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  1. joedog

    Experts' view: Who'll make the top eight in 2021

    I can see us improving but we arent going to make the eight and even if we do only making up numbers
  2. joedog

    News Matt Burton wants out

    I dont see why averillo cant challenge for the fullback spot allen is a good signing but hes no superstar fullback from what ive seen.
  3. joedog

    What are we going to do if we miss out on B.Smith ? (reportedly close to signing with Titans)

    I still think baz is aiming to get koroisau next year or 2023 if nothing comes up in the mean time apparently they have a strong relationship. I just hope some young hooker comes through this season because we will be all over it$$
  4. joedog

    2021 members.

    I renewed mine 2 weeks ago but never recieved a members pack or anything anyone else waiting?
  5. joedog

    Official Matt Burton to join the Bulldogs in 2022

    It's ok for Penrith to tell Josh Mansor to get his bike when there done with him. But then they carry on when a young player leaves that can't crack there 1st grade team they gotta get over it.
  6. joedog


    I wouldnt go that far but he would be one of our betta options and worth the risk thats for sure.
  7. joedog

    Josh Addo Carr - Consolidated Thread

    What if storm loan him to us for next year hes still technicaly signed with storm?
  8. joedog

    Other News Source JAC

    What if storm loan him to us for next year hes still technicaly signed with storm?
  9. joedog

    Rumour Oil/Inside Information/Prediction - Consolidated Thread

    Really getting sick of reading this shit what are they waiting for they have had over 2 weeks of negotiations surely they are close to an agreement
  10. joedog

    Rumour 3 Penrith players to belmore

    Just seen that aswell naden in rehab for alchahol problem after racism on the footy field stay at penrith buddy
  11. joedog

    Opinion Should Josh Jackson be re-signed when he comes off contract?

    If you were in a team busting your ass for 4 years with a bunch of rookies and wannabees on big contracts eventually you would slow up too if the team comes with a new attitude this year you will see him lift and be the leader he once was wait and see.
  12. joedog

    Official Matt Burton to join the Bulldogs in 2022

    Surely if burton doesnt sign this season averillo plays 5/8 and and flano half. Lewis shouldnt be in the mix anyway hes a full dud
  13. joedog

    Official Reimis Smith to the Storm

    All i can say is storm made brenko lee look decent when no other club could so imagine what they will do with remis smith no big loss to us at 450k but good gain for storm.
  14. joedog

    News D-Day arrives as Bulldogs set to ‘blow Panthers out of water’ with Burton offer

    Well thats what im thinking surely he wont be wasted at centre.
  15. joedog

    News D-Day arrives as Bulldogs set to ‘blow Panthers out of water’ with Burton offer

    I just think if they resigned averillo and get burton ado car where does averillo even play
  16. joedog

    TBaz on Rush Hour with MG

    The way i take that is burton is done deal. Jac at the right price he pretty much said he will only go for penrith players that other clubs are going to approach and singled out burton so for me his ours even penrith will encourage him to follow baz if it comes to him wanting a release to...
  17. joedog

    Official Jake Averillo signs contract extension with Bulldogs

    Thats what im talking about use your fuckin heads
  18. joedog

    Consolidated Josh Addo Carr Thread

    Nah trent was to suprise every1 once i hit the field cant leak any videos lol
  19. joedog

    Consolidated Josh Addo Carr Thread

    Yeah and im playing front row
  20. joedog

    Official Kyle Flanagan signs 3 year deal

    Il take that cheap really when you think about whats around at the moment
  21. joedog

    Trent Barrett

    Lets hope he had some good news for us but had to wait until after the final to let them know.
  22. joedog

    Jahrome Hughes or Burton?

    I spoke to a physio that works for panthers he told me burton is a gun and his kicking game is better than clearys he also said burton wants to stay at panthers but he said money might change that. He said all the panther players love barret and they scared hes gunna take a few with him.
  23. joedog

    Recruitment strategy

    Katoni staggs is on the market aswel
  24. joedog

    Opinion Who do we all think will improve the most under Barretts tuition???

    Averillo will mainly becoz hes already improving as he goes on but the coaching staff should help him progress nicely. I also believe elliot and rfm will come right out of there shells next season.
  25. joedog

    We got lucky

    Yes its true we were horrible but we just cant score points with the likes of cotric,jac and flanigan and a decent hooker we win alot of the games we lost by under 8 points. And would of finished way further up the ladder.
  26. joedog

    Team next week

    Why is averillo not in the team? Is he injured or it the coach just a full blowjob
  27. joedog

    Official Round 15 - Bulldogs vs Warriors - Discussion Thread

    Its nearly like his taking the piss with some of these selections its common sense we arent coaches and we see the things that should be changed week in week out.
  28. joedog

    Andrew Johns says Moses Mbye might be a good fit for the Dogs ????? LOL

    Half the time when these blokes say stuff they just say it to help the players out johns knows full well mbye is no good but if he says stuff like that sone people listen lol il be throwing my jersy at head qaurters if they resign that knob
  29. joedog

    Hypothetical If Tolman re-signed

    If he gets resigned by any club i give up on nrl lol
  30. joedog

    Trent Barrett at Penrith

    Lewis is not up to first grade and never will be im no coach but how many chances can you give the kid. Roosters drop flanigan we would jizz if we had him lol
  31. joedog

    My Team for next week

    Tolman makes me wanna cry just seeing his head makes ya wanna change the channel.
  32. joedog

    Quick Tap Tolman.

