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  1. Mr. Ditkovich

    Do we have 21 available players to pick next week?

    I didn’t watch the game, but read that Meaney, Lewis and Hetherington might miss next week’s game. Do we even have 21 available players?
  2. Mr. Ditkovich

    Can we make a consolidated doom and gloom thread?

    All these new threads are cluttering the forum.
  3. Mr. Ditkovich

    Realistic team for 2022

    1. Allen 2. JAC 3. Cotric 4. Schoupp 5. DWZ (I’d rather Cotric play here if we can get another centre) 6. Burton 7. Flanagan 8. Thompson 9. 10. 11. Elliott 12. (Doorey maybe? Not Waddell) 13. Jackson 14. Averillo 15. Hetherington 16. 17. We need a 9, a big starting prop who can get us on...
  4. Mr. Ditkovich

    Today is the first time I’ve turned off the game midway through

    Turned it off after the second Broncos try. Absolutely shocking performance. I don’t see us winning another game this year. Help us 2022, you’re our only hope.
  5. Mr. Ditkovich

    It’s a good thing half the players are off contract next season

    Current team I’d have for next year: 1. Allan 2. Cotric 3. 4. 5. JAC 6. Burton 7. Flanagan 8. 9. 10. Thompson 11. Elliot 12. RFM 13. Jackson 14. Averillo 15. Atoni 16. 17.
  6. Mr. Ditkovich

    Opinion What are your unpopular opinions about the Bulldogs?

    What are some opinions you have that would be considered unpopular? Here are some of mine: - Holland would have been a great centre under a proper coaching staff, including better strength and conditioning. - I’m not that upset that the Morris brothers left. It was probably best for our club...
  7. Mr. Ditkovich

    News Cowboys hire 2020 interim Bulldogs head coach Steve Georgallis

    Former Canterbury interim coach Steve Georgallis has found a new home at the Cowboys. Georgallis, who did a good job in difficult circumstances when Dean Pay parted ways with the Bulldogs midway through this season, beat a host of candidates for the position as Todd Payten's assistant for 2021...
  8. Mr. Ditkovich

    Goodbye and good riddance

    To all the coaching staff who did absolutely nothing for the last 3 years.
  9. Mr. Ditkovich

    Mods, can we get another sub section?

    It can be called “Late Night Thoughts with Nasheed”, where Nasheed can post all his threads, with the occasional cameo from David Holland. You can put it in the Rugby League section of the website. I like reading Nasheed’s post, it’s pretty good entertainment, but sometimes it clutters up the...
  10. Mr. Ditkovich

    Matthew Timoko

    Anyone see him debut yesterday for Raiders? Came on at centre. He made 63 metres and had a 100% tackle efficiency from 5 tackles. We should throw him a 3 year $500k a year contract, to replace Montoya at centre next year.
  11. Mr. Ditkovich

    Anyone see Georgallis laughing?

    After the Raiders scored in the second half to put them in front. Should be sacked on the spot. Seems like he doesn’t care about the team. It’ll probably be better if the players coaches themselves anyway.
  12. Mr. Ditkovich

    The target was always 2022

    When the board first came in, they told us that we’ll be competitive by 2021. However, the re-signings last year were all 2 year deals, which finish at the end of 2021. We only have 8 players signed after 2021: - Elliott - RFM - Jackson - Stimson - Thompson - Wakeham - DWZ - Cotric Combined...
  13. Mr. Ditkovich

    Reserve judgement of players for next year

    I don’t know what most of you expected after Pay was sacked. No doubt some players are not that good, but we should wait until a full offseason under Barrett to judge the players. Most of what the team is dishing up out there is due to a lack of proper coaching, fitness and conditioning. This...
  14. Mr. Ditkovich

    I’m happy the current coaching staff isn’t being retained

    Still shuffling the line up 75% into the season, seemingly playing favourites and not picking the best line up. The sooner the offseason and Barrett arrives, the better.
  15. Mr. Ditkovich

    Why is Tolman on the bench?

    I’d rather him not be in the team, but if he has to, he should be starting. The defence in the middle at the start hasn’t been great without him. Once the game slows down a little, Ogden should replace Tolman and provide some impact. If Tolman isn’t starting, he should be replaced with...
  16. Mr. Ditkovich


    I’m excited to see how he goes on the weekend. Hopefully he’s given a proper shot this year to see if has what it takes to play at first grade level.
  17. Mr. Ditkovich

    Board needs to go

    I find it pathetic that they couldn’t come to the decision to sack Pay. Rather, they decided to ask around about the 2021 coaching role while Pay and everyone else speculated about his future. Doesn’t get much more unprofessional than that. So far, the board have: - Failed to sign a major...
  18. Mr. Ditkovich

    Some observations vs Broncos

    Thompson was fitter than our forwards, even though he hasn’t played a game in over 3 months. Maybe the club can pay him a little bit extra to become the conditioning coach, as we don’t seem to have one. Katoa was so bad Pay hooked him after 20 minutes. The fact that we played much better when...
  19. Mr. Ditkovich

    Official Rabbitohs Welcome NRL’s Decision on Salary Cap (Burgess salary exempt)

    https://www.rabbitohs.com.au/news/2019/12/06/rabbitohs-welcome-nrls-decision-on-salary-cap/ The South Sydney Rabbitohs welcome the determination from the NRL today that the remainder of Sam Burgess’ contract will be exempt from the Club’s salary cap for 2020 and beyond under PCR Rule 86...
  20. Mr. Ditkovich

