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  1. FreshSoulL

    News NRL being soft here - Toby Rudolf receives a warning for post game interview

    See this article regarding the NRL issuing a warning to Toby Rudolf for his post match interview.. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-to-warn-toby-rudolf-for-saying-he-would-pull-something-at-northies/news-story/0cc95d0db82677170d218a957a8f3c20
  2. FreshSoulL

    This team

    I fucking love it - Big and bright future ahead. Such a solid performance. Haven't been so happy to see our team play in awhile !!
  3. FreshSoulL


    Hello Kennel, It has been awhile. I have recently started planning my wedding. Any tips before we get into the full swing of things? or life advice We are planning to do something towards the end of this year. Any reception halls you recommend?
  4. FreshSoulL

    Kennel's thoughts on KryptoKurrency

    What are your thoughts on bitcoin etc etc? I'm thinking to start investing in it.. Is anyone already involved?
  5. FreshSoulL

    The NBN - A little confused

    Hi All, We received a letter from the NBN team saying that they will come and do the installation for us. This is in the Greenacre/Bankstown area. I am not too sure if we have to call them up and set a time or if there is anything I need to do? Can someone who has had the NBN installed advise...
  6. FreshSoulL

    Todd Greenberg

    If Todd Greenberg were still around do you think we would be in this state?
  7. FreshSoulL

    Outlast 2 - *Possible Spoilers*

    I finished this game last weekend. I wont say anything in case it might spoil it for anyone Has anyone played this yet or the first game + DLC ? And if so what are your thoughts on the game.
  8. FreshSoulL

    Bulldogs 2016 - Salary Cap Breach

    We have been fined by the NRL - Same with Raiders The Canberra Raiders and Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs have been fined for breaches of the salary cap last year. NRL Chief Operating Officer Nick Weeks said the breaches were at the lower end of the scale but would still result in financial...
  9. FreshSoulL

    I'm fed up. Someone please explain

    How the fuck does this master coach decide to put a winger on the fken bench? This **** has lost his mind. fuck me. Im so upset that we have such a fken dud of a coach and team. Its fken Hasler making all the calls. There should be an " ANGRY" Prefix. I cant contain man. Its diabolical...
  10. FreshSoulL

    Did Hasler know all this time?

    FreshsoulL here, Just raising a thought I had... I say this because Des is a genius. It didn't take Hasler 5 years to snatch Foran across to the Bulldogs. He could have had him at the Dogs anytime. It was more likely that he knew what was about to unfold during the past 2 years and Hasler...
  11. FreshSoulL

    Google redefining the Word "Fascism"

    Hey lads, Go check out google. Define Fascism. They have changed it to target the political right. Fuck this world. These ***** are trying to change history. Social Justice Warriors will be the death of humanity
  12. FreshSoulL

    What now for Season 2017?

    Do the boys come together and fight for the premiership or do we derail. Sounded like James Graham believes we can take on the premiership. What are your thoughts? I really hope this saga brings us closer rather than destroy our football.
  13. FreshSoulL

    After 8 rounds - Worst attack in the comp

    Bulldogs have the worst attack in the comp with 122 points. Lmao
  14. FreshSoulL

    Josh Reynolds - The Heart of the Team

    His effort in this game was outstanding. This is why he is the heart of the team. He is in the game every minute. Has a never give up attitude. We have all bagged him out in the past but he deserves an applause.
  15. FreshSoulL

    Laptop Assistance

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop. Haven't really looked into the market recently so I'm not upto scratch with what's "in" or the best of tech. Any recommendations ? The laptop will be used for business use/work but at the same time if I can run games on it that would be sweet.
  16. FreshSoulL

    Hasler might be signed 2018/19

    Will be announced after a win or string of wins. Not at the moment with the negativity :/
  17. FreshSoulL

    Des Hasler - Bulldogs premiership 2017

    Des Hasler believes the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have what it takes to go all the way in 2017.
  18. FreshSoulL

    Womens March organiser - Linda Sarsour

    Says victim of female genital mutilation doesn't deserve to be a woman.
  19. FreshSoulL

    Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi

    So the title has been officially announced & the first teaser released. Trailer: Release: December
  20. FreshSoulL

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone keen on this console? Check out the new Zelda game. I think this could actually be the game of the year.
  21. FreshSoulL

    Car Insurance - Help please !!

