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  1. Brissy Bulldog

    Queensland Based Supporters

    Can anyone tell me for once and for all whether there is some sort of official Queensland / Brisbane Supporters Club ? We have a stack of fans up here and I think it is time we organised ourselves. There has been talk of it in the past, however I have not seen anything official. If there...
  2. Brissy Bulldog

    Steve Price (Radio Host) goes DUI !! Ha Ha

    Radio personality Steve Price has been charged with drink driving in a north Sydney suburb. Police said they arrested a 52-year-old man in Neutral Bay on Saturday night and charged him with mid-range drink driving, but would not name the man. Sydney radio station 2UE, which hosts Price's...
  3. Brissy Bulldog

    Brisbane Based Fans Rejoice - Rd 11 v Cowboys at Suncorp !!

    I just read this in the Sunday Mail: Here is the link: http://www.news.com.au/sundaymail/story/0,23739,21020740-10389,00.html
  4. Brissy Bulldog

    News Limited Hypocrisy

    Imagine if this was a footballer storming onto the stage at the Dally M's ? He would be crucified by the press and Gallop would deregister him. Check out the last sentence: A spokesman for News Ltd, Greg Baxter, said Milne would be "disciplined internally", but would not say how. How weak...
  5. Brissy Bulldog

    Holdsworth - Buy of the Year (article)

    Buy of the year - Daniel Holdsworth is on $50,000. Braith Anasta was paid $455,000. The Bulldogs have not missed him By DAVID RICCIO BULLDOGS five-eighth Daniel Holdsworth has been tagged the buy of the season after successfully stepping out of the shadow of Braith Anasta. "I haven't seen...
  6. Brissy Bulldog

    Woolford to sign with Dragons

    WTF ? --------------- Canberra hooker Simon Woolford will sign a two-year deal with NRL joint venture club St George Illawarra on Wednesday. The 31-year-old former Raiders skipper says he's looking forward to a change of scenery and playing under Dragons coach Nathan Brown. The...
  7. Brissy Bulldog

    Is Origin Fixed ?

    Put on your cynic's hat for a moment and ask yourself this question. Put your own spin on these facts: 1. Game 1 in the past 3 years has been decided in Golden Point or by 1 point. 2. The Allan Langer comeback 3. The Andrew Johns comeback 4. The Brad Fittler farewell. 5. The entire...
  8. Brissy Bulldog

    Lockyer 72 hours to late

    Before I start, I should declare that it is 2.00am in the mornng and I have been drinking since 5.00pm yesterday. I have just got home from seeing the Broncos give it to the Bulldog and must ask FFS, why the **** didn't Lockyer play like that on Wednesday night. If he had, then the...
  9. Brissy Bulldog

    Richard Carleton dies at mine site

    Veteran Nine Network reporter Richard Carleton has died after suffering a suspected heart attack at Tasmania's Beaconsfield Gold Mine, Tasmanian police say. "He has died," Tasmanian police constable Phil Pike told AAP. Nine presenter Mike Munro confirmed the death during a televised news...
  10. Brissy Bulldog

    Shut up, listen: the Roosters are awful (long article by Gould)

    Shut up, listen: the Roosters are awful By Phil Gould April 23, 2006 SO GUS is the bad guy for having criticised the Roosters. Well, boo bloody hoo to you! Those in the media who staged a campaign against me during the week have no credibility. The fact you lied, exaggerated and...
  11. Brissy Bulldog

    Domestic cricket on Fox Sports

    Fox Sports will broadcast live Australian domestic cricket competitions from next season in a three-year deal announced today with Cricket Australia. The arrangement will see a total of 27 out of a total 31 domestic one-day games televised throughout the season. Ten rounds of the Pura Cup...
  12. Brissy Bulldog

    We'll look after Sonny: Kiwis

    New Zealand officials have moved to assure the Bulldogs they will take no chances with the health of NRL superstar Sonny Bill Williams despite their keenness to pitch him into the Anzac Day Test match. Williams made his long-awaited return for the Bulldogs in their 26-18 victory over South...
  13. Brissy Bulldog

    Tonga No 1 Priority for QLD Reds

    Tonga's our man By PETER JENKINS March 30, 2006 QUEENSLAND have called on the ARU to help them poach rugby league Test centre Willie Tonga. The Reds have made contact with leading ARU figures – including Wallaby coach John Connolly – wanting a guaranteed contract top-up if the...
  14. Brissy Bulldog

