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    Scott Sattler announces Bulldogs' potential signing of Brandon Smith

    Out of interest brother how do you know this when someone involved with the Titans has said otherwise?
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    News Paul Alamoti Re-signs with Canterbury

    That is exactly what I was going to post brother man. Would be the most lethal backline in NRL and one that could really push us to top 4 status.
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    Opinion Forwards needed asap

    Totally agree!! He’s an absolute powder puff. Wtf does he turn his body and slow down at the line ffs. Pull the offer and move on
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    Round 1 Bulldogs V Knights - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Napa and Ogden are serious powder puffs. Forwards need to be addressed. I’m still hopeful with better ball control we still get something from this and they’re tiring big forwards
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    The Mole: Big-money Bulldogs favourite to sign gun Broncos centre Kotoni Staggs

    But totally agree we should be hunting some good young forwards. Love that Sharks prop Pele?? Though not sure with the changes and up tempo this season if his lateral movement is going to be a hindrance
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    The Mole: Big-money Bulldogs favourite to sign gun Broncos centre Kotoni Staggs

    Not sure he is what we’re in need of brother. Need a quick dummy half that keeps the pigs moving in turn finding holes for Allan, Cotrić and others. Plus the mooted 880k plus he’s asking is crazy money tbh
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    News SG Ball Round 3: Canterbury five-eighth Khaled Rajab turning heads

    We’d have to be in the driving seat you’d think Alic? Especially with Hoppa’s and DWZ tenure coming to a close.
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    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    Hahaha for having an opinion. Lol
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    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    Ok sorted brother!! Duporth in Maroochydore when season starts ✊✊
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    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    Yeah the history is a deterrent but I still like his punch through the middle ( no pun intended). Hahahha really?!!so am I!! I’m on Tolman Court the old Primary School court near Worlds gym though I train at Goodlife. you’ll probably see me floating around I’m the bloke with his whole head and...
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    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    Yes same.....Leniu looks a unit and fits the age mould plus would’ve worked under the Barrett regime. but hypothetically if we were able to get both props for Napa’s money??
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    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    BTW- Lessssssssss Trottttttt
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    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    What do we reckon guys? Donkeys paying half of his 800k pay packet and with TPA’s might be able to get him for 250/300k a year?