    Firstly I own a 2015 WRX Premium Subaru MY16 ... So, Just Car insurance is no longer in service. I was paying an annual premium of 1700$ I just quoted with AAMI and NRMA and it will cost me 3.5k + just to cover me. Other insurers say they wont cover me because I am under the age of 25. (Im...
  22. FreshSoulL

    Final Fantasy XV

    Anyone playing this game? If so what are your thoughts? I'm at the end of the game, just before the final boss. Try avoid spoilers for others !
  23. FreshSoulL

    Trump Vs Clinton - Debate #3

    Any of you guys going to be tuning into this?
  24. FreshSoulL

    Donald Trump

    If Donald Trump fails to win the Election come November. Should the Bulldogs make a bid to replace Raelene Castle? Serious thoughts and conversation please. #MakeBulldogsGreatAgain
  25. FreshSoulL

    Moses has Talent. We are choking it

    Title. Thoughts?
  26. FreshSoulL

    T-Rex Could Be Shock Inclusion For Bulldogs

    Tony Williams could be a shock inclusion for Canterbury in Monday's NRL clash with St George Illawarra. Bulldogs interchange backrower Adam Elliot injured his hamstring at training on Thursday and will go for scans on Friday afternoon, seemingly opening the door for Williams' return to first...
  27. FreshSoulL

    Tony Williams has been dropped from First grade

    After 3 years this has finally happened. FFS. It shouldnt have ever EVER taken this long. I hope Des actually starts dropping under performing players. Adrian Proszenko ‏@proshenks 2h2 hours ago Hearing Tony Williams has been dropped to reserve grade this week @NRL_Bulldogs #NRL...
  28. FreshSoulL

    Klemmer - Needs to seriously wake up !

    Please watch this footage of Klemmer - He will cop a suspension.:rage: https://streamable.com/65xd What the fuck goes through his mind? please tell me
  29. FreshSoulL

    Corruption - World officials

    An unprecedented leak of more than 11 million documents has revealed the hidden financial dealings of some of the world's wealthiest people, as well as 12 current and former world leaders and 128 more politicians and public officials around the world. --...
  30. FreshSoulL

    Some not so good news..

    Andrew Voss ‏@AndrewVossy 1h1 hour ago Not all good news for @NRL_Bulldogs last nite.James Graham shoulder charge on report.David Klemmer touches ref in 55th min.Tolman head knock -------------- I think James will get away with the shoulder. What is the penalty for Klemmer? And does that...
  31. FreshSoulL

    You're officially the last man on earth, what do you do?

    So what would you do? :eek:
  32. FreshSoulL

    Round 1: Who are your tips?

    What are your tips for round 1? I'm calling an upset for tomorrow nights game. Parra to beat Broncos.
  33. FreshSoulL

    The Canterbury Breed

    News will be out shortly to what this may be. Image didnt upload but you can view it here: https://twitter.com/NRL_Bulldogs/status/700500187177836544
  34. FreshSoulL

    Josh Reynolds admits he’s played dumb football, vows to smarten up

    CANTERBURY five-eighth Josh Reynolds admits he’s been a “dumb footballer”, and now needs to smarten up in the absence of cool halfback Trent Hodkinson. Three suspensions and separate arm and knee injuries have limited the 26-year-old to just 15 games this NRL season. And after his on-field...
  35. FreshSoulL

    Rugby League Live 3 - Competition -

    still editing - Ladder: W: L: PF: PA: PD: CP: 1. Doggies09 2. FreshsoulL 3. Doggies2015 4. blah 5. Jacobshade 6. ElMagicElMasri KEY: W: Win L: Loss PF: Points For PA: Points Against PD: Point Differential CP: Competition...
  36. FreshSoulL

    Are we cursed?

    Hands down, I bet my life that storm would score in the last minute. Everytime we keep a team scoreless we end up giving points in the final 5. Always. I just knew storm were going to score. I get so cut.
  37. FreshSoulL

    Rumour: Tigers chasing Klemmer

    Heard it last night and again this morning. Reported 5 mill over 4years. Arent we resigning him anyways?
  38. FreshSoulL

    Homeless guys spits some truth !