    Kennel Quoted in the Media

  15. Brissy Bulldog

    Man blinded at NRL game loses appeal

    A rugby league fan blinded in one eye by a firecracker thrown during a Bulldogs game has lost his bid for compensation. Samer Haris was struck by fragments of a firecracker that landed on the field after the Bulldogs won their last game of the 2002 season, against the Brisbane Broncos. Mr...
  16. Brissy Bulldog

    The Mighty Have Fallen (Bulldogs & Broncos)

    This article was in the Courier Mail today. I have highlighted the parts that relate to the Bulldogs. It describes us as "a club on the slide" --------------------------------------------------------------- Courier Mail 17/3/06 The mighty have fallen By Bernie Pramberg Fans of...
  17. Brissy Bulldog

    Orr refused NRL agent accreditation

    This will no doubt please plenty of people in here !! ----------------------------------------------------------- High-profile player agent Gavin Orr was refused official rugby league player agent status by the Rugby League Accredited Player Agent Committee (RLAPAC). The RLAPAC met to...
  18. Brissy Bulldog

    20/20 Cricket

    Did anyone go to any of the games on the weekend ?. What are your thoughts ? Are you going to watch it tonight ?
  19. Brissy Bulldog

    AFL rights: Seven and Ten trump Nine

    AFL rights: Seven and Ten trump Nine January 5, 2006 - 12:27PM Channels Seven and Ten have officially stumped up the extra $20 million a year needed to secure the AFL television rights for 2007-2011. Both channels announced to the stock exchange this morning that their consortium had...
  20. Brissy Bulldog

    Test Cricket Umpires

    What are your thoughts on the ongoing umpiring sagas. Personally, I'd hate to see technology be used every time someone is hit on the pads. I think they are doing their best.
  21. Brissy Bulldog

    Gilly is Back !!

    The Adam Gilchrist that we know and love looks to be back. Currently 78 not out and dispatching the Sth Africans to all parts of the SCG. Welcome Back Gilly.
  22. Brissy Bulldog

    Top 25 Most Memorble Sporting Moments

    ABC Grandstand put this list together based on a listeners poll. It is meant to be from all over of the world, but obviously it has a huge Aussie bias and with more recent events dominating. Yesterday they were counting down and playing replays of most of the moments. It was great listening...
  23. Brissy Bulldog

    Jeff Fenech accused of shoplifting

    Former world champion boxer Jeff Fenech is due to appear in a Gold Coast court on Friday accused of shoplifting. The 41-year-old from Sydney and a 58-year-old man, also from Sydney, were issued with a notice on Thursday for allegedly stealing three watches worth a total of $400 at 10.15am...
  24. Brissy Bulldog

    'Bad Santas' wreak havoc worldwide

    Visualising some of these incidents is quite funny. --------------------------------------- 'Bad Santas' wreak havoc worldwide The big man in red is getting a bad name this year thanks to drunken Santas on a rampage in New Zealand, armed German robbers in Santa disguises, a British St...
  25. Brissy Bulldog

    Ricky Stuart Slams Wayne Bennett

    Bennett a guru? Not in our league, says Stuart December 19, 2005 NEW Australian rugby league coach Ricky Stuart has finally responded to stinging comments Wayne Bennett made about his coaching, suggesting his predecessor's guru-like status in the sport was a myth. The outgoing Australian...
  26. Brissy Bulldog

    World Cup Draw

    Australia draws with Brazil, Croatia and Japan. Although the experts say it is a tough draw, I think it will be great to see us play Brazil.
  27. Brissy Bulldog

    Kangaroos Excuse Thread

    What can we expect ?. I think these will be prominent ?. - The Season is too long. - The Tri Nations is too long. - The Tri Nations scheduling is all wrong. - There is too much football. (This is Bennett's favourite) - The referee was to blame. Here are a few of my own - The Kiwis...
  28. Brissy Bulldog

    Mr Miyagi Dies (The Karate Kid's mentor)

    Pat 'Mr Miyagi' Morita dies at 73 Actor Pat Morita, whose portrayal of the wise and dry-witted Mr Miyagi in The Karate Kid earned him an Oscar nomination, has died. He was 73. Morita died on Thursday at his home in Las Vegas of natural causes, said his wife of 12 years, Evelyn. She said in...
  29. Brissy Bulldog

    Brian Lara

    What a champion !!. After being ripped off by the umpires in the first 2 tests and bagged by every so called expert in the media, he has stood up like the true champion that he is and belted an unbeaten double ton ! "87.4 Lee to Lara, FOUR, Great shot and Lara reaches the double hundred...
  30. Brissy Bulldog

    Thompson no longer a Dragon

    Thompson no longer a Dragon By Andrew Webster November 16, 2005 Lance Thompson is on the hunt for a new NRL club after he and St George Illawarra agreed to terminated his contract last night. The saga over his future at the club, where he has played for the past 11 seasons, came to an...
  31. Brissy Bulldog

