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  1. doggies_92

    Opinion Hooker Potential Bradley Dietz

    At the moment deitz can’t play until round 10..Tyrone Harding has apparently left though, deitz could take that top 30 spot.
  2. doggies_92

    Team for round 1

    He just copped a fine
  3. doggies_92

    Opinion Bradley Deitz highlights

    Full time contract outside of top 30..which means same as development contract, can play after round 10. He will be treated as second string hooker behind JMK.
  4. doggies_92

    The Bulldogs best ever forward?

    You forgot Fred Briggs
  5. doggies_92

    Looks like we'll end up with Blayke Brailey

    They have played together since they were 5 years old and know each other’s game inside and out!
  6. doggies_92

    Official Doorey Signs Contract Extension

    Have heard Barrett is impressed with Deitz and wants him to keep training full time. Look for him to be added as a development player in the coming days or weeks.
  7. doggies_92

    News Bulldogs Recruitment Rater 2021

    Nothing to get too excited about just yet but Brad Deitz has just started training with the squad. He is a hooker with a similar style to Damien Cook (probs not as quick). Has been at the roosters stuck behind Friend and Verrills.
  8. doggies_92

    Who will be the last 3 signings for 2021 ?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets promoted into top 30..like doorey or schoupp
  9. doggies_92

    On this day... Bulldogs vs Roosters Round 26 (2012)

    Jackson’s SuperCoach score must have been through the roof!
  10. doggies_92

    Official Lafai signs for rest of 2020

    Just a thought. But maybe... 1. Meaney 2. Montoya 3. Lafai 4. Hoppa 5. DWZ 6. Averillo 7. Foran
  11. doggies_92

    News Canterbury keen on Penrith’s Matt Burton

    If we can get him at a good price then I’m not against it. Think back to Tedesco when he started his career, it was ACL after ACL. I’m not saying Bird is the next Tedesco, but I reckon he’s worth a crack if we don’t pay overs.. he was on fire at the sharks, just needs to be put in the right...
  12. doggies_92

    Opinion DWZ

    I just hope he doesn’t get the shits and wanna leave..if he’s happy on the wing then that puts us in a good position to land a marquee fullback
  13. doggies_92

    2020 recruitment

    This is the closest thing We have 18 players signed for 2021 (that includes Wakeham) https://www.zerotackle.com/rugby-league/teams/canterbury-bankstown-bulldogs/
  14. doggies_92

    2020 recruitment

    just heard on channel 7 news..McCullough likely to sign with dogs for 2021 after stint with Newcastle.. That’s shit if true! Would rather Connor Watson or Reed Mahoney
  15. doggies_92

    News Bulldogs fighting to keep young stars

    Highlight videos
  16. doggies_92

    Official Bulldogs contract list

    Just saw this on the NRL app. Is it a mistake? Jesse Arthars playing for the dogs?
  17. doggies_92

    Results that we need to make the top 8

    We would also need Tigers to beat Newcastle this week
  18. doggies_92

    Official Round 23 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    We can easily win this game! Parra are not going as good as people think. These are their last 6 games (all wins are against bottom 8 teams) I know we are a bottom 8 team, but definitely not playing like it atm. R17 beat tigers R18 lost to sea eagles R19 beat warriors R20 beat dragons R21 beat...
  19. doggies_92

    Bulldogs to miss out on key signing target Herman Ese'ese, two priorities remain

    Does our style of play suit Ramien? He has openly said he wants to play in a team that gives early ball from the halves, do we do this with our current centres?
  20. doggies_92

    Frawley a Bad Defender, Still Offers Way More than JMK

    Is it just me or does Frawley always kill it in his first game back from reserve grade? He then ends up turning to poo again
  21. doggies_92


    England or Melbourne
  22. doggies_92

    Round 16 - Bulldogs vs Knights - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Does anyone know why the commentator keeps calling Slade griffin, Brailey?
  23. doggies_92

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Esan Marsters is off contract, would be a good replacement for JMoz/Hoppa
  24. doggies_92

    New Bulldogs coach Dean Pay’s position bombshells to revive Dogs of war in 2018

    It’s a been a while since I was this excited for the season to start!
  25. doggies_92

    Which Players will be reinvigorated after Hasbeens departure?