    This is a must watch guys. So much truth. It is really sad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfU8TUZRtZg
  39. FreshSoulL

    Parra Eels - Salary Cap BREACHED

    MODs: Please edit title to "BREACHED" How the F*** do you breach the cap and manage to win the wooden spoon so many times? LOL this is history. MORE TO COME> PARRAMATTA is facing a fine of up to $500,000 for salary cap breaches. The NRL has confirmed this morning the Eels have been under...
  40. FreshSoulL

    I am a fool

    because I believed the woman I loved. She played me so hard. She be talking to someone else :( I have never felt such pain like this. Love makes you so blind man. Everything I did for her , everything I sacrificed all down the ****ing drain like that. I need comfort guys :(
  41. FreshSoulL

    Dragon Ball Super

    New DBZ series!!!!!! Coming out July ... :whoo: KAAAAAAA MAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA MAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-04-28/dragon-ball-gets-1st-new-tv-anime-in-18-years-in-july/.87608 Childhood series coming alive...
  42. FreshSoulL

    Wayne Bennett slams NRL administrations for making the game a ‘laughing stock’

    WAYNE Bennett has slammed the NRL’s administration, saying their reluctance to make hard decisions has led to the round 13 “farce”. Brisbane’s master coach let rip at the NRL for allowing players to get out of contracts until round 13 rule, a rule Sea Eagle Daly Cherry-Evans may yet exploit...
  43. FreshSoulL

    What are my rights?

    Hi Kennel, Might need some help here. So yesterday around 4:45pm (mind you we finish at 530pm) my co worker & I left early due to the extreme sydney weather ( we live out west and we work in chatswood). We spoke to our support team and they said we could leave early since we live so far...
  44. FreshSoulL

    Michael Ennis, what a performance!

    He had a really good game against South's. Can't believe he left. Fkn burns was my favourite player. I really hope if we don't win the comp the Sharks have a good shot at it just for Ennis.
  45. FreshSoulL

    Jmoz likely to return against wests

    He just said so on the Sunday footy show.
  46. FreshSoulL

    Apparently Benji Marshall is being shopped around..

    Should we go after? He is better than what we have now. EDIT: He isnt the best half but on his day can be a weapon. Marshall victim of Dragons' cash flow problems The Dragons are offering Benji Marshall to rival clubs – on the quiet. Benji has another year to go on his rich deal with the...
  47. FreshSoulL

    National Kennel League

    Hi Everyone, Since I like most of you here (except Bulldogs_fan... LOL jks i love you) Ive been thinking but not sure if its possible we could meet up and have a game of touch or something. The plus side is that we all get to meet each other. I'd love to meet ASSASSIN and of course...
  48. FreshSoulL

    Member Statement from Raelene Castle

    It has been a tough few days for the Bulldogs club – particularly our members and fans. Fan Behaviour We are all disappointed in the actions of a few fans and frustrated at the way they have cast all of us in a bad light. We are working with ANZ Stadium, the NSW Police and the NRL to review...
  49. FreshSoulL

    James Graham ruled out for season! ACL!

    James Graham has been ruled out for the season. Doing his ACL during a run at Belmore oval. April fools ;D
  50. FreshSoulL

    Michael Ennis finally reveals what he said to Nathan Hindmarsh to spark fight in 2011

    MICHAEL Ennis says it is his most asked question — “what did you say to Nathan Hindmarsh to set him off?” Finally the answer was revealed on Matty Johns Big Weekend tonight after Ennis sat down with Hindmarsh to relive the event. “That’s my most asked question out of my career,” Ennis...
  51. FreshSoulL

    Oust Doust

    The St Merge fans are really going hard out now to kick Doust out of office. What do you guys think of all this?? LOL Should we feel for them? They were trending on twitter last night #saveoursaints
  52. FreshSoulL

    Our style / Comparison

    Hi All, The Dogs are flat, we dont stand deep enough, our forwards dont run hard and we dont look threatening :( I watched the Roosters and Rabbits game yesterday and I wish we ran as hard as they did. We have one of the biggest packs in the league yet we run so soft. We need to throw the...
  53. FreshSoulL

    Queensland & NT Cyclones

    This is bad.. hearing upto 300km winds in QUEENSLAND. As much as it is scary.. I love storms and would like to experience something like that HA call me crazy but wow EDIT: TITLE SHOULD BE CYCLONE !! (LOL)
  54. FreshSoulL


