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    Now I have seen it ALL!

    where’s pea hahahahaha that was a while ago now
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    Now I have seen it ALL!

    6 spoons in a row says otherwise
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    News No quick fix for Canterbury Bulldogs amid another poor start, says Paul Gallen

    imo the forwards have got off lightly over the years because the focus has been on our lack of try scoring ability and therefore our halves. The fact is that we’ve been soft through the middle and we always come away without having won the battle up front. If we aim up and get the mentality back...
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    captain crab
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    Hypothetical if we’d kept Asotasi and O’Meley instead....

    the downfall started with greenberg - he’s a fuckin cocksucker
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    Steve Hansen

    he’s had the covid for a while now
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    Flanno is a fraud

    terrible pull out game from shane
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    Round 5 Team

    according to some **** on here his boyfriends boyfriend is a ref at 3rd grade level and thinks the charge is warranted. Fair dinkum
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    Dane Gagai not wanted for next year at souths

    so nothings changed and people want to see absolutely every hick possible at the bulldogs
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    The real reason we are in this Position

    let’s get one without covid then
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    Does anyone have any Ideas?

    Agreed. we should also put the ball over the opposition tryline with downward pressure more times than they do to us.
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    Does anyone have any Ideas?

    i’m not convinced we won’t put a string of wins together, it’s always a difficult task having new players in important positions.
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    Bring back Moses Mbye

    you have got to be kidding. Mbye is the worst player in the nrl. He should never have played hooker in the gf that was a monumental fuck up by hasler. He can’t pass,has no vision and is a terrible goal kicker. the fact the tigers even signed him is an example of the terrible contracts they have...
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    Martin Taupau

    remember him chasing down a player on one leg.. and then we got rid of him.
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    Matt Burton's kicking game

    at least being in penrith still he can pick nathan clearys brain for another season. also, i’m pretty sure i looked like the front of luna park when he hit that first kick. what a weapon
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    Cody Allen

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    When did the Bulldogs go from Walter White to Heisenberg?

    he also played mbye at hooker instead of cook. Mbye had never played the position in first grade and continues to impersonate a footballer while cook went on to represent australia.. from another club.
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    News I’ll drive him over myself’: Flanagan leads push to get Burton to Belmore early

    Keep working on your own game Flanno and keep quiet. Why would the Panthers release Burton when they’re an injury or state of origin selection away from needing him?
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    Dogs to upset Panthers

    about sums it up
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    Dogs to upset Panthers

    the title doesn’t suggest we have a chance, it suggests we’ll upset them. Delete the fkn thing
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    Brandon Smith or bust

    no we didn’t “have a crack” how can we when we’ve got no cap - mahoney was “expected”to re sign with the eels and he did. Hardly called having a crack.. more like holding our own hair back while we’re spewing
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    Nick Meaney

    fergo couldn’t score a try last year lol, it’s about structuring the attack to take advantage of the players you pick, otherwise don’t pick em.
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    Thoughts ?

    you’re a fkn pothole
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    Brandon Smith or bust

    we should have signed turpin but now we we should sign mahoney. Cheaper,more effective.
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    Trent Barrett Presser

    holbrook rejected our offer
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    Trent Barrett Presser

    imagine reading into it like he was making excuses and not calling out dubious calls. the same calls any one could see/ Bulldogs fan or not. Either that or you watched it with your mum.
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    Aaron Schoupp

    let’s just wait and see hey
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    Opinion Forwards needed asap

    you can’t be sold anything unless you’re prepared to buy it. Bashing the team and the coach for your misconceived perceptions one round in is distasteful.
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    Trent Barrett Presser

    some biased ref calls for sure,some were hard to work out. When you’ve got an experienced winger who shouldn’t be overly fatigued knocking it on from the play the ball inside our ten then we’ve got no hope. Same simple errors on both sides of the ball doesn’t bode well - I can’t even begin to...
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    Why the Bulldogs will finish either second last or bottom four this season.

    If you knew all about allan before anyone else you’d know his name isn’t cody.
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    Super coach

    hahahahaha it would have read “the” supercoach
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    News Dallin Watene-Zelezniak opens up on mental health, difficult 2020 season

    all i got out of this is that he catches like a 4 year old
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    ‘We would get our a**e kicked’: Legend calls out Dogs pack for failing to protect No.

    fair enough, what’s elliot gonna do? lol nothing.
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    Brendan Piakura consolidated thread

    lol at alex glenn, ben te’o and corey oates being in front of him
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    Have you watched the replay of our trial game?

    no hooker novice half DWZ bottom 8 we won’t be playing for the spoon though
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    Cotric At Centre

    reminds me a bit of sparkles
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    News Trent Barrett backing Adam Elliott to save his football career

    Hahaha oh god, life will move on. What a load of shit, couldn’t even read it all.
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    Flanagan's first outing

    no half we have will succeed without a decent hooker.
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    Rumours of unrest

    unfortunately,journalism across the board has degenerated into a mish mash of social media tidbits and extreme laziness.Numerous times articles are simply full of mistakes and at the end of the day these so called journalists are nothing but gossip researchers. Good luck Yvette but there is no...
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    Official Game Thread : Bulldogs v Sharks Trial 27/02/2021.

    before their first try down our right side they bombed at least 2. With jackson playing lock were even weaker in defence down that side i hope trent can sort the nightmare out.
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    Each Premiership team has that one scary player.

    if anyone would you would mate, how’s the ticker? if i remember correctly
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    Each Premiership team has that one scary player.