    If the Morris boys stay, watch them turn back the clock if we play a deeper attacking style with early ball
  26. doggies_92

    Triple signings rock the NRL, as Bulldogs get double hit & Roosters get their man

    If we can keep Reynolds and Graham then Surely this would have to happen in order for us to afford Foran and Woods Lichaa- gone Hopoate- gone Eastwood- released from final year J Moz- released from final year B Moz- released from final year Kasiano- released from final year 2018 side 1. ...
  27. doggies_92

    Frawley needs to stay halfback for the rest of the year

    Frawley's player number is 777. What other evidence does des need?
  28. doggies_92

    2018 coach

    I wouldn't be surprised if Brett Kimmorley's name gets thrown around
  29. doggies_92

    Canterbury Bulldogs on verge of worst losing streak in Des Hasler’s NRL coaching career

    Grimaldi coaches his son's U/15s team and they have won the last 2 GFs, promote him I say! He's ready.
  30. doggies_92

    Most Hated Canterbury Player.

    Daniel Dropsworth
  31. doggies_92

    no jmoz

    Eastwood also out with fine starting
  32. doggies_92

    no jmoz

    J Moz in, holland out. Garvey is also out.
  33. doggies_92


    Hopefully we don't get too many more injuries, we play panthers, eels, Souths and raiders early in the season who have all been hit hard by injuries to key players, would be good to be 5 from 5 to start the season.
  34. doggies_92

    NRL Finals Week 2: Bulldogs v Roosters Team List & Discussion Thread

    I'm sitting at the southern end tonight, does anybody know if that's doggies or roosters territory?
  35. doggies_92

    Our finals path

    If we verse Cowboys week 2 or 3 does that mean we play in Townsville or at Suncorp?
  36. doggies_92

    Our finals path

    Is it possible we can avoid going to Queensland? I really want us to play all our games in Sydney if possible, If we finish 5th we will verse either Broncos or Cowboys in week 3 of the finals, if we finish 6th we verse one of them week 2. Either way, for us to make the GF we will be playing...
  37. doggies_92

    Lafai injury

    I dont know how accurate nrl.com is but they have lafai out until round 13.
  38. doggies_92

    Round 11 Dogs vs Raiders - NRL Team and Discussion Thread

    Sorry I ment Mbye not Reynolds
  39. doggies_92

    Round 11 Dogs vs Raiders - NRL Team and Discussion Thread

    I still think lichaa and Reynolds should rotate the hooking duties, Hasler is not gonna drop hodkinson and jmoz and lafai both deserve their spots in the centres.
  40. doggies_92


    100 percent mate! Pritchards workload was awesome today.
  41. doggies_92

    We need to jump on this guy

    Mitch Cornish to depart Raiders Miitchell Cornish The Gold Coast Titans and Manly Sea Eagles are not the only parties eagerly awaiting the end of the Daly Cherry-Evans tug of war, with the future of outgoing Canberra Raider Mitch Cornish likely to hinge on his decision. Cornish will not be at...
  42. doggies_92

    Our round 8 team vs the Tigers

    Sam Perrett Curtis Rona Josh Morris Moses Mbye Corey Thompson Josh Reynolds Trent Hodkinson Aidan Tolman Michael Lichaa Sam Kasiano Josh Jackson Tony Williams Greg Eastwood Frank Pritchard Tim Browne Lloyd Perrett Antonio Kaufusi That's what I think Des will name. Me personally I would have...
  43. doggies_92

    NRL DISCUSSION THREAD | Round 6 | Bulldogs v Dragons

    I must say Chase Stanley played very well, tried hard all day. I think we need to keep Lichaa on all game, we look like a much better side when he's on. Hodko and Reynolds need a month in NSW Cup, when we dropped Jmoz a few years back he came back and killed it, our halves need to know that they...
  44. doggies_92

    Greatest ever Bulldog?

    Fred Briggs
  45. doggies_92

    Tim Lafai & Brett Morris Injury Update

    Everybody has got to remember that when ever this club is hit with hard times like this, we are the kings of coming through the other side on top!
  46. doggies_92

    Potential team against Dragons

    Just to be different- Sam Perrett Jarrod Mcinally Curtis Rona Chase Stanley Corey Thompson Moses Mbye Trent Hodkinson Aiden Tolman Michael Lichaa Tim Browne Josh Jackson Tony Williams Greg Eastwood Josh Reynolds Frank Pritchard Antonio Kaufusi Lloyd Perrett I don't think kas will be...
  47. doggies_92


    3- J moz 2- Klemmer 1- Lichaa
  48. doggies_92

    Reynolds Kicking tee throw

    That's classic, dogs will be dogs.
  49. doggies_92

    NRL DISCUSSION THREAD | Round 4 | Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs v West Tigers

    Tony Williams take a bow!! If only he could play like that every week! He will run over Millard/Goodwin and that little prick Keary all day if he does that next week.
  50. doggies_92

    Auckland Nines squad

    Iv seen patten up at Oztag a few times, he's still pretty fit..he would be fitter than freddy Fittler anyway... haha that's a tongue twister if iv ever heard one!
  51. doggies_92

    Need for speed got Eastwood to 'Dogs

    Will never forget his second half performance against Souths in the 2012 preliminary final, what a legend!
  52. doggies_92

    Who should replace Ennis?

