Based Fans Rejoice - Rd 11 v Cowboys at Suncorp !!

    I just read this in the Sunday Mail: Here is the link: http://www.news.com.au/sundaymail/story/0,23739,21020740-10389,00.html
  39. Brissy Bulldog

    NRL Trivia!!

    Is it Manly in 1978. They played the replay on Tuesday because the players had to leave for the 1978 Kangaroo tour I.
  40. Brissy Bulldog

    News Limited Hypocrisy

    Imagine if this was a footballer storming onto the stage at the Dally M's ? He would be crucified by the press and Gallop would deregister him. Check out the last sentence: A spokesman for News Ltd, Greg Baxter, said Milne would be "disciplined internally", but would not say how. How weak...
  41. Brissy Bulldog

    Round 1 2007: Brisbane Broncos v ?

    I would assume that they would give the Titans a home game to launch themselves. In regard to the Broncos, If you apply a $$ logic, then I am think either Canterbury or St George. The logic being that the match should probably be a sellout. However, the Cowboys match will be a sellout...
  42. Brissy Bulldog

    Official Goodbye Roy Thread

    See you later Roy. Enjoy the wooden spoon
  43. Brissy Bulldog

    Who Else cried?

    I was disappointed, but for crying out loud, it was a game of football. If the Bulldogs losing this game of football is the worst thing that happens to you this year, then you have hd a pretty good year.
  44. Brissy Bulldog

    biggest joke of the year

    Who's idea was it to have Brian Smith give the half time talk ?
  45. Brissy Bulldog

    Rape Allegation

    This will be a huge blow up now. Hadley is on it, so he will milk it. Also the fact that there is a cheerleader involved will add to the media's fascination with it. From the SMH Site --------------------------------- September 6, 2006 - 4:41PM A Sydney NRL club's end-of-season...
  46. Brissy Bulldog

    NRL Refuse to register Turner's Contract

    The Storm will win out in the Courts. The NRL and the Titans are in for a beating. If Turner had a career ending injury last week, would they be in such a hurry to have him ?. I think not. They would be the ones saying "there is nothing in writing.".
  47. Brissy Bulldog

    Asotasi and Tonga's injuries

    The end is nigh the end is nigh !!!!
  48. Brissy Bulldog

    Parra:Contenders or Pretenders

    They look sure to make the 8 and then from then anything can happen. Remember, no Brian Smith to stuff them up at finals time.
  49. Brissy Bulldog

    Son of Crusher Joins the 'Dogs

    I don't think it would be Walker signing up so quickly. I would love it to be Jason Smith - returning to where it all began .. but I don't think it is.
  50. Brissy Bulldog

    Son of Crusher Joins the 'Dogs

    Interesting signing. If anyone can make a decent player out of him, we can.
  51. Brissy Bulldog

    '88 Gf....

    On the issue of coaches - all these former players have been NRL coaches in the past 10 years ... and all were coached by Warren Ryan at some time in thier career. Terry Lamb Steve Folkes Michael Hagan Paul Langmack Andrew Farrar Chris Anderson Phil Gould & non Bulldogs Tom...
  52. Brissy Bulldog

    '88 Gf....

    I thought it was ch 10.
  53. Brissy Bulldog

    '88 Gf....

    That is a top game. Look for me in the crowd when Glen Nissen scores our final try. btw, Folkes is playing second row. If he is wearing no. 9, it is because it is when the southern hemisphere had different numbering to the northern hemisphere. Lock wore 8 through to prop 13. The hooker...
  54. Brissy Bulldog

    Morley knee deep in strife

    They will play a series of video clips of Corey giving away penalties at crucial stages and then ask you "Now tell me you wouldn't want to knee him the guts as well" ? :)
  55. Brissy Bulldog

    Morley knee deep in strife

    I heard that his defence will be that "Corey had it coming to him" .... he will be calling several Bulldog fans in his defence. :)
  56. Brissy Bulldog

    The "Bye" jokes thread

    When the Gold Coast Titans come in next year it will be: "bye bye bye"
  57. Brissy Bulldog

    60's Week vs Broncos

    I think he was talking about the Broncos not existing in the 60's.
  58. Brissy Bulldog

    Daily Telegraph lies about O'Meley

    Yes, I read that in the Courier Mail this morning and thought waht a load of rubbish. Not even the Roosters would be silly enough to buy a prop forward 18 months ahead of schedule. It is most likely his manager getting in early to start the bargaining process.
  59. Brissy Bulldog

    Myles Heading East Next Season

    Sorry to see him go. I think he would have been better off staying with us for another 2 years. Playing alongside Mason and O'Meley would have helped him no end. Now at 22 he becomes the key forward for the Roosters. 22 is very young for a prop. I think he will struggle. Anyway. Good...
  60. Brissy Bulldog

    'Terror' prank 'harmless joke'

    Footy Show this week - An open forum panel "Terror in the Sheds" !
  61. Brissy Bulldog

    Online Auctions Now Open!

    Gee, talk about inflation. I bought a similiar Hazem El Masri banner last April for $173.00 ! It now hangs proudly in my sports bar.
  62. Brissy Bulldog

    Will Swanton reports............

    Joebee at the Debate Page has gone to the trouble of typing it out
  63. Brissy Bulldog

    We Are The REAL DEAL !

    woof woof woof !!!!!!!!!!!
  64. Brissy Bulldog

    Will we ever get our night games back??

    Maybe you should start a riot at one of the daytime games ... blame it on too much time in the sun.
  65. Brissy Bulldog

    Most Pleasing Aspect of our game today?

