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  1. Caveman

    Mr fix it.... tell us your stories.

    So I had bugger all water pressure in my shower at the mental hospital, so I stole a butter knife and ripped the shower head off the wall and puller out the flow restrictor. Now it hits me like a tsunami. Good times
  2. Caveman

    CANZUK thoughts?

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=SHglo_N7P_Y Don't know how to upload video, so you'll have to click the link, the video is about 13 mins long. This is the first I've heard about CANZUK, and I find it quite an interesting concept. This CANZUK video is about a new alliance with...
  3. Caveman

    Riddle me this???

    Thread for riddles, conundrums, paradoxes, and all things that just don't seem to make sense. I'll start: A cowboy came riding into town on Thursday, stayed 2 nights, but left town on Friday.... How is this possible?
  4. Caveman

    PS5 vs XBOX

    Ps5 digital, ps5 standard, xbox series s, xbox series s: Which would you prefer and why?
  5. Caveman

    I am shit faced

    Anyone else as shit faced as me at the moment?
  6. Caveman

    Ivan and Barrett's effect on Penrith.

    What's your opinion of Ivan? Do you rate him as a good coach? will his panthers be at the top again next year with out Barrett's influence? And why do you believe what you believe?
  7. Caveman

    Bad news for e-cigarette users in australia

    The Australian government has put in to place a complete and total ban on importing vaping products that contain nicotine, with the new law coming into effect on July 1st 2020, with fines of up to $200,000 and possible prison time for individuals who attempt to import nicotine from July 1...
  8. Caveman

    Name your go-to drink

    What's your favourite drink? The drink you appreciate most. The drink you turn to when it's time to unwind after a big day to get you ready for a big day... Doesn't have to be alcoholic could be a type of home made juice, could be one of those gym junkie shakes or just plain old iced water, for...
  9. Caveman

    NRL missing out on huge opportunity

    What are the NRL doing? AFL has gone nuts in the USA due to the corona virus, yet the NRL just sits on its hands. Why aren't they striking cheap broadcasting deals in the USA while there is no other sport on there at the moment...
  10. Caveman

    Opinion Remis Smith @ center

    Was watching Remis last week and wasn't to happy with the lines he was picking for his runs. That could be down to finding his feet in the centres. Could also be down to poor service and or crowding by the forwards. He was a good winger, I'd like to see Harper get a run inside him and push...
  11. Caveman

    We got any Solicitors on here at all?

    Gotta question or 2.
  12. Caveman

    $30 NRL live season pass

    Hi all, Just thought I'd quickly share this on the eve of the 2019 season kick-off. I found a way to get the season pass (NRL app) for $30 for anyone who may be considering purchasing the live pass but does not want to pay the full $90 or whatever it is. Basically, head across to Telstra and...
  13. Caveman

    Refs relationship with Dogs in 2018

    Couple quick questions: In light of the raft of changes over the off season is it possible that we may see some changes in the way the refs deal with us as a team? Were we ever really treated differently, or was it a case of "blue and white goggles"? Did Des, Graham or anyone else through...
  14. Caveman

    Moneyball ??

    Just came across this site. https://moneyball.com.au/#/lobby It looks alright but was wondering if anyone knows a bit more about it. Is it something we could do as a group when the nrl season kicks off? Looks like they are a bulldogs corporate partner to.
  15. Caveman

    Hypothetical - Scrap the cap bring in a points system

    This is purely a hypothetical topic for discussions sake in the off season Wanting to hear thoughts on a points based salary cap rather then a $ based salary cap allowing clubs to pay players as much as they want so long as their squad only adds up to say 1000 points for each clubs top squad...