    Hello Kennel, Anyone here lurk reddit?? any interesting or good subreddits?
  55. FreshSoulL

    Star Manly pivot could play under Des Hasler again

    SPECULATION is rife Canterbury are preparing a massive deal for Sea Eagles five-eighth Kieran Foran. It was reported on Tuesday Manly are in a state of disarray, with the Kiwi international apparently keen to move at the end of the year and two-time premiership-winning centre Steve Matai...
  56. FreshSoulL

    Greg Inglis - Captain - Rabbithoes

    Greg Inglis is replacing John Sutton as Captain.. Rabbitohs fullback, and Queensland and Australian representative player, Greg Inglis, has been named captain of the Club for 2015. Inglis, who filled in as captain during the Rabbitohs' 2014 Premiership-winning season, has taken up the reins...
  57. FreshSoulL

    Darius Boyd - Out for 2015 season

    Reports coming from the Brisbane camp that Darius has snapped his achilles tendons and is out . pete badel ‏@badds76 Exclusive: full story on darius boyd breaking down this morning on courier mail online. Faces nine month recovery Peter @badds76 Badel reporting Darius Boyd has snapped his...
  58. FreshSoulL

    Samsung S5 help please

    Guys, I know I created a thread saying Android owns iOS not long ago but I wanted to start a new thread to really grab attention towards this issue I am facing. But seriously now the S5 is giving me nothing more than the shits. It is slow, laggy and does not run as smooth as iOS. In my opinion...
  59. FreshSoulL

    Interstellar - 2014

    So excited / G'eed to see this film directed by Chris Nolan! Going tonight :D Anyone else keen on this film?
  60. FreshSoulL

    Android > iOS

    I just purchased my first android phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) after using iOS for 4 years ! WOWOW I am really liking it. Any tips? what apps are there that are cool etc?? Features maybe I am unaware of?
  61. FreshSoulL

    Need help

    I have been working on a support desk for 11 months now heading to a year.. I do not want to be here any longer. I want to get into some Junior networking role or web development role. I searched on seek and all these places ask for experience/knowledge which wasn't gained during my University...
  62. FreshSoulL

    Hodkinson: I owe Des the world

    Over the course of the Bulldogs' run to the biggest occasion on the NRL calendar, Trent Hodkinson has confirmed himself as the game's pre-eminent super boot. So two years ago as he watched his teammates make that same journey to the 2012 decider from the sidelines, you can only imagine how...
  63. FreshSoulL


    Ebola is spreading and apparently has hit the United States (My guess is they allowed that to happen). What are your thoughts about this new emerging outbreak? What is Ebola?? Ebola virus disease (EVD), Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF), or simply Ebola is a disease of humans and other primates...
  64. FreshSoulL

    G'eed or what?!

    WHO IS FIRED UP FOR TONIGHT?? Have been spending some time today in belmore and the atmosphere has just been great. You can really feel the Bulldogs spirit. FIRE UP. YEAHHHHHHH
  65. FreshSoulL

    What are your life ambitions?

    Just an interesting thread I guess to know what everyone looks forward to in life and what they want to achieve. So as the thread title... What are your life ambitions? where did they spark from?
  66. FreshSoulL

    Urgent: Aan number

    Can someone inbox me their AAN number or member code so I can get tickets for the discounted price??? Sorry mods for this thread but its urgent IT WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED
  67. FreshSoulL

    No Charges !! Ennis + Jacksons free to play woo

    Yeaaaaah buddy Official tweet from CLUB: NRL Bulldogs ‏@NRL_Bulldogs 1m Josh Jackson has been cleared by the NRL Match Review Committee to play against the Penrith Panthers this Saturday night at ANZ Stadium League Unlimited NRL ‏@LeagueUnlimited 2m #NRL JUDICIARY: Josh Jackson has NOT be...
  68. FreshSoulL

    Intimidating Defence !