    Mad Monday

    What is the most likely outcomes from the Bulldogs Mad Monday
  32. Brissy Bulldog

    Melbourne Storm Bandwagon

    Hop on board people. Hook up your carriage. With the Dogs put to sleep for 2005, I am throwing my support by the Storm for the following reasons: 1. I think they can win. 2. I could not stand any of the other teams (except maybe NQ) winning. 3. I put $50 on them last week at 14/1 4...
  33. Brissy Bulldog

    This Weeks Team Named

    MEDIA RELEASE: MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC BULLDOGS TEAM LIST FOR THE ROUND 25 MATCH VERSUS THE PANTHERS August 23, 2005: The Mitsubishi Electric Bulldogs team to take on the Panthers in Round 25 of the Telstra NRL Premiership is: 1 Luke Young 2 Filinga Filiga 3 Jamaal Lolesi 4 Cameron...
  34. Brissy Bulldog

    More Roosters Crowd Violence

    http://www.smh.com.au/news/league/rusty-crows-after-win/2005/08/20/1124435184508.html "The comments seemed to fit the night, which was in many respects "Fight Night". Several fights erupted during the game: all-ins on the field - and drunken brawls among the crowd of 17,319 that needed to be...
  35. Brissy Bulldog

    A very special piece of Memorabilia

    The Bulldogs Shop is proud to present this very special piece of Bulldogs Memorabilia. Your replica jersey of that as worn by the Bulldogs during their humilating 54 - 2 record loss to the West Tigers on 19 August 2005. Featuring the Telstra Premiership logo and embroidery with your...
  36. Brissy Bulldog

    Who is Filinga Filiga ?

    Details please :)
  37. Brissy Bulldog

    Greats back Bulldogs to overcome odds

    Greats back Bulldogs to overcome odds August 15, 2005 - 8:45PM Canterbury rugby league greats Terry Lamb and Steve Mortimer say history shows the injury-ravaged Bulldogs can overcome the odds and make the NRL grand final. The Bulldogs are three points out of the top eight with three...
  38. Brissy Bulldog

    For Those Who Still Believe ....

    Its time to cash in. You can get odds of $26 for a Dogs Premiership. StGEORGE ILLAWARRA DRAGONS $2.70 BRISBANE BRONCOS $4.00 PARRAMATTA EELS $4.00 WESTS TIGERS $9.00 MELBOURNE STORM $13.00 NORTH QUEENSLAND COWBOYS $13.00 BULLDOGS $26.00 CRONULLA SHARKS $26.00 MANLY SEA EAGLES...
  39. Brissy Bulldog

    Trouble at West Tigers Game

    I heard a report of 4BC up here that a policewoman was "bashed" at the end of the game yesterday. Does anyone have any further info ?
  40. Brissy Bulldog

    Why ?

    The question is Why ? The answer is ?
  41. Brissy Bulldog

    Tonga's season over as Dogs ponder horror injury toll

    At least there will be no more speculation about when Willie T is coming back ---------------------------------------- Bulldogs and Australia centre Willie Tonga will undergo surgery next week and miss the rest of the season, with long-serving club doctor Hugh Hazard labelling the...
  42. Brissy Bulldog

    Worst Loss since 1935 !

    That says it all. 70 years and proud. 71 years and disgraced.
  43. Brissy Bulldog

    Utai downgrade successful

    will only miss 1 week
  44. Brissy Bulldog

    Send a Message to Sizzler

    The Sizzler is back in 1st Grade !! He has come in for a bit for of criticism on this forum this year. However, This thread is to post your words of encouragement and advice to him. Maybe someone can then print the thread off and deliver it to Sizzler just 20 minutes before kickoff and fire...
  45. Brissy Bulldog

    Inappropriate Saints Fan

    Someone at the Debate Page pointed this photo out at a Saints fan site. Very inappropriate give events in world today ... yada yada yada. I'm sure the media will jump on this any minute. ...... waiting .... any minute I tell you.
  46. Brissy Bulldog

    Noad Sues Wilson ! - SMH Article

    Rebecca the wrecker faces the sin bin as Bulldogs boss sues for defamation By Stephen Gibbs July 15, 2005 Spitting, gouging and squirrel-gripping have all been taken off the paddock in rugby league. Now a club chief executive has hauled a sideline sniper before the judiciary. Bulldogs...
  47. Brissy Bulldog