    Surely the club won't resign him after this season.
  33. joedog

    Account or Signup issues

    It says i do not have permission for this ction or i am.signed out been doing it for months
  34. joedog

    Account or Signup issues

    I can not post anything
  35. joedog

    they kept Wakeham out of the game?

    Lewis is big show pony his kicking game is fucked
  36. joedog

    Dogs want to sign Joey Leilua

    Joey has signed with the tigers
  37. joedog

    Lachlan Lewis in swap deal with Addo Carr

    Isnt munster oof contract after this season? Thats who we need
  38. joedog

    No Source Josh Addo-Carr to Dogs?

    A bloke told me today he got good word ado car in serious talks with dogs if hes lieing to me im lieing to you but thats what he said anyone else heard this?
  39. joedog

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Dogs in the hunt for CJ MUNDINE

    Yeah go back to the threads last year before start off season everyone gets excited and imagines things in there head including me. but the truth is theres about 4 blokes that bust there ass week in week out in that team and the rest are either rookies that need guidence which we dont have or...
  40. joedog

    Official DWZ re-signs 2022

    Great signing good to see his hard work honoured.
  41. joedog

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Dogs in the hunt for CJ MUNDINE

    Your blown if you think we have a top 8 side theres about 6 good nrl players in the whole top 30 just face it.
  42. joedog

    Possible Rd 1 team

    Our team is not a top 8 team just face it and if we do make the 8 we will get knocked out first semi final unless we sign 2 good signings before next season. If you look at other teams they would love playing us we a training run to most of em.
  43. joedog

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    If we sign that cruiser drinking pansy im done.
  44. joedog

    Opinion Suli

    He hss been rubbish all year has 1 good game you blokes spin out any1 who thinks we fucked up lettting him go is fried
  45. joedog

    Opinion First choice half back

    Have to agree shows alot more class than cogger
  46. joedog

    Official Round 17 - Dogs vs Knights - Consolidated Match Thread

    Dwz and chn only 2 good players we have
  47. joedog

    Opinion Nick Meaney on the Wing?

    Meaney has gotta go surely okunbore takes his place next week he is useless
  48. joedog

    Other News Source The Consolidated Trbojevic Brothers Thread

    If it happens we are back in business 2021. If it dosent we still gotta load money on ponga and bateman or people in that catorgory. Instead we will prob end up with darius boyd and alex glen lol
  49. joedog

    Adam Idiot

    Full rubbish
  50. joedog

    Opinion Foran

    Lol foran is our only hope in attack without him we are finished
  51. joedog

    Opinion Montoya

    Hoppa is like he dosnt even wanna be there hes so sloppy. Every one rekons forans fucked if it wasnt for him we would be betta off stayin home every week
  52. joedog

    Official Round 12 - Dogs vs Raiders - Consolidated Match Thread

    With all there injuries plus the game been played in sydney the raiders are still favourites our club is a joke
  53. joedog

    Consolidated Pay Thread

    Spot on
  54. joedog

    Official Round 11 - Dogs vs Storm - Consolidated Match Thread

    If cogger kicks to smiths side again im driving to belmore to kick him in the head
  55. joedog

    Official Round 11 - Dogs vs Storm - Consolidated Match Thread

    Why the fuck does tolman get the ball in attack every fuckin time hes useless
  56. joedog

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Canterbury prepare heist of gun young trio from NRL rivals (Scott, Ramien, Isaako)

    We gotta sign some1 decent soon ffs its hard coz they have to sign some1 with a spark they can make something from nuffin we cant score a try to save our lives say we get ramien every1 on here will say his shit but in reality hes good its just we badly coached especialy in attack alot of our...
  57. joedog

    Opinion We’re doing not bad

    It just drives ya nuts watching them at the moment
  58. joedog

    Official Round 8 - Dogs vs Sea Eagles - Consolidated Match Thread

    Nealry gotta play 4 forwards on the bench thats the only way manly will beat us is in the forwards eliminating them up up front we have got them fucked
  59. joedog

    40 year old man mauled by bulldog

    he lined him up a buety what a legend
  60. joedog

    Official Round 3 - Dogs vs Tigers - Consolidated Match Thread

    Still dont know why they need licha on the bench
  61. joedog

    Pay's Pets

    If pay dosent change that team we will get smashed every week i know its a rebiuld year and he has limited options but he gotta do something. Even put chn and hoppa in the centres and put meaney full back. And fill the bench with forwards fuck jmk off all together useless.
  62. joedog

    Official Talk Important to Cogger.