    Our defence intimidates the opposition and forces errors. We clearly saw that against the Souths few weeks ago and yesterday arvo against the Storm. I HATE when people say "Souths played shit" or "Storm played shit" because of the errors or shit completion rate that we do force. Our defence...
  69. FreshSoulL

    Sam Kasiano

    Sam Kasiano.. just posted up on Insta that He is going to Samoa in two weeks. Is he no longer wanted by the club? wouldn't he go/book his flight after the NRL final series in case the Dogs happen to make the GF so he could be there in support?? Does this tell us that these rumours are true...
  70. FreshSoulL

    Captain Ennis

    Hi everyone, To be honest, I havent stopped thinking about it. I am disappointed Des/the club didnt give Ennis the extra run he deserves with the club. Its sad to see him leave. It actually hurts, he offers so much for us. His love and passion for the Dogs is just incredible and those are the...
  71. FreshSoulL

    Property Investing

    Hey guys, I am looking into investing into a property and I need some advice?? Have you guys (Older kennellers) invested in property and how did you guys go about it? Which areas are on the verge of a boom? best etc? Any tips would be great :)
  72. FreshSoulL

    Josh Reynolds Suspension

    He is looking at 4 weeks according to League Unlimited: League Unlimited NRL ‏@LeagueUnlimited Josh Reynolds 4 weeks George Burgess 3 weeks #nrl League Unlimited NRL ‏@LeagueUnlimited Reynolds charged for the trip and kick, not the high tackle. Burgess for the Matai chicken wing #nrl Chris...
  73. FreshSoulL

    Does reminiscing about the past make you feel weird? sad?

    As title says does it make you feel sad? weirdd? happy etc I don't know how I feel, so many mixed emotions.. I love my past so much. I wish I could re-live them.. I miss everything about my childhood and teenage years. What about you guys?
  74. FreshSoulL

    Anthony Minichiello

    Announced he will be retiring after this year. Sydney Roosters captain Anthony Minichiello has announced he will retire at the end of the season after 15 years in the top grade. "Today I'd like to announce I'm retiring at the end of this season... It's a decision I have thought long and hard...
  75. FreshSoulL


    Is it just me or is everyone finding "Rashays" very annoying? they are literally everywhere now.. anything to do with the club. Its like fk off please. Seriously its really annoying. Even in Zaps bloody talks before game and all the pre game comedy etc the mention of the word Rashays is...
  76. FreshSoulL

    @ tagging / notification system

    Hi Mods/Admins/Developers of this forum. You guys reckon we could implement an @ (tag) function? to notify users that they have been responded to? Not always do I realise that someone has replied to one of my posts and if we introduce some sort of notification system it would help people like...
  77. FreshSoulL

    All of you !! Eat your words pls

    YEAHHH UP THE DOGS !! And for all of you who bagged the whole team before kick off. What do u have to say now?? HAHA whatta game. Well fken done Tony Williams, Jackson. Fk manly. Well done Ennis !!
  78. FreshSoulL


    What do you fear the most in life and why? Me personally.. death of a loved one. Don't know how I will react.
  79. FreshSoulL

    Clash of Clans -

    So I downloaded this app 2 months ago and its going pretty well. Does anyone else play this? Currently have a clan if anyone is willing to join. 600+ Trophies required tho
  80. FreshSoulL

    wow Nathan Tinkler

    Knights players on receiving end of abusive texts from Nathan Tinkler’s phone NEWCASTLE Knights players have been receiving abusive text messages from tyrannical owner Nathan Tinkler’s phone. Only days before Tinkler is forced to hand back Newcastle’s NRL licence after a spectacular collapse...
  81. FreshSoulL

    Intensity - Sport

    Hey guys, Often my friend and I will argue which sport is more intense/suspense/on the edge. He argues that soccer is and I argue that Rugby League is. For example, in my opinion you will never experience a moment like the last 5 minutes of the Dogs vs Warriors game when Shaun Johnson...
  82. FreshSoulL

    Horror Stories

    Do any of you guys love reading horror material?? if so post (if you have any stories) below or share any scary experiences ! P.S Do you guys believe in paranormal activity? supernatural occurrences? :crazy::fear:
  83. FreshSoulL

    RLW - Jono Wright

    Rugby League Week is reporting that Jono Wright may be a Bulldog before June 30! what do you guys reckon? I know Jono in 2012 said he loves the club and wanted to be a one club man or something along the lines of wanting to stay with the Dogs.. Would you guys welcome him back? I think I...
  84. FreshSoulL