    Official Tigers sign Leilua

    https://twitter.com/WestsTigers/status/1200521100771225600?s=19 Signed for 3 years. I don’t think we needed him, so no real loss.
  21. Mr. Ditkovich

    Official Dragons sign Trent Merrin

    https://www.dragons.com.au/news/2019/11/30/merrin-returns-to-the-dragons/ Veteran forward Trent Merrin will return to the St George Illawarra Dragons ahead of the 2020 Telstra Premiership season. Merrin has signed a two-year deal and will remain at the club until at least the end of 2021...
  22. Mr. Ditkovich

    Official Giants sign Aiden Sezer

    https://www.giantsrl.com/article/7141/giants-secure-nrl-grand-finalist NRL Grand Finalist joins Huddersfield Giants from Canberra Raiders on a two-year deal Huddersfield Giants have made a huge statement of intent with the signing of NRL Grand Finalist Aidan Sezer on a two year deal. The...
  23. Mr. Ditkovich

    Opinion Team against Roosters

    What team would you field against Roosters next week? 1. DWZ 2. Okunbor 3. Harper/Holland 4. Hopoate 5. Smith 6. Foran/Lewis 7. Wakeham 8. Tolman 9. JMK 10. Napa 11. RFM 12. CHN 13. Jackson 14. Ogden 15. To’omaga 16. Fualalo 17. Kalache
  24. Mr. Ditkovich

    Official 2019 NRL signings: Official player contract details announced for all 16 clubs

    https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/01/23/2019-nrl-signings-player-transfers-and-contracts/ ---- Workhorses and rising youngsters across several clubs have secured their futures, or have the chance to, with player options to be taken up by June 30. The NRL is for the first time publishing the...
  25. Mr. Ditkovich

    No Source Dogs join Knights in chasing Jayden Brailey

    https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/05/09/sharks-hooker-prepared-to-swim-elsewhere/?fbclid=IwAR39j5yP3qhs5-gmm0hhcRURJplx7kfqpuqjm6Y3dUS8MdaJE5JkW1K48BI —— Cronulla hooker Jayden Brailey admits his time at the Sharks might be drawing to a close and he will consider any offers that come his way after...
  26. Mr. Ditkovich

    News Segeyaro signs 1 year deal with Sharks

    https://au.sports.yahoo.com/segeyaro-signs-deal-cronulla-075125475.html ——— They’ll have to let someone go now. One of the younger hookers would be unhappy. Maybe a Brailey to Belmore?
  27. Mr. Ditkovich

    News Lessons from a legend helping Kerrod Holland fill big Dog’s shoes

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/bulldogs/lessons-from-a-legend-helping-kerrod-holland-fill-big-dogs-shoes/news-story/7be3ff24f226d5fb616e8729c5924759?nk=c28136132d1ee198435b68e017370ae0-1545372789 Kerrod Holland hasn’t yet played 50 games in the NRL. He knows he’s not the...
  28. Mr. Ditkovich

    Official Frawley to Huddersfield Giants

    http://www.giantsrl.com/news/article/7385/woolford-swoops-in-for-nrl WOOLFORD SWOOPS IN FOR NRL HALF-BACK 29th October 2018 Huddersfield Giants are delighted to reveal the signing of Matthew Frawley on a two-year contract from NRL side Canterbury Bulldogs. 23-year-old Frawley has made over 30...
  29. Mr. Ditkovich

    Official Eastwood finishes with a premiership

    https://www.bulldogs.com.au/news/2018/10/04/eastwood-finishes-with-a-premiership/ Greg Eastwood has finally left Belmore as a premiership winner, having been an integral part of the Bulldogs' sweep through the silverware of the Intrust Super Championship. After knocking over the Newtown Jets...
  30. Mr. Ditkovich

    Fashion crime: Bulldogs slugged $15,000 for jersey debacle

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/fashion-crime-bulldogs-slugged-15-000-for-jersey-debacle-20180804-p4zvi5.html How stupid. Stuff the NRL. What's even better is that it took them this long to fine them. How incompetent can they be? Edit: Article below Fashion crime: Bulldogs slugged $15,000...
  31. Mr. Ditkovich

    NRL to investigate Bulldogs for wearing wrong jersey

    https://mobile.twitter.com/mattlogue7/status/1020139168934969344 Because that’s the biggest problem facing the NRL currently...
  32. Mr. Ditkovich

    Marker not square penalties

    Yesterday, the referee called two penalties against Lewis for being offside and interfering with the dummy half. When would a marker be considered onside?
  33. Mr. Ditkovich

    How to stream the game tonight?

    Is RugbyPass still being used or is there another (preferably free) way to stream?
  34. Mr. Ditkovich

    Mbye set to become Bulldogs fullback

    http://nrl.com/mbye-set-to-become-bulldogs-fullback/tabid/10874/newsid/113997/default.aspx Wed, Oct 25, 2017 - 07:00AM By ‌Michael Chammas‌‌, ‌NRL.com @MichaelChammas Canterbury coach Dean Pay has made bold plans to overhaul what has been a predictable attacking structure in recent years...