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  1. FreshSoulL

    The kennel is ruined

    make love not war
  2. FreshSoulL

    Our Salary Cap- A critical analysis

    Lewis is on 450k!? wtf
  3. FreshSoulL

    Pope Francis says priests cannot bless same-sex unions

    Organised religion maybe?
  4. FreshSoulL

    Pope Francis says priests cannot bless same-sex unions

    In other news the Pope is Catholic? LOL Not sure why people would get triggered/offended by this. Its Christian belief that marriage is between a Man and a Woman.
  5. FreshSoulL

    News NRL being soft here - Toby Rudolf receives a warning for post game interview

    You are assuming he is heterosexual? ;) he never mentioned women. He said "Anything will do"
  6. FreshSoulL

    News NRL being soft here - Toby Rudolf receives a warning for post game interview

    See this article regarding the NRL issuing a warning to Toby Rudolf for his post match interview.. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-to-warn-toby-rudolf-for-saying-he-would-pull-something-at-northies/news-story/0cc95d0db82677170d218a957a8f3c20
  7. FreshSoulL

    So Many Positives Be Patient

    Agree with that. We need to see what Deitz can produce the next few weeks.
  8. FreshSoulL

    Opinion A top class front rower

    JT has like 7 years remaining on his contract lolll
  9. FreshSoulL

    So Many Positives Be Patient

    agreed. Very happy that we finally have a halfback with direction/vision. Cant wait to see the Flannagan and Burton combination. Add a bit of muscle to our forward pack and we look like contenders imo.
  10. FreshSoulL

    Trent Barrett Presser

    FMD this comment isn’t for real? One game mate
  11. FreshSoulL

    The impact of the refereeing under the new rules.

    Agreed. But good teams over come these bullshit calls
  12. FreshSoulL

    My Son's soul is on the line in tonight's game

    Please tell me you put a replay?!
  13. FreshSoulL

    We got reffed out of the game!

    Mate. The calls from the refs absolutely put us on the back foot. honestly tho - we didn’t help ourselves.
  14. FreshSoulL

    My Son's soul is on the line in tonight's game

    LOL would work !!!
  15. FreshSoulL

    ***The rise of our Phoenix ***

    These are gold
  16. FreshSoulL

    It's Rock or Bust for Trent Barrett.

  17. FreshSoulL

    Why the Bulldogs will finish either second last or bottom four this season.

    HAHA this is the best comment. Nasheed responding to himself. Gold
  18. FreshSoulL

    Social Media Mansour to the dogs

    First game tho - hard to judge
  19. FreshSoulL

    Charities that "shirtfront" you

    Theyre completely fucked up. Border line scamming really. They guilt trip you and like said in a previous post they dont really care if you can afford it or not, or if you are supporting other charities. Many of them don't even care about the victims they are supposedly supporting and want to...
  20. FreshSoulL

    Opinion Your predicted table finish for the Dogs 2021.

    8-12. Will be stoked if we do any better than that and disappointed if we do worse.
  21. FreshSoulL

    Opinion Who will be our FIRST Try Scorer???

    JMK just to fk with everyone before all the SACK JMK threads appear
  22. FreshSoulL

    Opinion Baz on SEN 1170

    I may have missed it but is Cotric all good for round 1?
  23. FreshSoulL

    Green light for Bulldogs mass cleanout in Trent Barrett's first season

    Atoni and Ogden we should definitely keep. Okunbur maybe.
  24. FreshSoulL

    News Matt Burton wants out

    Footage of Matt Burtons game. Did not know he kicks goals too ! Finally a playmaker we have our hands on.
  25. FreshSoulL

    Cotric At Centre

    any update on the cotric injury?
  26. FreshSoulL

    Facebook called the bluff lol

    How will I know if we are in a lockdown now? FB was really the only way I did get my news. Dont watch TV unless of course the footy is on Itll be interesting to see how this plays out
  27. FreshSoulL

    Uselss Rugby League Facts

    Bulldogs won three games in a row by a field goal. 2014. Rounds 5-7 Against NZ warriors, Rabbits & Newcastle
  28. FreshSoulL

    TBaz is Pumped

    Big things happening!! Next year will be amazing 2022. Good times ahead. Baz has switched some gears for the boys
  29. FreshSoulL

    Round 1 Bulldogs V Knights - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Dogs to take the Win here. 1-12. Cant remember the last time we won a first round game lol
  30. FreshSoulL

    Michael Lichaa DV charge and current Bulldog not of interest to Police.