    8- tolman 9- Jackson 10- graham 11- finucane 12- Williams 13- Eastwood 14- Maitua 15- klemmer 16- Pritchard 17- Browne huge gamble with Jackson at hooker but I think we need someone who can hold out those big Souths forwards
  53. doggies_92

    Graham that's all

    My bad, this has already been discussed
  54. doggies_92

    Graham that's all

    Who beats him in prop of the year? I can't think of anyone at the top of my head who has had a better season
  55. doggies_92

    Josh Morris

    I think Morris has always struggled with our attacking style since hasler came in, I think he needs early ball to wind up, playing with such a flat style doesn't allow him to do that.
  56. doggies_92

    Round 22 Discussion Thread - Bulldogs vs Broncos @ Suncorp Stadium

    I feel good about tonight, time to get our season back on track Let's hope for no more injuries.
  57. doggies_92

    Round 13 - Manly Vs. Bulldogs

    It's wet and raining! Dogs by 50 haha
  58. doggies_92

    The Sun Herald brushes the Dogs

    Hasler has paid all news companies to keep us under the radar haha
  59. doggies_92

    Bulldogs Player Movements | Re-Signings | Rumour Mill | 2013 Edition

    Yeh fair enough..pre season not long enough ay? That's all barba really had though isn't it
  60. doggies_92

    Bulldogs Player Movements | Re-Signings | Rumour Mill | 2013 Edition

    Hopefully I don't get bombed for this, but it's just a question seeing iv never seen him play, why doesn't mbye suit fullback?
  61. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    I don't even know what that means, soz guys if the mbye statement was so offensive to you, just an idea, Joined this site just to talk some footy, didn't think dogs fans would treat people so sh** cheers to the others though for the back up
  62. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Also played his junior footy at fullback
  63. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Iv actually never seen him play but he's a ball player and apparently he is quick, might need some practice with the high ball though..I recall Kevin Moore doing a similar thing with a guy named Ben barba, and I know how that turned out but people need to admit, Ben is a top player, probably the...
  64. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Moses mbye to play fullback and will get dally m rookie of the year, you heard it here first
  65. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Why aren't you getting some inside info? He still works for the dogs doesn't he?
  66. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    And I hope the dogs don't look at getting Daniel dropsworth, apparently Melbourne have made an offer for him, looks like they will struggle again during origin period haha
  67. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Don't worry everyone, just found out Matt Utai is off contract, WE ARE SAVED!!!!!!
  68. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Anyone know what karmichael hunt is up to?
  69. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    I don't know why people keep coming back to Hoffman, he came out and said he just bought a house in qld and has a 4 month yr old baby, he seems pretty settled to me I think O'connor is our man, with some other random, probs this naughton bloke or ferguson
  70. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    I actually saw the general playing some Oztag last night, has lost a bit of speed though haha
  71. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    I know this won't happen, but how would everyone feel if minichiello came to the dogs? Personally I think it would be a waste of money, but a temporary 1 year deal until someone big came on the market might be an idea. I also doubt he would move west haha...just a thought as he hasn't signed...
  72. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    We need something Dakar, something small will do
  73. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    I think it's time for another clue!!
  74. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    So everyone keeps saying haha
  75. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Is anything supposed to be announced today?
  76. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    http://m.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-clubs-looking-at-recruiting-wallaby-badboy-james-oconnor/story-fni3fbgz-1226743399927 It's all about to unfold
  77. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    By wild do you mean fergo wild?
  78. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Haha this is the best
  79. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    Ok Dakar I think it's safe to spill the beans..this is doing my head in haha
  80. doggies_92

    2014 first grade line up

    1- ? 2- Sam Perrett 3- Josh Morris 4- Chase Stanley 5- Krisnan Inu 6- Josh Reynolds 7- Trent Hodkinson 8- Aiden Tolman 9- Michael Ennis 10- James Graham 11- Josh Jackson 12- Frank Pritchard 13- Greg Eastwood 14- Moses Mbye 15- Sam Kasiano 16- Reni Maitua 17- Tony Williams 18- Dale Finucane 19-...
  81. doggies_92

    Moses Mbye

    Should be slowly introduced as a bench hooker, just like Reynolds..give him a taste
  82. doggies_92

    Fullback Discussion

    ISRAEL FOLAU, just saying strange things can happen