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  1. Papa Emeritus

    News Bulldogs honour Steve Folkes in the best way

    I still remember his memorial at BSG. It was a very sad day.
  2. Papa Emeritus

    Rumours of unrest

    Sounds like something the mole would write.
  3. Papa Emeritus

    'On ice': Hamstring injury has Turbo cooling his jets until round four

    I really like Tommy T, but he is just one of those super injury prone guys. Sucks having someone like that on your books.
  4. Papa Emeritus

    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    It must depend on the country. I haven't driven in Europe but I am sure USA just wanted my Aussie licence, but Japan I needed to apply for this driving permit before I left Australia.
  5. Papa Emeritus

    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    One of the biggest fuckwits going around. Deport him.
  6. Papa Emeritus

    The I stand with Adam thread

    Adam can get fucked. I know what he did is not a sackable offence, but he is a very shit bloke and I hope he leaves the club at some stage.
  7. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

  8. Papa Emeritus

    Official Naden has been cleared to return to training from January 1 after receiving a one-month ban

    NRL 2021: Penrith Panthers centre Brent Naden stands himself down The fallout to Penrith centre Brent Naden’s positive drug test following the 2020 NRL grand final has taken another strange turn on the eve of the season. David Riccio @DaveRic1 3 min read February 16, 2021 - 6:35PM Penrith...
  9. Papa Emeritus

    Michael Lichaa DV charge and current Bulldog not of interest to Police.

    Yep so as suspected Adam Elliott is a dog and cheated on his own missus and got it on with his best mates missus. What an absolute stain that guy is, I don't blame Lichaa for losing his shit and punching some window. I hope we get rid of Elliott, he is just a full on tosser and he will just...
  10. Papa Emeritus

    Michael Lichaa DV charge and current Bulldog not of interest to Police.

    I hope it comes out that the current player didn't do anything wrong. But it doesn't look that positive based on some social media being deactivated.
  11. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    Papa can do no wrong
  12. Papa Emeritus

    Jarrod Mullen

    Mullen’s regret over mate’s missing money The Jarrod Mullen redemption story may not be all it seems. In fact, he admitted he has one final part of his life to tidy up: a $125,000 gambling debt to a mate. Mullen has been acting as a bookmaker of sorts for a mate and is facing a debt of $125,000...
  13. Papa Emeritus

    Cameron Smith Retirement ?

    Cam’s marketing plan Mystery still surrounds Cameron Smith’s playing future. Without claiming to be close to Smith’s camp, I’ve been told he is being used in a marketing plan for a product that other retired players have endorsed. It will be released next month. Unless he is allowed to be...
  14. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL coach in hot water after angry clash with punter in toilet at races

    Hold your horses The “incident” involving Knights coach Adam O’Brien at Newcastle Racecourse, where he was accused of being out of control and involved in a scuffle, has done considerable damage to his reputation. The story was spreading fast early in the week and I spoke with the Knights coach...
  15. Papa Emeritus

    News 4 raiders sacked due to glassing cover up

    Four junior Canberra Raiders players sacked after alcohol-fueled glassing incident James Buckley Latest News Canberra Raiders chief executive Don Furner. Picture: Getty Four Canberra Raiders juniors have been sacked by the club after a violent incident last weekend during which at least one...
  16. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL coach in hot water after angry clash with punter in toilet at races

    There is a chrome extension called bypass paywalls. It is fucking awesome. PS If I had seen O'Brien I would have legit had no fkn idea who he was. Even when someone said O'Brien I didn't even know what team he coached.
  17. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    I do not enjoy all of his covers, but sometimes he comes up with some gold. Either way though he is super, super talented. Really enjoyed this one
  18. Papa Emeritus

    Is it unconscionable conduct from Wally Lewis?

    Added the courier mail article to OP. Lots of decent upgrades in this thread.
  19. Papa Emeritus

    Official Ladder Predictor Comp 2021

    I suck at these things so just gonna put this out there and not over think it. Penrith Storm Rabbitohs Canberra Roosters Titans Bulldogs Eels Manly Knights Tigers Cowboys Sharks Dragons Warriors Broncos
  20. Papa Emeritus

    Masada Iosefa - RIP

    Terrible shame. Those Quad Bike things are dangerous as fuck. A guy I know flipped one and broke his neck. He didn't know it was broken and he just tried to shake it off. Went to the doc the next day and the doc could not believe he was walking. Made a full recovery luckily.
  21. Papa Emeritus

    Apparently bulldogs are in talk with semi radradra?