    If all the rumors are true (Which I think they are - just pending confirmation) then I hope Adam Elliot is fken dropped/sacked or even executed. Idgaf this **** should have never been resigned and this would of been the Dragons problem right now. Fuck this asshole. We dont need this shit at the...
  31. FreshSoulL

    Biden Administration / U.S. Politics

    Correct me if I am wrong but first wave feminist was pretty racist right? They didn't consider non white women. Im sure.
  32. FreshSoulL

    Biden Administration / U.S. Politics

    J K Rowling has been eaten alive by the new feminist wave. I find it funny as f. But what Joe has signed already undermines womens sport. Not sure if we will see immediate impact but may become a real issue in a couple of years. So much for the natural born women training all their lives to...
  33. FreshSoulL

    Other News Source Insider Oil. Andrew Hill wants out

    Why is he banned? Is it because of his constant shit talk
  34. FreshSoulL

    Official 2021 Draw

    I think we have a fairly good draw. Can see us making the top 8 given our opponents.
  35. FreshSoulL

    Rumour Home sick

    I heard the same from a reliable source. Don't think we will take him back tho.
  36. FreshSoulL

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    I feel bad for Biden lol
  37. FreshSoulL

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    20 minutes till the debate !!
  38. FreshSoulL

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    Trump/Biden debate is going to be good to watch. No idea how Biden will compose himself against Trump. Feel like a slaughtering will occur lol
  39. FreshSoulL

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    I personally believe we will see another 4 years of Trump.
  40. FreshSoulL

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    I have read they are expecting the biggest turn out in history lol
  41. FreshSoulL

    Official Blake Green signs with Bulldogs

    Is this fken legit HAHAHAHA
  42. FreshSoulL

    I won’t lie.

  43. FreshSoulL

    Refs and broncos

    It was a very poor game in itself but the refs did not help it at all.
  44. FreshSoulL

    Opinion Battle of the spoon!

    WE string a few wins together and we could be in the 8 lol..
  45. FreshSoulL

    News Folau case may send Rugby Australia broke.

    @CaptainJackson I just came here to say you are an absolute fried ****
  46. FreshSoulL

    News Folau case may send Rugby Australia broke.

    LOL lets be real here.. and I do agree somewhat that the message doesn't come across nicely but even if he did talk purely about inheriting the kingdom of God - many will still be triggered by it and report it as offensive and oppressive towards the LGBT community.
  47. FreshSoulL

    Game of Thrones

    Theres nothing really feminist about the show. Trust me, id be the first to crack onto it. The women in power didnt magically appear there, they fought their way, lied, cheated, fought etc, Its not like Captain Marvel or Star Wars where the chick randomly has so much power and no training.
  48. FreshSoulL

    News Folau case may send Rugby Australia broke.

    But if they don't inherit the kingdom of God then ultimately they will burn ? According to scripture all sinners will purge in the lake of fire.. soooo its still from the Bible.
  49. FreshSoulL

    News Folau case may send Rugby Australia broke.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10
  50. FreshSoulL

    This team

    I fucking love it - Big and bright future ahead. Such a solid performance. Haven't been so happy to see our team play in awhile !!
  51. FreshSoulL

    Congratulations Indiandog aka India aka t-series (t-gay)

    Why is Pewds a wanker? He is the most genuine bloke
  52. FreshSoulL

    WWOS MOLE SBW Coming Back????

    We've been hearing the same thing since 2011
  53. FreshSoulL

    Official NRL Supercoach & NRL Fantasy 2019

    Join League not group. A lot of people are making that mistake
  54. FreshSoulL

    Official Round 1 - Dogs vs Warriors - Consolidated Match Thread

    Its a public league? Change the name to "TheKennel"
  55. FreshSoulL


    And that is what we are currently struggling with. You didn't encounter any friendship/family issues afterwards? or you expected some to be upset but thought fk it.. its our wedding day we want close friends and family?
  56. FreshSoulL


    Yea 100% not doing the Save the Date thing.. just trying to save money where possible.
  57. FreshSoulL


    Hello Kennel, It has been awhile. I have recently started planning my wedding. Any tips before we get into the full swing of things? or life advice We are planning to do something towards the end of this year. Any reception halls you recommend?
  58. FreshSoulL

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Dean would be so upset if Wayne came across. Also i don't think Wayne would come to our club with our salary situation.
  59. FreshSoulL