    Stars snub Rabbitohs

    Stars snub Rabbitohs By DEAN RITCHIE July 8, 2005 RIVAL clubs are poised to tear up South Sydney's $2 million NRL shopping list and leave the struggling Rabbitohs without a major signing for next season's controversial move to Telstra Stadium. Club chief executive Shane Richardson...
  48. Brissy Bulldog

    Roy's Injury

    A woeful year of injuries for premiers the Bulldogs got worse yesterday when it was confirmed in-form prop Roy Asotasi had suffered a serious hand injury. And promising centre Cameron Phelps picked up a hamstring problem during Saturday night's dismal 33-6 loss to Melbourne at Sydney...
  49. Brissy Bulldog

    Peachey signs league deal with Widnes

    Peachey signs league deal with Widnes AAP People power has helped English Super League battlers Widnes secure veteran Cronulla fullback David Peachey in a two-year deal. While Sharks president Barry Pierce said an official announcement from Cronulla would not be made until Thursday, the...
  50. Brissy Bulldog

    Great Photo

    This photo is splashed across the Sports page of the SMH today. I think it is a fanatastic photo. This one is a little small, but in the one in the paper you can see a sea of blue and white on the hill in the background.
  51. Brissy Bulldog

    Johns comeback embarrasses ARU

    ha ha ha ha ha ----------------------- Johns comeback embarrasses ARU By Greg Growden Friday, June 17, 2005 What do all those rugby do-gooders think now? You know the ones. Those who carried on about how the Australian Rugby Union had to be congratulated in not helping the...
  52. Brissy Bulldog

    Corey @ 5/8th

    Your thoughts people ?
  53. Brissy Bulldog

    Roosters Fans and Willie Mason

    In today's RLW, the Mole (yes I know he is full of it) has a report that the Rooster fans have organised a petition asking management NOT to sign Willie Mason. If that is true, then they are a bunch of morons. Don't get me wrong, I hope Willie stays a Dog, but think about the logic of...
  54. Brissy Bulldog

    Daley taken to hospital

    Daley taken to hospital June 8, 2005 FORMER NSW and Australian Test skipper Laurie Daley was today hospitalised with pancreatitis. Daley, an assistant coach with the NSW rugby league side, was taken to hospital early this morning after suffering acute stomach pain. He will remain there...
  55. Brissy Bulldog

    If you were Braith ?

    The Daily Telegraph is reporting the following: "The ARU offer for Anasta is believed to involve a guaranteed $200,000 a season and the incentive of an additional $150,000 per annum if he breaks into the Wallabies at $10,000 a Test. The Bulldogs have tabled a deal reportedly worth a flat...
  56. Brissy Bulldog

    Origin stars put on notice

    Origin stars put on notice By DEAN RITCHIE June 1, 2005 FOUR players have been placed on standby for NSW after coach Ricky Stuart last night conceded the club performances last weekend of several incumbent players did not deserve selectors' loyalty. The move represents a stunning...
  57. Brissy Bulldog

    (merged) Anasta to learn fate this week - article from nrl.com.au

    Anasta to learn fate this week - article from nrl.com.au From NRL.com.au .. here's hoping for good news. ----------------------------------------------- Anasta to learn fate this week 29 May 2005 The manager of Bulldogs pivot Braith Anasta says his star charge will "definitely"...
  58. Brissy Bulldog

    Footballer caught up in sex claim

    This article was buried away in today's Courier Mail. Imagine where it would be if it was a Bulldogs player. ---------------------------------------------------- Footballer caught up in sex claim Tanya Chilcott-Moore 28may05 A BRONCOS player has become embroiled in a rape allegation...
  59. Brissy Bulldog

    Kimmorley is a Dud !!

    Its only 32 minutes into game 1, but surely Kimmorley's file must be marked NTPA - Never To Play Again !!.
  60. Brissy Bulldog

    Where were you 10 Years Ago this weekend ....

    when you heard that Pay, Smith, Dymock & McCracken announced they were going back to the NRL and joining Parramatta !!. It is 10 years ago this weekend that this happened. We played Illawarra in the Saturday afternoon game and later that night the players told coach Anderson that they had...
  61. Brissy Bulldog

    Don't throw me the dummy pass, says Footy Show outcast

    Don't throw me the dummy pass, says Footy Show outcast By Roy Masters May 17, 2005 It's almost certain that the outspoken columnist Rebecca Wilson will appear on Thursday's Footy Show on Channel Nine - but it's possible no one will talk to her. The show's host, Paul "Fatty" Vautin, and...
  62. Brissy Bulldog

    Who should be the QLD half back ?