    This page is 100% bullshit. Run by one of the biggest knobs out there.
  22. Papa Emeritus

    Social Media Bryce Cartwright

    I forgot about all the anti vaxx stuff. Both fucking imbeciles. Cartwright is one of those guys who should have been great, but has just been a total flop. Wonder if his crazy ex has anything to do with that.
  23. Papa Emeritus

    News 'What the hell was going on there?': Flanagan hits out at sudden Roosters axing

    I hope this works out and I really hope Tbaz can keep him grounded. Everything I hear says that he got a bit of a big head when he was doing really well after his debut, he got benched to try and reign his big head back in and then his dad called Robbo asking for a please explain. That put Robbo...
  24. Papa Emeritus


    Yeah this ain't gonna happen even if it would be nice and convenient.
  25. Papa Emeritus


    I personally think that Tbaz is the hottest coach we have had in a very long time. It will be interesting to see if we get more female members.
  26. Papa Emeritus

    Mitchell Pearce wedding to Kristin Scott called off over text message scandal

    What an absolute bellend. Team must hate him for one of them to dob him in.
  27. Papa Emeritus

    Mitchell Pearce wedding to Kristin Scott called off over text message scandal

    Mitchell Pearce texting saga splits Newcastle Knights playing group The Newcastle Knight are officially in crisis following new revelations surrounding Mitchell Pearce’s flirty texting scandal that cancelled his wedding. Phil RothfieldSports Editor-at-Large @@BuzzRothfield December 28, 2020 -...
  28. Papa Emeritus

    Rumour Jarryd Hayne

    Hayne looks fat and unfit, no thanks. Doubt he will ever play again. Upgrade to Premium and enjoy more of my posts ad-free.
  29. Papa Emeritus

    The Mandalorian

    Best shit ever. I wish the movies were planned out like this show. I am just started season 2. I like the show but sometimes things are way too easily fixed...
  30. Papa Emeritus

    The Bulldogs have splurged $4 million on two wingers. It’s the gamble they had to take

    @Darciemcd I can't believe how small his contract at Storm was.
  31. Papa Emeritus

    Official Josh Addo-Carr joins the pack

    My understanding is the head of agreement he signed with Tigers prevents him from going to any club that isn't the Storm in 2021.
  32. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    This is one guy that I would legitimately consider tearing up my membership over. The prick should not be playing NRL at all.
  33. Papa Emeritus

    Official Josh Addo-Carr joins the pack

    It is nice to have a reason to be excited to be a Bulldogs fan again. Massive shame that he signed that stupid HOA with the Tigers and we need to wait a year. Crazy how all of those rumours turned out to be 100% true, most notably @Nasheed's oil. I think a lot of you should give him an...
  34. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    I really love this cover, the video is pretty shocking though. James really kills it on this. To think once upon a time he didn't think he was good enough to be the lead singer. This has to be autotuned to hell right?
  35. Papa Emeritus

    Other News Source JAC

    Like I said ages ago it's just a fb chat. What use is a screenshot? I'm not gonna doxx people so names would be redacted anyway.
  36. Papa Emeritus

    PS5 vs XBOX

    I am getting a ps5 next year when the stock issues settle down and some other games come out. The discless version is stupid in my opinion. You pay more for games and cannot sell them. It will cost you heaps more in the long run. I bought an Xbox One S and I hardly ever play it, so I am...
  37. Papa Emeritus

    I have been here since 2012 but never really introduced myself

    There is a Sonic and a ssssonicyouth. Neither have similar emails to your current one though.
  38. Papa Emeritus

    I have been here since 2012 but never really introduced myself

    Do you remember anything about this long lost account? I can try and find it lol
  39. Papa Emeritus

    Rumour Home sick

    I would not be surprised if he is on the nose with people at the knights, his performance has gone slowly down the drain since he went there. Happy players play well, unhappy ones don't. I wouldn't be surprised if he hates being in Newcastle, it is a shithole after all.
  40. Papa Emeritus

    Boxing Tyson vs Jones Jnr

    Was a meh fight. Draw is laughable though.
  41. Papa Emeritus

    Boxing Tyson vs Jones Jnr

    pub is understandable
  42. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Full Metal Racket // Short Fast Loud

    If anyone wants to see Puscifer: Existential Reckoning Live in Arcosanti lemme know. Brilliant show if you love the band.
  43. Papa Emeritus

    Rumour Barrett and Cleary split

    WTF does Ivan expect? If you have good players but you don't want to use them because you prefer other players, do you expect those players to just choose to be back ups? Maybe give Burton a starting spot if you wanted to keep him so bad.
  44. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Fox sports predict we will finish 15th in 2021

    I advise you all to not get too excited for next season. It will serve you far better to expect a small improvement rather than a drastic one. Who knows, maybe we will make the 8 but I am definitely not setting myself up for that kind of disappointment. I will be happy if I see improvement in...
  45. Papa Emeritus

    Boxing Tyson vs Jones Jnr

    Anyone who pays for this shit has rocks in their head. I can't believe they hyped this up for so long only to then announce these rules, they will still catch out so many suckers though.
  46. Papa Emeritus

    News Seibolds new digs

    As if this guy will ever be a head coach again.
  47. Papa Emeritus

    News Fresh charges laid against Jack De Belin, as magistrate offers sentencing discount.