    The Bulldogs will Smash the ROOSTERS 13+

    I have this feeling too, 1-12 Dogs.
  60. FreshSoulL

    NRL Round 1 | Non Bulldogs Team Lists & Discussions

    Are you guys forgetting Cowboys lost their first 3 games of the 2015 season and went on to win the comp
  61. FreshSoulL

    NRL pretenders: Broncos, Bulldogs and Rabbitohs among teams missing finals

    I remember the 2012 predictions. No one had us in the 8. Lo, and behold, we came 1st. (In the regular season)
  62. FreshSoulL

    Jason's Story

    Honestly i thought there was going to be a twist at the end which would make this all a joke. But im glad i read it. Thanks for sharing. What is Jason doing today? Just goes to show its never the end and you can always overcome obstacles that seem impossible.
  63. FreshSoulL

    Jamal Idris on tv

    He sounds like a leftie snow flake. Just read about him being "Aboriginal, black, muslim" and how he feels oppressed. fken stupid ****
  64. FreshSoulL

    Kennel's thoughts on KryptoKurrency

    What are your thoughts on bitcoin etc etc? I'm thinking to start investing in it.. Is anyone already involved?
  65. FreshSoulL

    The NBN - A little confused

    Hi All, We received a letter from the NBN team saying that they will come and do the installation for us. This is in the Greenacre/Bankstown area. I am not too sure if we have to call them up and set a time or if there is anything I need to do? Can someone who has had the NBN installed advise...
  66. FreshSoulL

    Another shooting 27 dead

    With or without the second amendment these shootings can still occur.
  67. FreshSoulL

    Gay marriage plebiscite - Result YES to SSM

    When does this vote end? and when will the results be known?
  68. FreshSoulL

    Has an NRL coach, coached against his sons team before?

    Ivan Cleary and Nathan Cleary? - dont think they have played eachother yet. Could be wrong
  69. FreshSoulL

    Hopefully we can turn up

    Hopefully he can fuck off..
  70. FreshSoulL

    Office Stories

    Realist90 and PCrealist - should both get a room ;)
  71. FreshSoulL

    Email recieved from our beloved club

    Honestly, give them your number man. Dont lose it. Talk in a respectful manner (as hard as that may be) and explain how we as fans are fed up and frustrated. Explain every single point in detail and then see what their response is.
  72. FreshSoulL


    He seems like a toxic player.
  73. FreshSoulL

    Todd Greenberg

    Its not about Todd singing the dud up. Its about if Todd was still around would he let whats occurring go any further? Todd seems like the man to put his foot down and demand answers.
  74. FreshSoulL

    Todd Greenberg

    If Todd Greenberg were still around do you think we would be in this state?
  75. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    I am 100% for separation of Church and State. (I believe corruption occurs when the wall between the two is broken down). She came out with her opinion and what she believes to be best for society. She has every right to say and state that. --- I will never force anyone around me to believe...
  76. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    And that's the problem with some Christians, they spit hate and give off a bad rep. To be honest, I don't like to associate with them because they are hypocrites themselves with their own lifestyles.
  77. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    Like I said earlier mate, they can get married for all I care but I wont advocate or support it. It will only be a problem for me if they force churches to marry gay couples. So I'm not too sure what you and your mate are going on about. I respect everyone. You have the free will to do...
  78. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    You are an asshole mate.
  79. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    I am a Christian and to tell you the truth 3 of my good friends opened up to me about their sexuality. (I being the first person they opened up to despite knowing my view). They are still my good friends. I love them. I don't care what the secular world does. I cant and wont stop it but I will...
  80. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    I mean, we don't want to be attacking each other. Its offensive. Best to keep it respectful.
  81. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    Please refrain from attacking the Bible. It is not a stupid little book.
  82. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    Fair enough haha I agree. I just get annoyed when people throw things out of context.
  83. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    Again, you have absolutely no idea about Christianity. There is not one scripture in the Bible that says you are to use a ring. The Ring was an introduced tradition into the church to symbolise the union between two people. The ring does come from paganism AND is not a fundamental Christian...
  84. FreshSoulL

    Margaret Court.. were the project hosts disgraceful?

    You have no idea about the Bible mate. So unless you actually sit down hours per week studying it then you have every right to comment. Don't just pick out and throw bible verses. WOMEN can speak and be heard and if you know how to read in the very same chapter Paul talks about women prophesying...
  85. FreshSoulL

    NRL Ladder Since 2008

    broncos havent won as well
  86. FreshSoulL

    Fake news

    fake news
  87. FreshSoulL

    The Castle has fallen

    Why not !