    well napa certainly isn’t. i think hetherinton can provide the mongrel we’ve lacked for so long
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    Barrett Confirms Jackson Will Play Lock

    about time JJ played lock i’ve never understood him playing on an edge he’s a lock through and through
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    Has the magic gone

    the rot started when des took over but we made the grand final in his first year coaching us after missing entirely the previous year. If there is rot, it started long before des.
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    Has the magic gone

    If this thread isn't the definition of a bandwagon fan I don't know what is. You've gone for the Dogs for 5 minutes ffs - I wouldn't even call you a fan.
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    Daniel mortimer

    when he turned us down he burnt every bridge to Belmore
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    Yep another sack Des thread

    His brother plays there
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    2017 Jerseys

    These jerseys are a disgrace and indicative of the way the club bends the fans over. By allowing KIA to do that to our colours, the club has effectively said fuck you to all the fans.
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    Hasler-led Bulldogs are Des-tined to fail

    straight out of the NFL terminology handbook
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    Hasler-led Bulldogs are Des-tined to fail

    this thread is reaching so hard I smell vomit on it
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    ok then, in your own words,explain how you've been able to pressure the club in any way whatsoever.
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    you didn't explain anything. You're still sitting there with your dick in your hand and the lol pressure has done nothing you fool
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    look where "speaking up" has got you. Give up mate and just support the team
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    the point is, u have no fucking power. You're a pleb, just like I am.
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    why wouldn't he be a puppet? Greenberg staked the whole clubs reputation on his false word. And he knows it. yeah I can see the ultimate power at work lmao
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    Yeah but you don't have a say. No fans of any club really do. Either people continue focusing on things they can't control, like the performance of the club OR they focus on their own performance as a supporter. imo
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    that's your right to think like that but you honestly can't put your hand up and support them next year, especially if we come out and win games
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    do what would you suggest, keep slinging shit like monkeys in a cage or look for the positives and support the club?
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    that's why all the manly players are bagging him now he's gone
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    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    So the board and the players have shown support for hasler but the fans still think they have their chops down.
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    Turvey playing the long game

    when do elections occur?
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    Keep Assassin Smiling - Get Well Soon

    "I have no such powers. If I did I would be more merciful than God, believe me." Get well soon dogfather
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    This Week's RLW Graham, Hasler and Coffs and a 1984 Team Poster

    Tolman is the obvious choice for captain
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    The alarming and most important stats

    look, Cleary would be ok imo my point about the 1.2 is that we have to pay that to hasler if we get rid of him for next year. not saying Cleary commands that much. I would say des is hanging around next year for his money but I also think he will still do his best and we can have a good year...
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    COOK'D' Rabbit

    yes that's correct, as I mentioned it's a business and anything could happen between now and then. So he's taking what's on offer because they won't release him now.
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    COOK'D' Rabbit

    because they won't release him and farah signed for 2. It's still a business and players still have to look after themselves but he'd prefer to be elsewhere and isn't happy about it.
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    COOK'D' Rabbit

    yes he would
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    COOK'D' Rabbit

    It's got nothing to do with attracting anyone. Cook is contracted to the rabbits. We should have never let him go, but he is furious he wasn't granted a release.The Sharks were gonna start him. Now manly are going to gift the Sharks Parcell in exchange for the useless Beale . Work that shit out.
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    The alarming and most important stats

    what I'm saying is, we would have to pay des 1.2 to replace him for next year . Why would we do that?
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    The alarming and most important stats

    why would we waste 1.2 million to recruit a rookie or Ivan Cleary ?
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    Todd Carney Released

    yeah nah, soward wouldn't hit his man and the attack spluttered as a result . If you think we should sign him I would suggest you have a scan
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    Todd Carney Released

    he never EVER hits the right man, yes he can kick but if people seriously want to sign him then lol we would be absolutely clueless to do that
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    Todd Carney Released

    he got dropped from Penrith for a reason, he's a fail and we'd be stupid to sign him
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    Todd Carney Released

    just read through a few posts and notice people asking for Jamie soward. I may be out of line here but is this an actual pisstake or are people being genuinely serious about signing this absolute fucktard?
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    Todd Carney Released

    lol our fan base is in the shitter if they want this has been social reject
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    Offer to Dib, Board and Castle

    yeah I know, until you jump back on the bandwagon
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    Offer to Dib, Board and Castle

    who are you going to support then?
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    Offer to Dib, Board and Castle

    and yet you'll be the first to jump back on the bandwagon next year
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    Offer to Dib, Board and Castle

    there is no debate, you've already lost as soon as des wasn't sacked
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    Offer to Dib, Board and Castle

    yeah that's the problem these days , people just say what they like and palm it off as fact
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    Offer to Dib, Board and Castle

    Turvey wasn't sacked lol
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    Caption this...

    What's that Bulldogs fans? you'd rather john Cartwright? good luck with that you nuffies
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    Club Statement

    Bring on 2017, thank fuck we don't have john Cartwright or Humphrey bear coaching us
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    I dont care if we dont make the 8 next year.

    why would anyone not want to win a premiership? haha
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    I dont care if we dont make the 8 next year.

    it's like saying you're going to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because someone said it was there. Dope
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    I dont care if we dont make the 8 next year.

    yeah I know what you said, that's what's so funny - you assume that we can miss the 8 for 3 years and then win the grand final, just because we have a new coach.
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    I dont care if we dont make the 8 next year.

    I never said that , Mr I don't care if we make the 8
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    I dont care if we dont make the 8 next year.

    highly unoriginal just like you
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    I dont care if we dont make the 8 next year.

    but you don't care if we don't make the 8 for 3 years
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    Bulldogs chairman Ray Dib says Des Hasler will be coach next season, slams club legend Steve Mortime

    that's why we paid overs for Williams and offered Fifita 850