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  1. ddt192

    Broadcaster Fox Sports to monitor trash talk directed at Bulldogs player Adam Elliott

    Nah they should let em. It’ll drive him.
  2. ddt192

    News NRL 2021: 10 massive predictions for upcoming season

    10th -12th is us I reckon.
  3. ddt192

    News Jayden Okunbor is fighting to repay the faith of Bulldogs fans (NBN News)

    Good stuff from Okka. Just manned up & took ownership of his actions & is putting the work in looking to repay the faith. His hands improved last year but once he can learn how to get down low at the try line & learns the art of finshing he will be absolutely lethal in attack.
  4. ddt192

    News ‘Realist’ Bulldogs coach expects lows in coming NRL season

    If we can average about 18 points a game that would be nice. 10th -12th with or without Burton.
  5. ddt192

    Opinion Who would you keep of the off Contract 15 (Poll)

    Lmaaooooo quiet house cat
  6. ddt192

    News Pack of Dogs will have Flanagan's back if he's targeted: Elliott

    Wade Graham EARNED my respect with that hit. The way he got up and wanted to keep playing with blood coming out of his ears. Respect.
  7. ddt192

    Green light for Bulldogs mass cleanout in Trent Barrett's first season

    Okka Ofa and Renouf are the only players we should offer new contracts to. Maybe Hop on a 1 year deal.
  8. ddt192

    Rumours of unrest

    The goon bag knocks him out every night lmao
  9. ddt192

    Rumours of unrest

    I love how everytime Drunkfields name comes up in one of our threads everyone takes a sec to kill his life lmao @El Padrino your one was gold lol
  10. ddt192

    Why O’Brien Overlooked Klemmer

    David Klemmer is a dog **** nothing more nothing less
  11. ddt192

    Rumours of unrest

    Fmd these ***** don’t rest
  12. ddt192


    He was solid. Alot of talk from him too which was good to see.
  13. ddt192

    Official Dogs preseason begins

    Not a clue bro
  14. ddt192

    Opinion Mitch Kenny?

  15. ddt192

    News Flanagan wants to bring success to Belmore

    The whole club’s behind Flanno. Can’t expect miracles straight away though. So good to have a game managing half. It’s what we’ve needed for years. He has something to prove too and that’s what excites me the most.
  16. ddt192

    Official Game Thread : Bulldogs v Sharks Trial 27/02/2021.

    Yeah bro! What a great show! Don’t get me started on the rickyisms lol RIP JIM LAHEY
  17. ddt192

    Barrett Confirms Jackson Will Play Lock

    Jake Tolman lol that’s the best!
  18. ddt192

    Official New Sleeve Sponsor - OnSolar

    Brutus runs harder than Dylan Napa!!!
  19. ddt192

    'On ice': Hamstring injury has Turbo cooling his jets until round four

    I like Turbo but it’s still suck shit Manly!
  20. ddt192

    News South's star reveals his future is in limbo

    He’d be a very handy pickup for whoever gets him. Bloke is a sharp shooter with a polished kicking game.
  21. ddt192

    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    Lol that’s why I said this cun+s on the shabs for sureeeee I bet he doesn’t even know what day it is
  22. ddt192

    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    This cun+s on shabs for sure!!!
  23. ddt192

    Fitness is the key to Winning Premierships

  24. ddt192

    Mitch Rein ?

    lol fuck that
  25. ddt192

    Opinion Storm at the end of their run.

    1.Pap 6.Munster 7.Hughes 9.Grant Even without Bellamy & Smith Who wouldn’t wanna play with that spine?
  26. ddt192

    News Canterbury prepare red-carpet treatment in bid to woo Brendan Piakura

    Would be a great signing if we can somehow land him. I gotta say though I’m quietly confident in Baz’s ability to sell the Dogs.
  27. ddt192

    All Stars Match

    Corey Thompson first try scorer
  28. ddt192

    Official Adam Elliott statement

    He’s not worth the media circus.
  29. ddt192

    Cam Smith

    Keep dreamin’ brother.
  30. ddt192

    Team Lists for Flegg and Mounties Trial

    Looking forward to seeing BBO have a run.
  31. ddt192

    News Segeyaro drugs ban reduced by NRL Anti-Doping Tribunal

    Actually his last game was for the Bronx (the 58-0 hammering) at the end of 2019. He isn’t really able to play until June anyway. The bloke can go on the field. Would love to see what Baz could do with him tbh. Coz honestly do we see JMK/Katoa firing this year? Getting fired maybe lol
  32. ddt192

    News Segeyaro drugs ban reduced by NRL Anti-Doping Tribunal

    Not even on a deal for the rest of this year? @BEAST MODE
  33. ddt192

    News Segeyaro drugs ban reduced by NRL Anti-Doping Tribunal

    Former Papuan New Guinean international James Segeyaro will be free to resume his playing career in June after he was handed a 20-month suspension by the NRL Anti-Doping Tribunal. Chaired by the Ian Callinan AC QC with panellists Dr Sharron Flahive and Sean Garlick, the triubnal found Segeyaro...
  34. ddt192