    I think JDB is guilty but I will respect whatever the courts decision is, those jurors got to hear all the evidence after all. Even if he is found not guilty, he is still a super shit bloke and I do not feel sorry for him losing 2 years of his career.
  48. Papa Emeritus

    News Fresh charges laid against Jack De Belin, as magistrate offers sentencing discount.

    She probably assumed she wouldn't get raped. Crazy right?
  49. Papa Emeritus

    Rumour Jarryd Hayne

    I saw him in Barangaroo maybe a month ago.
  50. Papa Emeritus

    Official Sea Eagles mourn the sudden passing of Keith Titmuss

    WTF I wonder what happened? Very sad..
  51. Papa Emeritus


    Honestly if we don't get Burton until 2022 and we only sign Benchi for 1 year, then I am OK with it. He would bring a lot of experience to the younger guys which they could learn from. Obviously it can only be a 1 year thing though as he is not the future.
  52. Papa Emeritus

    Next Generation Stars

    NRL’s 2021 breakout stars: The young talent to watch at your club We look at each NRL club’s up-and-coming players and analyse which members of Generation Next will become stars of the future. Fatima Kdouh, Chris Honnery, James Phelps, Dean Ritchie, Paul Crawley and Nick Campton November 21...
  53. Papa Emeritus

    Hoops: Can we cut the fairytales, Cam? The Storm cheated and got caught. The End.

    From everything I have read about the book it really does sound shit. Twisting things to make himself look better and avoiding things entirely that would put him in a bad light (like the Cooper Cronk fallout). What a waste of money, I cannot believe anyone is buying that shit.
  54. Papa Emeritus

    News Fresh charges laid against Jack De Belin, as magistrate offers sentencing discount.

    Imagine going and giving this bloke a character reference. How can his sister talk about what a great dad he is when she knows he is fine with fucking other women whilst his missus is pregnant and not even being sorry about it, all he is worried about is her maybe not forgiving him. What an...
  55. Papa Emeritus

    Jack Johns signs with Newcastle Knights, Bailey Sironen joins Warriors

    Because you are dooming your kid too having to spell their name every time they say it.
  56. Papa Emeritus

    Jack Johns signs with Newcastle Knights, Bailey Sironen joins Warriors

    Parents who spell kids names like this infuriate me.
  57. Papa Emeritus

    Official James Roberts

    The Tigers are a laughing stock, this signing is going to end in tears. I just hope for their sake he is on the cheap.
  58. Papa Emeritus

    2020 State Of Origin Game 3 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    I dunno why such a good team on paper is just so meh. This has to be the worst origin series I have ever watched,
  59. Papa Emeritus

    News Bulldogs eye Panther as hunt resumes for Foxx

    I spent a lot of my teen years in Roselands. The whole Canterbury Council area is a shithole imo. I would never ever go anywhere near that area to live ever again.
  60. Papa Emeritus

    Consolidated Josh Addo Carr Thread

    Why did he sign a HOA if he didn't wanna play for the Tigers So annoying
  61. Papa Emeritus

    News Origin 3 Full capacity

    I have tickets to this. Hurts not being able to go.
  62. Papa Emeritus

    Consolidated Josh Addo Carr Thread

    We are not even mentioned lol. GG @Nasheed time to get some new sources.
  63. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL Memes case

    How the hell would the statement of claim that was delivered to his house, end up on the NRL Memes page the same day if it wasn't him running the page? This guys defence is pretty stupid. Although I guess knowing and proving this is are two different things.
  64. Papa Emeritus

    Bad contracts set to cripple Brisbane

    Milford on one million dollars lololololololoololoooooool Any team who gives someone like him that kind of money deserves everything they get. I hope they get another spoon next year.
  65. Papa Emeritus

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    A week, same as racism ban. Gets longer if repeat offenses.
  66. Papa Emeritus

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    If you post like a bigoted homophobe you get banned.
  67. Papa Emeritus

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    So if all the votes get counted and Biden wins and then Trump wants all these investigations, what happens? Does Trump stay president until all of the investigations are complete? Is this just some stalling method to stop Biden being sworn in?
  68. Papa Emeritus

    U.S. Politics - Thread

    Fk me Trump is a dickhead. He knows he is gone and is just chucking a tanty over it.
  69. Papa Emeritus

    Rumour Possible new home

    Install this for chrome. It works with DT, SMH and some others. https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-chrome/blob/master/README.md
  70. Papa Emeritus