    Bulldogs vs Benji Rd 9

    Apparently.. Benji will be playing for St George! Announcement tomorrow.. I guess we will be the first team he faces. Good or bad?
  85. FreshSoulL

    Need help/entertainment something asap

    Guys, I recently started working full time for a company, IT support/helpdesk and I do jack all day. I get really bored and at times I think I lose my mind. Anything you guys recommend I can do whilst I am at work? Maybe some method of making money online too. I dont knowwwwwwww :(...
  86. FreshSoulL

    Bulldogs v Knights preview

    Bulldogs v Knights We all know how much Bulldogs coach Des Hasler detests the spotlight, but Canterbury-Bankstown fans must be enjoying the view on top of this wacky NRL universe. And so they should – it's not every day you have the rugby league's version of Michael Jordan coming up big in the...
  87. FreshSoulL

    Monster Bulldogs bench !

    Monster Bulldogs bench proving hard to stop What has eight eyes and eight legs, weighs almost half a tonne and can induce a suspicious puddle at the feet of grown men with the mere thought of coming across it in a dark alleyway? Thankfully that god awful giant spider from the Harry Potter...
  88. FreshSoulL

    Lifting tackle - Now banned

    The NRL has directed the Match Review Committee to take a hard line against players lifting opponents into a "dangerous position" where they could injure their head or neck. This follows an extensive review of performance data and tackle analytics over the first six rounds of the season...
  89. FreshSoulL


    Not sure if there is already a thread on this.. But is it worth investing in? a mate bought 1 bitcoin for somewhere around $1000.. will this go up? Anyone know much about this that can help out
  90. FreshSoulL

    Bulldogs Wallpaper

    Does anyone have any Desktop wallpapers I can put up on my computer at work? Need to show everyone that I am a proud supporter. Cheeeers ;)
  91. FreshSoulL

    Steve Turner NRL9s

    Steve turner making a come back?? I asked on twitter and He said he is getting ready for it! Cant post a screenshot ! Using my iphone to post this Here is the link to the tweet. https://twitter.com/steveturner84/st...55206979198978 The message here: @SteveTurner84: In the gym...
  92. FreshSoulL

    The Bulldogs.

    After watching the game between the roosters and manly. I am really concerned that these teams would humiliate us. Do you guys reckon we can put a fight like some of us witnessed tonight? It scares me :/
  93. FreshSoulL

    Our support.

    I really didnt want to make another thread about tonight. But hey lets stop bagging the team, and lets give them some belief. I do believe we can still rock the comp in finals footy. Yes our team played below par tonight. The players are frustrated. But we will regroup over this. Dont...
  94. FreshSoulL

    League Transfer Window

    What do you guys think of this?
  95. FreshSoulL

    Bulldogs Chased Folau

    Bulldogs boss Todd Greenberg has admitted that he chased Israel Folau hard but he won't come to the NRL. "There's one thing people will know is that I always had a crack and I would've loved to see Israel Folau do one or two things - either play at the Bulldogs or certainly playing in rugby...
  96. FreshSoulL

    Benji was with Dog Officials

    Today people have claimed to have seen that Benji Marshall was with Bulldogs officials. The mole has also tweeted the same. Thoughts?
  97. FreshSoulL

    Cby vs War Highlights video -.-

    After watching the Highlights video.. It claimed that Barbas try was "Controversial" and no mention whatsoever about the forward pass to Fisiahis try. And you know whats funny they high lighted the obstruction in the video LOL. Have a watch. Really annoyed me.
  98. FreshSoulL

    Most annoying supporters in League?

    Which supporters do you find most annoying and why? I personally cannot stand "The Burrow", for some reason I find all rabbit supporters annoying as ****
  99. FreshSoulL

    Is it just me.. Or

    We going to kick some ass ! I have these really good vibes about the coming weeks of footy. I feel like a big come back is set to come. I hope I aint wrong. I can really feel it ! Who else can feel it ?! I really am looking forward to watching my boys play,, I don't know why! ;)
  100. FreshSoulL

    Very Strong Premier Contenders

    We are very strong contenders for the Premiership this year. We have four of our gun players out and had control of the Melbourne game. So close. Yes we had some stupid and unwanted errors but with our full Squad back I cant imagine how good we will be. Welcome another streak of wins...