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    Penns buy back Manly from Quantum - now own majority shares.

    Didn't manly sort their board out?they might want to get des back . What are your thoughts, would he want to go back?
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    Reynolds brain snap,again

    At the end of the game Reynolds gave away the most stupid, blatant penalty that could have easily brought undone all the hard work of the previous 79 minutes and 50 seconds. He NEEDS to use his head more and stop doing mindless things out there. If Penrith scored off that last play the level...
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    FuiFuiMoiMoi has been denied one last great exit from the game by being denied the right to play in the Eels last home game of the season. He will be gutted once he knows what Arthur said to him.
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    Broncos Salary Cap

    Andrew Gee had to resign recently due to salary cap rorts within the Broncos right? What else has been said about this? Did they just make a mistake and now it's all sweet?
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    2013 Melbourne Cup

    That time of year again - post any tips,news etc and let's see if we can get the winner
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    The Blue and White Aggressor

    Now that the season is over I thought I'd put some thoughts down other than who we will,should,shouldn't and won't sign and get peoples thoughts.. I have a dream. We all know the Bulldogs have a Premier Coach at the helm in Des Hasler, his record speaks for itself and in one of the biggest...