    The defence in the last 20 was fantastic.
  66. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs v Warriors - Spoilers.

    last tackle - 30m out on the left hand side. Grimaldi to Holdsworth .. the warriors rush up ... Holdsworth a long pass to Roberts, he shapes to take the field goal but runs himself straight up the middle ... puts a huge schimmy on Webb ... heads for the line ... gets grabbed 5m out ... flicks it...
  67. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs v Warriors - Spoilers.

    Happy to be wrong !!!!!! ROBERTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs v Warriors - Spoilers.

    i think we're gone.
  69. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs v Warriors - Spoilers.

    I agree, but golden point is a bit of a lottery
  70. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs v Warriors - Spoilers.

    I think just the one game against Souths last year that ended in a draw after golden point.
  71. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs v Warriors - Spoilers.

    If we play a solid 40 minutes, we should get home. We just need to stay switched on.
  72. Brissy Bulldog

    Holdsworth - Buy of the Year (article)

    Buy of the year - Daniel Holdsworth is on $50,000. Braith Anasta was paid $455,000. The Bulldogs have not missed him By DAVID RICCIO BULLDOGS five-eighth Daniel Holdsworth has been tagged the buy of the season after successfully stepping out of the shadow of Braith Anasta. "I haven't seen...
  73. Brissy Bulldog

    QLD Miracle My Ass

    Despite the exciting finish, another very ordinary game of football.
  74. Brissy Bulldog

    Cowboys smell a rat.

    It sounds like Thurston has been a busy boy. Judging by this thread, he is getting it on with the wives of: - Steve Southern - Matt Sing - Matt Bowen - Shane Tronc
  75. Brissy Bulldog

    Mason - We're All Human

    We have Newstext here at work. Here is the article: --------------------------------------------------------- We're all human - Willie opens up on eve of Origin - ORIGIN III - THE DECIDER By MARK ROBINSON Willie Mason earns over $600,000 a season, but he finds life in the NRL tough...
  76. Brissy Bulldog

    Reaction to Playing Pricey this week

    I want to see him get smashed.
  77. Brissy Bulldog

    Cowboys v Bulldogs Round 22

    I will be there with my sister and nephew who live in Townsville. Hopefully it will be drier than last year !
  78. Brissy Bulldog

    can anyone remember the last player sent off for Bulldogs?

    No. That was yesterday. :) I don't remember the last person to be sent off. A couple of famous ones I do remember are Peter Kelly v Souths in 1986. It was in the first tackle of the game and the Dogs went on to win 26 - 0 !! Also Phil Sigsworth in the 86 GF.
  79. Brissy Bulldog

    bolter for ashes series?

    As if 20-20 wasn't a big enough joke to start with. The way Newcastle are going at the moment, maybe Michael Clarke should play 5/8th for them
  80. Brissy Bulldog

    Ryan Dropped from origin

    Good for QLD. Good for The Bulldogs. Bad for NSW
  81. Brissy Bulldog

    lol chan 9

    That was quite bizzare
  82. Brissy Bulldog

    Live Updates Bulldogs Vs Storm

    Very disappointing. On the upside, we got close to the top team without Mason & Utai. Also, its just a game of footy.
  83. Brissy Bulldog

    Myles popular as silly season starts

    Why do we need Roy & Nate when we have Sizzler waiting in the wings ? :)
  84. Brissy Bulldog

    Next Year

    Any thoughts on the 2010 pack ?
  85. Brissy Bulldog

    Official Signings thread

    Without the Bulldogs, Tonga is just a Parramatta reserve grader !. Seriously though, he does get injured a lot and we probably can't afford to tie up to much money in him.
  86. Brissy Bulldog

    Woolford to sign with Dragons

    WTF ? --------------- Canberra hooker Simon Woolford will sign a two-year deal with NRL joint venture club St George Illawarra on Wednesday. The 31-year-old former Raiders skipper says he's looking forward to a change of scenery and playing under Dragons coach Nathan Brown. The...
  87. Brissy Bulldog

    Best Player in the NRL in 5 years time?

    Some kid in High School somewhere
  88. Brissy Bulldog

    steve price

    I am one of those bitter and twisted fans who still hasn't forgiven Pricey for taking the money and running. All 250 games should have been with the Dogs.
  89. Brissy Bulldog

    Is Origin Fixed ?

    Big Mal is not in charge. Big Mal is a puppet for greater powers. Arko, Quayle & the ghost of Ron McAuliffe are still behind the scenes calling the shots. Its a conspiracy I tell ya .. a conspiracy !. It goes all the way to the top. The media, the players, the bookies, the government and the...
  90. Brissy Bulldog

    Is Origin Fixed ?

    That is more like it. They use the soothing tones of Rabbits Warren to brainwash people to join the armed forces ... hence the mumerous "war" analogies over the years.
  91. Brissy Bulldog

    kidwell to souths

    Kidwell is well past his best.
  92. Brissy Bulldog

    Is Origin Fixed ?

    ..... The TV ratings in QLD and NSW
  93. Brissy Bulldog

    Is Origin Fixed ?

    This thread is a bit of jest. I want everyone's conspiracy theories put forward.
  94. Brissy Bulldog

    Is Origin Fixed ?

    Put on your cynic's hat for a moment and ask yourself this question. Put your own spin on these facts: 1. Game 1 in the past 3 years has been decided in Golden Point or by 1 point. 2. The Allan Langer comeback 3. The Andrew Johns comeback 4. The Brad Fittler farewell. 5. The entire...
  95. Brissy Bulldog

    How to lose an origin match 1A

    It hurts me to say it, but on tonight's performance, surely O'Meley must have some say in this class ?