    Exactly right if the boys give it 100% this season and pays plans work we will shock alot of teams. If not its a new team at least pay will know who belongz where and who needs to be replaced we are rebiulding which comes with alot of ups and downs at least we dont have to see that flop frawly...
  63. joedog

    Official Dean Pay "They are all fighting for a spot in the team".

    Surely remis smith has a wing spot no questions asked at least he can make something out of nothing.
  64. joedog

    Opinion Backline

    Cant see us having the money for james roberts even if he was available
  65. joedog

    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    Ffs dont sign dylan napa hes going to be terible
  66. joedog

    Bulldogs sign young Sharks star James Roumanos

    Thats what i wanna know?
  67. joedog

    2019 FG Squad...Thoughts...?

    What happen to the talk of seggy signing with us?
  68. joedog

    Official Bulldogs - 2018 NSW Cup Premiers

    Harper seems to be a better asset than olive thats for sure olive is sloppy
  69. joedog

    Moses to play final game against Titans - Mbye Megathread

    So if mbye goes foran retires and woods leaves where does that leave us cap wise surely we can Work shift out after that lol this a a fuckin disaster
  70. joedog

    Bulldogs Sign 21 Year old Winger for 3 Years - Christian Crichton

    Why didnt they just keep tyrone phillips if they going to sign this bloke same shit
  71. joedog

    To'omaga and Brown star for Bulldogs.

    Somebody gotta pay
  72. joedog


    I feel sorry for foran,mariner,mbye they got rolled would be superstars in any othe team what a joke of a team and woods was a disgrace tonight
  73. joedog

    Two days until kick off

    Is mbye gunna be a late withdrawal or will he right to go bit wierd we have holland and brown both on the bench?
  74. joedog

    Time to blood fresh players?

    Your right buddy
  75. joedog

    Who is this team?

    I think marshall should be rotating with frawly instead of lichaa and give him at least 30 mins
  76. joedog

    Cody walker

    He is what we need fuck his age no1 said nuffin when perret and all these stale barstards were fullback we need spark and hes got it 2 year deal cant go wrong
  77. joedog

    Lichaa signing confirmed

    I spoke to a guy last week that is good mates with tedesco he said teddy was a a day away from signing with us and minichello went and buttered him up the day before and made him chuck a complete 360 fuck thats depressing and that come from a very good source
  78. joedog

    2018 IM EXCITED!!

    Bumped into fa manu brown last night in wagga wagga said he cant wait for next season in the blue and white top bloke.
  79. joedog


    Im same havent renewed it the last 2 years they ring me every year pre season though last time i told them to tell des to ring me il tell him why im not renewing it the girl just laughed lol but il renew itt this year for sure.
  80. joedog

    Did the players throw the games away to get rid of Des?

    I think they did for sure i didnt even watch the games this year and i usually wont even got for a piss when they play bjt they were not even trying bar them last foyr games whicb they played to there potential for some reason they threw the all the midseason games in my eyes you will see a...
  81. joedog

    2018 IM EXCITED!!

    Well when you think about it the new coach will want to change things up so lets just hope he starts wif moving hoppa to centre and telling tolman to pull his finger out of his ass lol
  82. joedog

    2018 IM EXCITED!!

    Imo if hoppa is our fullback we still cant be title contenders
  83. joedog

    Dean Pay mega thread

    Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog and these dogs will have a hell of a lot more fight been coached by some old generals of the club the culture of the club means everythingto players and the fans cant wait to see it return.. i dont expect miricales...
  84. joedog

    Our veterans are our biggest problem.

    This is very true how they resign tolman is beyond me he is rubbish and graham isnt far behind him these days he looks like he couldnt give a fuck what happens.. and i still cant see how this is gunna change if we dont have a serious fullback next year surely they cant put hoppa there again they...
  85. joedog

    Tolman gets carried over the line for Eels first try - embarrassing !!

    Wee are the worst team in the comp this year hands down i have never seen a more fucke d dogs team my whole life
  86. joedog

    Tolman gets carried over the line for Eels first try - embarrassing !!

    Des hasler fucked our whole team thats what happen
  87. joedog

    Nick Tedeschi - Rumour Mill

    I heared we have got barret head coach and dean pay assistant and they are giving des an $800000 pay out this came from inside the dogs comitee if hes lying to me im lying to you but thats what i was told last week
  88. joedog

    Why Des Hasler won't be sacked.

    What do use think of trent barret
  89. joedog

    Why Des Hasler won't be sacked.

    Trent barret coach and dean pay is assistant coach next year des gunna get a good pay out only problem
  90. joedog


    If use think use are disapointed this season wait until next season we will be doing the same shit and blew all this money on players that are not gunna help the problems we have so we will look like bigger dickheads thats i what i rekon anyway unless foran for some reason turns back the clock...
  91. joedog

    We are the most boring team to watch

    Instead of getting cut about it dont watch them they are rubbish and they will be rubbish next year to so instead of you all coming on here talking garbage go try pull a root or sumfin you stale barstards were shit this year and thats it lol
  92. joedog

    Team for next week

    Is reynolds back this week?