    News Matt Burton wants out

  35. ddt192

    News Matt Burton wants out

    Brandys a GRRRRRONK
  36. ddt192

    News Averillo torn MCL in elbow

    Oh fuck off
  37. ddt192

    Justin Hodges loves the canvas

    Straight pussy
  38. ddt192

    News Bulldogs bring Seumanufagai back to NRL

    When was fan day?
  39. ddt192

    Justin Hodges loves the canvas

    Suck shit
  40. ddt192

    News Time to come together’: New boss has high hopes for Bulldogs

    Gotta give the club credit as a whole too though, it was just a couple mere months ago we were in turmoil surrounded by so much uncertainty regarding the board & recruitment & sponsors. We’ve actually cleaned up very well. Quick
  41. ddt192

    News Watene-Zelezniak, Marshall-King & Smith named for 2021 All Stars Clash

    JMK to hooker Benji will start ... It was meant to be.
  42. ddt192

    Opinion Opinions on JMK

    Geez Mr Personality over here lol
  43. ddt192

    News Cameron McInnes’ future at St George Illawarra is looking increasingly shaky

    Dragons will miss him this year. Extremely unlucky.
  44. ddt192

    Stephen Crichton’s contract standoff costs Penrith a pretty penny

    650k isn’t bad for Crichton tbh
  45. ddt192

    Stuart set to drop Corey Horsburgh and Corey Harawira-Naera

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes
  46. ddt192

    News Dogs Chasing Staggs

    Yeah I’m keen on chasing Staggs but Dogs gotta make sure there’s a spot for Alamoti. Kids a weapon.
  47. ddt192

    News NRL 2021: Ivan Cleary tells Trent Barrett to back off Matt Burton

    Surely Burtons been promised the #6 jersey but fuck me I think Avo would be a devastating #14. He’d come on and wreak havoc in attack. We need X FACTOR
  48. ddt192


  49. ddt192

    News Matt Burton wants out

    100%. The way I see it if you guys do end up needing him and he plays in the finals that could only be good for us AND Burton. He’ll bring that experience over with him.
  50. ddt192

    The Bulldogs best ever forward?

    I have so many from different eras but my personal favourite is Frank “The Tank” Pritchard. What a fuckin weapon! I have seen him smack the absolute dog piss out of some unlucky bastards! Top bloke to boot too
  51. ddt192

    News Who’s that kid’: Young Bulldog catches Politis’ eye

    Politis u keep ur liver spotted hands off our gun centre! He’s a saint!
  52. ddt192

    News Matt Burton wants out

  53. ddt192

    Opinion Biblical Barrett?

    See how he goes. He definitely says the right things & seems to know what he wants from his players. I’m not expecting any miracles from the bloke off the bat but if he can improve our attack and keep us competing on a consistent basis while improving where we finish on the ladder I’ll be happy...
  54. ddt192

    Dogs chase Broncos teen sensation

    Interesting... Eventual Jacko replacement maybe?
  55. ddt192

    Haas arrested and charged for intimidating police & abusing/swearing

    You’re worried about how he’s acting and not being an upstanding citizen & your names Facebreaker lmao
  56. ddt192

    Other News Source Souths star offered to rival club - Latrell Mitchell

    Whys everyone getting in there feelings?? This is awesome news!! FUCK SOUTHS !!! Make em pay!!! I hope Latrell milks tf out of them or whichever club eventually signs him. Fuck loyalty, it’s dead in RL Hahahaha Glory Glory on deeeze here
  57. ddt192

    News Boyd Cordner set to miss first 12 weeks as Chooks seek $350k cap relief

    Dude needs to give it up asap. Especially if he has kids.
  58. ddt192

    News Boyd Cordner set to miss first 12 weeks as Chooks seek $350k cap relief

    100% 11.Tupouniua 12.Chrichton 13.Radley FMD
  59. ddt192

    NRL Expansion

    It’s probably gonna be Redcliffe Dolphins. I’m pretty sure they’re ready to go.
  60. ddt192

    Waddell on Mornings with Matty White

    Onya Cozza
  61. ddt192

    News Bouncing back: How ex-Napa can regain bruising best

    Honestly I don’t even think Napa has a “contract year” in him.
  62. ddt192

    The Great 'economic' Reset

    A.k.a New World Order
  63. ddt192

    Bee Gees, how good were they.

    what a song @ASSASSIN
  64. ddt192


    I swear it’s a bunch of kids that make these pages. Theres so many
  65. ddt192

    Official Dogs preseason begins

    Just wanna say that that jacket Baz is wearing is fire
  66. ddt192

    Official Dogs preseason begins

    Hoppas lookin lean af
  67. ddt192

    Official Billy Johnstone

    They should have more old boys around the club. Not in positions of power or nothing just involve em somehow idk ... Someone suggested Reni & Big Willie runnin the water for us the other day lol fkn oath
  68. ddt192

    Burton Poll. Here for 2021 or not.

    If he does come over it will be on June 29th.
  69. ddt192

    Bold predictions for this season

    Averillo will have more try assists then Flanagan at the end of the year.
  70. ddt192

    Masada Iosefa - RIP

    Absolutely horrible news. Rest In Power Brother. Condolences to his family & friends.
  71. ddt192

    News *Update playa named* Player involved in Cronulla street brawl

    Yeah bro it happens, ***** love gettin lippy when they’re with a big crowd but when they’re alone .....quiet as church mice.
  72. ddt192


    Yeah Hoppa and JAC would be great on one side. Then I’d go Cotric and Okka on the other side.
  73. ddt192


    Oh well at least Burtons locked in for 22 either way. Look at the bright side guys!! We get to see Averillo start the year at five-eighth!
  74. ddt192

    News *Update playa named* Player involved in Cronulla street brawl

    Not surprising ... There’s heaps of racist dog ***** in the Shire.