    Who would you pick ? I think Thurston is in the best form, but I think they will pick Prince based on his expierence last year. Thurston might be on the bench ?
  63. Brissy Bulldog

    Gower disappointed to be named at hooker

    I agree with him. This is a joke, particularly after Orford withdrew. From ABC News ---------------- City Origin captain Craig Gower says he is disappointed to be named at hooker instead of half-back for Friday night's clash against Country in Lismore. Brent Sherwin will play at...
  64. Brissy Bulldog

    Bulldogs bemoan turns for the worse - SMH Article

    Bulldogs bemoan turns for the worse By Steve Mascord April 16, 2005 Bulldogs players identified two turning points which caused them to toss a 16-0 lead over Sydney Roosters into the sewer last night - and neither of them featured Adrian Morley. The Great Britain enforcer was the name...
  65. Brissy Bulldog

    Roosters hit by email smear campaign

    From ninemsn - which one of you started this ? :) ------------------------------ Roosters hit by email smear campaign 20:12 AEST Thu Apr 14 2005 Sydney Roosters coach Ricky Stuart says the NRL heavyweights have been plagued by an email smear campaign - including an alleged "Wayne...
  66. Brissy Bulldog

    Dogs Poster in RLW this week

    Dogs Poster / Article in RLW this week There is a really cool Bulldogs poster in RLW this week. It is not your usual team photo, but rather a series of photographs of the players being humuorous with the Telstra Cup. There is is also 2 page article on our current form (or lack of it).
  67. Brissy Bulldog

    Broncos Now Premiership Favourites

  68. Brissy Bulldog

    Brisbane Based Fans - Roosters Match Catch Up

    CALLING ALL BULLDOGS FANS FROM BRISBANE This Friday Night - 7.00pm - RE Hotel Toowong -------------------------------------------------- Here is your chance to catch up with a few other Kennelers from Brisbane. Steve Mortimer (the Kenneler - not Turvey) and I are catching for a few...
  69. Brissy Bulldog

    Rivalry Round

    Anyone who follows the AFL would have seen that this week they had a full round of games where the Clubs were all (supposedly) traditional rivals. Its a good promo tool. I was thinking who would play eachother if they did this in the NRL. What do you think of this: Bulldogs v Roosters...
  70. Brissy Bulldog

    Steve Price's comments in the Herald

    He is not part of the club anymore and has no right to comment on the goings on at the club. His comments are not helpful and appear to be designed to cause instability within the club. I wonder if he is as concerned for the honest toilers at the Warriors while he is sitting there...
  71. Brissy Bulldog

    Blow off some steam thread

    Okay, there are a lot of angry people out there. This thread is to allow you say whatever you want about the loss today in the heat of the moment, without the concern that you will regret it later. NOTHING in this thread can or will be used against you at a later date. Let me get it...
  72. Brissy Bulldog

    Pura Cup Final Thread

    Go the mighty Bulls !!. It should be a great final. Personally, I hope the curator prepares a wicket akin to the Bruce Highway and we can bat for 5 days !. There is also rain predicted.
  73. Brissy Bulldog

    Anasta & Bulldog fans

    Can anyone who was at the game last Friday confirm or deny whether Anasta was heckled by Bulldog fans on Friday night ?. This was reported in RLW by that ****wit "The Mole" so I suspect that it is rubbish, but I would be interested in the comments of those that were there.
  74. Brissy Bulldog

    The RLW Mole

    This guy has serious problems. The 1st three pieces in this weeks RLW all have some sort of sexual innuendo to them. It is just plain grubby schoolboy stuff. Bring back Sherlock !!
  75. Brissy Bulldog

    Round 2 v Nth Qld

    Anyone going to Townsville ?. I got tickets first thing this morning. They seemed to be selling quickly - At 9.02, I couldn't get 4 together in the Western Stand. I got 4 in the Eastern stand right basically on the try line !!. Section E25 Who is going ?. Where are you sitting ?. Anyone...
  76. Brissy Bulldog

    Worst ever player loss

    There is always a lot of angst on this site about players leaving the club (at the moment its SBW, Mason & Anasta). I think the Club's recent history has shown an amazing ability to rebuild from player losses and find new talent. I want to know what you think the worst ever player loss has...
  77. Brissy Bulldog

    NSW Coach ?

    Has Gould retired ?. If so, who is the NSW coach next year ? If not yet appointed, who do you think will it will/should be ?
  78. Brissy Bulldog

    Who got Bulldog stuff for Christmas ?

    I scored the following - Bulldog backpack - 2005 Calender (it is a cracker) - 2 Bulldog cushions - Bulldog rug - Bulldog clock - 2 Bulldog premiership stickers - 2 Bulldog premiership stubby coolers I am obviuously the easiest person to buy for.