    Consolidated Josh Addo Carr Thread

    @Nasheed oil seeming pretty unlikely now I must agree
  71. Papa Emeritus

    Other News Source JAC

    It's just a sms convo not sure what posting a screenshot would do. He's redacted the name of the sender.
  72. Papa Emeritus

    Other News Source JAC

    So, because @Nasheed is banned he can't post, but he gave me some intriguing info which I am very curious to see how accurate it is. The screenshot he showed me (source blacked out) says that JAC is a done deal and will be announced next week. It also says that the Reimis Smith swap did not go...
  73. Papa Emeritus

    Official Kyle Flanagan signs 3 year deal

    I honestly don't know how this guy is gonna go but it looks like we got a pretty damn good deal and as such he is definitely worth a punt. Let's be honest, there isn't much out there in the halves market anyway and we desperately need new blood in the halves. I hope we land Burton and JAC now...
  74. Papa Emeritus

    Dally M

    They definitely need to overhaul the judging of this shit. Maybe have a committee who votes on each game as a collective instead of Joe Blow doing X game and Jane Smith doing Y game etc.
  75. Papa Emeritus

    2020 GF Who do you want to win & Who will win?

    The Panthers won't be as fragile as the Raiders were. This game will be a lot more intense and I absolutely believe the Panthers can do it.
  76. Papa Emeritus

    For the Eels Fans

    Supporting the Eels has to be one of the most punishing experiences in Australian sport. Most of the time they seem to have pretty good teams on paper, and put in some really good performances, but they are just always so inconsistent especially when it counts. I can take our last few years...
  77. Papa Emeritus

    Dally M

    As much as I hate this alco ****, this is not his fault. There is no way the journos who write articles are the ones who upload their articles. Some intern probably did it, it was probably something as simple as putting the wrong time into an upload script. Still absolutely unforgivable...
  78. Papa Emeritus

    News Josh Addo-Carr contract: Bulldogs emerge as favourite for Storm flyer

    Love this dude, need to make it happen.
  79. Papa Emeritus

    Which 2 teams go on to play in the GF?

  80. Papa Emeritus

    Ko-toe-ni Staggs has shot a porno

    I fked up and had a momentary lapse in concentration and went through a red light and got fined only a small amount less than what this bitch got. The system is totally broken.
  81. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    Just made u valid
  82. Papa Emeritus

    Another Member of the Dogs Family

    COngrats man! Do your best to make him a dogs fan. I am doing my best too, but I am definitely worried. I have heaps of mates whos kids seem to support random teams, despite attempts at indoctrination. Is it spite? Is it their mates? Who knows. Scary either way. A guy I know is a staunch...
  83. Papa Emeritus

    WAG drops bomb about being married to NRL star

    NRL players cheat and do drugs? Next exclusive bombshell story, water is wet.
  84. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    r*****_e***@hotmail.com is the one we have
  85. Papa Emeritus


    I wouldn't mind it if it was like once a year and it showed everyone your previous username
  86. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    I sent a password reset to your hotmail. Lemme know how you go.
  87. Papa Emeritus

    Netflix Indicted For "Child Pornography" for "Cuties"

    Did not watch Cuties but did watch Paymoney Wubby's vid on it, it was fucked up. I have no idea who greenlit that shit.
  88. Papa Emeritus

    Big Kas still got it

    Man that shit was soft as. Superleague sucks.
  89. Papa Emeritus

    The Road to the Grand Final is set!

    I thought from before the finals started that it would be Storm v Panthers. Roosters and Rabbitohs definitely are a chance to mess things up though. I think Eels are 100% gone and Raiders are maybe a 30% chance to go through.
  90. Papa Emeritus

    Kevvie off to a cracking start!

    He can't go any worse than Seibold did, and I actually think that Seibold did so bad because of this whole bullshit oldboys thing going on at the Broncos. The oldboys were all pissed some outsider came in and caused dissent in the ranks. So the oldboys will now be happy, everyone can circle...
  91. Papa Emeritus


  92. Papa Emeritus


    What do you want it to be? I guess that functionality has not come over with the upgrade @habs
  93. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    It says your email is awaiting confirmation. Is your email addy correct, did you get an email?
  94. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL Mad Monday goes full circle for reformed bad boy Bulldogs

    NRL Mad Monday goes full circle for reformed bad boy Bulldogs NRL PREMIERSHIP September 29, 2020 8:09am by JAI BEDNALL Source: news.com.au The Bulldogs were the laughing stock of rugby league two years ago after a wild Mad Monday. This year they took a far different approach.Source: Supplied...
  95. Papa Emeritus

    Thomo eye gouge

    How is he feeling now that the season is done? He excited about the new coach etc?